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Biological Characterization, Properties, and Clinical Use of a Novel Homeopathic Antise...
Oral Health & Preventive Dentistry; Estrin NE, Romanos GE et. al.

Dec 1st, 2022 - Most available antiseptic solutions have strong antibacterial effects, but many also possess major cytotoxic effects on gingival fibroblasts, osteoblasts, osteoprogenitor cells, and/or epithelial cells. A novel VEGA Oral Care Recovery Kit (StellaL...

Custom-Made Root Analog Immediate Dental Implants: A Prospective Clinical Study with 1-...
The International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants; Akkoyun EF, Demirbaş AE et. al.

Dec 1st, 2022 - To compare three different types of custom-made root-analog immediate (RAI) dental implants. Patients with fractured and/or nonrestorable teeth with uncompromised periodontal ligaments were included in the study. The exclusion criteria were as fol...

Transradial embolization of a life-threatening tooth extraction socket hemorrhage and p...
Interventional Neuroradiology : Journal of Peritherapeuti... Colasurdo M, Edhayan G et. al.

Nov 30th, 2022 - Embolization of oral hemorrhages due to tooth extraction, although rare, has been previously described.1-4 In this video we present a unique case in which a life-threatening tooth extraction hemorrhage was incontrollable with local compression or ...

Furcation involvement and tooth loss: A registry-based retrospective cohort study.
Journal of Clinical Periodontology; Trullenque-Eriksson A, Tomasi C et. al.

Nov 24th, 2022 - This registry-based retrospective cohort study aimed to evaluate the impact of furcation status on the risk for molar loss. Subjects with and without furcation involvement (FI) in 2010/2011 were identified in a nationwide registry in Sweden (age- ...

Pattern, frequency and causes of tooth extraction among adult Syrian refugees.
Special Care in Dentistry : Official Publication of the A... Salim NA, Sawair FA et. al.

Nov 23rd, 2022 - The Syrian crisis has resulted in a significant impact on refugee oral health status, but the scientific literature lacks information characterizing the pattern of tooth extraction in refugees. The current study analyzed the pattern of tooth extra...

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Leukocyte-platelet Rich Fibrin for Alveolar Ridge Preservation

Oct 7th, 2022 - This study is a non inferiority clinical controlled trial of parallel groups. Study Intervention and Indication After single premolar extractions in the maxilla or mandible area, patients will be randomly allocated to either one of the two treatme...

Probiotics for Improving Post-surgical Healing

Oct 6th, 2022 - Probiotics are defined by the World Health Organization as "live microorganisms which, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host." Human microbiome is a complex system that contributes to maintaining a good health ...

Paracetamol UNIFLASH for Buccal Use Phase III Trial in Acute Pain Due to a Tooth Extraction

Oct 4th, 2022 - This study aims to evaluate the analgesic efficacy of single dose of a new paracetamol formulation (paracetamol UNIFLASH) for buccal use in comparison to two different doses of an oral paracetamol form controlled versus placebo.

Site Preservation After Tooth Extraction

Sep 29th, 2022 - This study is mainly targeted affected teeth which could not be retained, and patients are willing to undergo implant repair at the later stage. After teeth extraction, Geistlich Bio-Oss ® Particles or Bio-Oss ® Collagen are immediately implanted ...

Novel Porous Bioceramic Material as a Bone Substitute

Sep 28th, 2022 - The purpose of this study is to evaluate new synthetic Adaptos®-Si and Adaptos® in ridge preservation bone grafting after dental extraction. This is partly randomized, subject and outcome assessor-blinded, controlled, single center study. The tota...

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Dental Care Steps to Prevent and Treat Osteonecrosis of the Jaw

Mar 29th, 2022 - Everyone can benefit from good oral hygiene, but people with cancer need to pay particular attention to their dental health because of side effects associated with certain treatments. Osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ) involves dead bone in the jaw ...

Orally Dissolving Buprenorphine Tied to Severe Tooth Decay, FDA Warns

Jan 13th, 2022 - Orally dissolving medications containing buprenorphine are linked to severe dental problems, including total tooth loss, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns in a safety communication. The oral side effects of these medications, which a...

Small-Molecule Inhibitors: Ibrutinib in CLL

Apr 2nd, 2021 - Transcript:William G. Wierda, MD, PhD: Let's talk about the small molecule inhibitors. I think there's a lot of data that's being reported here at ASH 2015 with regard to the small molecule inhibitors. I think what we'd like to do is start with ib...

First-Line ER-Positive MBC Treatments

Apr 2nd, 2021 - For High-Definition, Click Treatment of estrogen receptor (ER)-positive breast cancer can be complicated and depends on many factors, such as disease burden and the duration of a patient’s disease-free interval from the original diagnosis. For e...

Immunoabsorption shows promise as an adjunct treatment for high-risk acquired hemophilia
Mark S. Lesney, PhD

Feb 3rd, 2021 - Despite the high mortality rate for acquired hemophilia and the availability of suggested drug treatments, there are no randomized, controlled studies to inform doctors of the best therapies for their patients. Immunoabsorption therapy (IA) is one.

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