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Withdrawal Syndromes Clinical Presentation

Jul 13th, 2022 - History In addition to documenation of presenting complaints, essential elements of the history in withdrawal syndrome include the following: Type of drugs ingested over the long term Duration of addiction Time of last ingestion Reason for the pat...

Withdrawal Syndromes Treatment & Management

Jul 13th, 2022 - Approach Considerations Treatment considerations include the following: Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal are often mild or absent in the emergency department (ED) and may manifest only after the patient is admitted to the hospital for other reasons ...

Withdrawal Syndromes Medication

Jul 13th, 2022 - Medication Summary Treatment involves administering a substitute medication that has cross-tolerance with the chronically ingested substance. These medications either interact at specific receptors (eg, methadone in opiate withdrawal) or have gene...

Withdrawal Syndromes Workup

Jul 13th, 2022 - Laboratory Studies A serum glucose or fingerstick glucose test is indicated. Patients with liver disease due to alcoholism have reduced glycogen stores, and ethanol impairs gluconeogenesis. As a consequence, these patients are susceptible to hypog...

Withdrawal Syndromes

Jul 13th, 2022 - Practice Essentials Withdrawal syndrome, also known as discontinuation syndrome, occurs in individuals who have developed physiological dependence on a substance and who discontinue or reduce their use of it. Withdrawal syndrome can occur with a w...

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Light Needle for Opioid Use Disorder

Apr 22nd, 2022 - Background: Heroin addiction remains a significant public health problem worldwide, and relapse to heroin use following cessation of agonist maintenance treatment is common. The problems associated with use of opioid agonists mean that non-opioid ...

Evaluation of the Management of Tramadol Use Disorders

Oct 25th, 2021 - In France, In recent years, there has been a steady increase in reports of abuse and dependence on tramadol. Over 50% of tramadol withdrawal syndromes involve taking tramadol in therapeutic doses, sometimes for short periods of less than a week. P...

Comparison of Extubation Delay After Prolonged Sedation

Jan 15th, 2021 - In intensive care, sedation of patients is frequently used for their management. Combined with analgesia, it provides the comfort essential for the implementation of certain therapies such as mechanical ventilation. Classically, sedation is based ...

The Effect of Intravenous Fluid Therapy in Acute Migraine Attacks

Dec 29th, 2020 - Introduction Headache is a common complaint that is seen in 70-80% of the population and is a common health problem in emergency services. When evaluating the patient with headache, the first step is to determine whether the headache is primary or...

Acute Withdrawal From Smoked Cocaine - 9

Jan 12th, 2017 - Although there are clearly identifiable withdrawal syndromes following cessation of a number of abused drugs such as alcohol and heroin, it is unclear whether a withdrawal syndrome follows the cessation of crack cocaine. A laboratory model of with...

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Kids and Pain: FDA Considers Rules for Pediatric Opioid Trials

Sep 15th, 2016 - SILVER SPRING, Md. -- There is general agreement that opioids may be useful for treating children in pain, but just as with adults, children are at risk for developing tolerance. That was just one of the points made during a full day of testimony ...

Medtronic Infusion Pump Recalled

Sep 12th, 2011 - Battery problems with two of Medtronic's SynchroMed II implantable infusion pumps have forced the company to recall them, according to the FDA, although the recall only affects products not yet implanted. The company has determined that the batter...

Trends in Tramadol: Pharmacology, Metabolism, and Misuse

Abstract and Introduction Abstract Tramadol is a unique analgesic medication, available in variety of formulations, with both monoaminergic reuptake inhibitory and opioid receptor agonist activity increasingly prescribed worldwide as an alternativ...

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