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Calcaratarin D, a labdane diterpenoid, attenuates mouse asthma via modulating alveolar ...
British Journal of Pharmacology; Liao W, Foo HYC et. al.

Nov 29th, 2022 - Alveolar macrophages (AMs) contribute to airway inflammation and remodeling in allergic asthma. Calcaratarin D (CalD), a labdane diterpenoid isolated from the rhizomes of the medicinal plant Alpinia calcarata, has recently been shown to possess an...

Real-world effectiveness of omalizumab for severe allergic asthma treatment in Colombia.
BMC Pulmonary Medicine; Torres-Duque CA, Ocampo-Gómez J et. al.

Nov 28th, 2022 - The allergic phenotype is responsible for more than 50% of severe asthma cases. In a stepwise approach, add-on treatments such as anti-IgE are used for severe allergic asthma (SAA). This study was aimed to describe the real-world effectiveness of ...

Exploration of the Efficacy of Anti-Immunoglobulin E Monoclonal Antibodies in the Treat...
Immunology Qian XJ, Hu XT et. al.

Nov 26th, 2022 - The present study aims to evaluate the efficacy of an anti-immunoglobulin E monoclonal antibody (omalizumab) in the treatment of allergic asthma (AS). A total of 34 patients with moderate-to-severe bronchial asthma admitted to the Respiratory Depa...

Recent developments in the immunopathology of COVID-19.
Allergy Zhang HP, Sun YL et. al.

Nov 25th, 2022 - There has been an important change in the clinical characteristics and immune profile of Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) patients during the pandemic thanks to the extensive vaccination programs. Here, we highlight recent studies on COVID-19, ...

Neural signature of attention impairment in allergic asthma: an ERP study.
The International Journal of Neuroscience; Gholami-Mahtaj L, Mooziri M et. al.

Nov 24th, 2022 - Background Cognitive impairments are linked to poor treatment response and disease control in allergic asthma. However, there are no studies exploring attention-related functional brain alterations in allergic asthma. Here, we explore attention de...

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EAACI Guidelines on Allergen Immunotherapy: House dust mite-driven allergic asthma.
Allergy Agache I, Lau S et. al.

May 17th, 2019 - Allergen immunotherapy (AIT) has been in use for the treatment of allergic disease for more than 100 years. Asthma treatment relies mainly on corticosteroids and other controllers recommended to achieve and maintain asthma control, prevent exacerb...

Asthma management: A new phenotype-based approach using presence of eosinophilia and al...
Allergy Terl M, Sedlák V et. al.

Mar 23rd, 2017 - Asthma is a heterogeneous disease. The Czech Pneumology and Allergology Societies commissioned 10 experts to review the literature and create joint national guidelines for managing asthma, reflecting this heterogeneity. The aim was to develop an e...

Recommendations for the standardization of clinical outcomes used in allergen immunothe...
Allergy Pfaar O, Demoly P et. al.

Apr 26th, 2014 - Allergen immunotherapy (AIT) has been thoroughly documented in randomized controlled trials (RCTs). It is the only immune-modifying and causal treatment available for patients suffering from IgE-mediated diseases such as allergic rhinoconjunctivit...

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Short Treatment With Omalizumab for Severe Asthma

Oct 13th, 2022 - Omalizumab (OMA) is a monoclonal anti IgE antibody, developed for severe uncontrolled allergic asthma. Efficacy of OMA in this indication is well documented in randomized trials as well as in real life studies, reducing the number of severe exacer...

Laminar Airflow in Severe Asthma for Exacerbation Reduction - 48 Month Follow-up.

Sep 30th, 2022 - Asthma affects over 5.4 million people in the UK with nearly 500,00 experiencing severe symptoms and frequent exacerbations that are inadequately controlled with available treatments. The burden of severe asthma on the NHS is enormous accounting f...

Lung-Resident Memory Th2 Cells in Asthma

Sep 10th, 2022 - The objective of this study is to define the mechanisms whereby Th2-Trm persisting in the lung orchestrates a recall response to inhaled allergens. The investigators' central hypothesis is that Th2-Trm ignite allergic airway inflammation via a rap...

Intralymphatic Immunotherapy With Polvac Grass & Rye Allergen Extract

Aug 23rd, 2022 - This study is part of a multicenter trial Phase III that takes place also in Denmark and Sweden (EudraCT registration number 2020-001060-28). The primary goal is to investigate the efficacy of intralymphatic immunotherapy (ILIT) for the treatment ...

Periostin-guided Withdrawal of Inhaled Corticosteroids in Patients With Non-eosinophilic Asthma

Aug 10th, 2022 - Background: Asthma is a common chronic condition characterized by respiratory symptoms and hyperresponsive airways. According to treatment guidelines, patients with persistent asthma require daily treatment with inhaled corticosteroids (ICS). Howe...

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Immunotherapy for Allergic Rhinitis and Asthma Has Lasting Effects

Oct 13th, 2022 - Allergen immunotherapy (AIT) for allergic rhinitis and asthma is effective long-term, according to a literature review of real-world evidence by researchers in Germany and Poland. "Real-world data for AIT complement those from randomized controlle...

Biologic Use Varies Between Races in Patients With Asthma

Sep 8th, 2022 - In comparison with White patients, Black patients are prescribed more anti-IgE biologics for the treatment of asthma, whereas Hispanic patients are prescribed fewer anti-IL-5 biologics, a retrospective cohort study suggests. "Our data did not reve...

NIAID trial to test asthma drug in disadvantaged urban children
Mark S. Lesney, PhD, MDedge News

Jun 3rd, 2022 - The Prevention of Asthma Exacerbations Using Dupilumab in Urban Children and Adolescents (PANDA) trial was launched in order to examine the effects of treatment on children with poorly controlled allergic asthma who live in low-income urban enviro.

NIAID Trial to Test Asthma Drug in Disadvantaged Urban Children

Jun 3rd, 2022 - The Prevention of Asthma Exacerbations Using Dupilumab in Urban Children and Adolescents (PANDA) trial was launched in order to examine the effects of treatment on children with poorly controlled allergic asthma who live in low-income urban enviro...

Fast Five Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Allergic Asthma?

Feb 9th, 2022 - Asthma is characterized by episodic reversible airway obstruction, increased bronchial reactivity, and airway inflammation. Complex interactions among inflammatory cells, their mediators, airway epithelium, smooth muscle, and the nervous system le...

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