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Dental trauma splints for the mixed dentition - A finite element analysis of splint mat...
Dental Traumatology : Official Publication of Internation... Vilela ABF, Soares PBF et. al.

Aug 1st, 2022 - Dental traumatic injuries are common in children during the mixed dentition stage. These injuries usually require splinting for stabilization, which is complicated by the various stages of the permanent tooth development and primary tooth exfoliat...

The Outcome of Endodontic Regeneration in a Delayed Replanted Immature Permanent Inciso...
The Journal of Clinical Pediatric Dentistry; Sheikhnezami M, Azarpazhooh A et. al.

Jul 14th, 2022 - The aim of this case report is to address a delayed replantation and successful regenerative endodontic procedure of an avulsed immature permanent incisor which was confirmed by TurboReg analysis. In this case, regenerative endodontic procedure wa...

Dental trauma simulation training using four splinting models: A cross sectional study.
Dental Traumatology : Official Publication of Internation... Zafar S, Peters CI

Jun 27th, 2022 - Opportunities for dental students to obtain clinical experience in the management of traumatic dental injuries are scarce, and most dentists encounter difficulties with their first trauma patients after graduation. The aim of this study was to que...

Antibiotics at replantation of avulsed permanent teeth? A systematic review.
The Journal of Evidence-based Dental Practice; Bourgeois J, Carvalho JC et. al.

Jun 20th, 2022 - At present there is no clear consensus whether systemic antibiotics should be administered at replantation of an avulsed permanent tooth. This systematic review and meta-analysis assessed the evidence on effectiveness and harms of the administrati...

Phase One of a Global Evaluation of Suction-Based Airway Clearance Devices in Foreign B...
International Journal of Environmental Research and Publi... Dunne CL, Osman S et. al.

Apr 13th, 2022 - Background: Choking is a prevalent source of injury and mortality worldwide. Traditional choking interventions, including abdominal thrusts and back blows, have remained the standard of care for decades despite limited published data. Suction-base...

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The Use of Platelet Rich Fibrin in Pulpal and Periodontal Regeneration in Mature Teeth

Feb 2nd, 2022 - When a tooth is avulsed, it is separated from its socket causing damage to the attachment apparatus. The periodontal ligament (pdl) is a group of specialized connective tissue fibers that attaches the cementum of the root (outer layer) to the alve...

Revitalization of Immature Permanent Teeth With Necrotic Pulps Using SHED Cells

Apr 28th, 2016 - Irreversible damage to immature permanent teeth as a result of noxious infection or local trauma before normal physiological closure of the apical structure represents a real clinical challenge. The conventional therapeutic approach is to consider...

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Avulsed Tooth (Knocked-Out Tooth): Symptom

Jun 10th, 2021 - Overview What is an avulsed tooth? An avulsed tooth occurs when a tooth is completely dislodged from its socket. Avulsed teeth are dental emergencies and require immediate treatment. To save your tooth, try reinserting your tooth right away. Teeth...

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