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Does Early Goal-Directed Therapy Decrease Mortality Compared with Standard Care in Patients ...
Robert Sherwin, Michael Winters

Feb 16th, 2016 - Improvements in usual care can largely be attributed to the emphasis that the EGDT study placed on caring for patients with sepsis. Patients in the usual care arms of the ProCESS, ARISE, and ProMISE trials received aggressive intravenous fluids and early antibiotic medications.

Beating the Clock to Reduce Sepsis Mortality
Robin Warshaw

Dec 11th, 2017 - Often overlooked and more difficult to identify than many other life-threatening conditions, sepsis causes one-third to one-half of all deaths in U. S.

Management of Neonates Born at ?34 6/7 Weeks’ Gestation With Suspected or Proven Early-Onset...
Puopolo, Karen M.

Nov 30th, 2018 - Early-onset sepsis (EOS) remains a serious and often fatal illness among infants born preterm, particularly among newborn infants of the lowest gestational age. Currently, most preterm infants with very low birth weight are treated empirically with antibiotics for risk of EOS, often for prolonged periods, in the absence of a culture-confirmed infection.