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Cervical Necrotizing Fasciitis and Shock in the Post-Operative Pediatric Patient.
Ear, Nose, & Throat Journal; Hankey PB, Brown JR

Nov 11th, 2022 - Cervical necrotizing fasciitis (CNF) is a rare infection that can quickly lead to devastating patient outcomes. Considering the vital importance of surrounding neck structures, rapid control of the infection is essential. Infection is most frequen...

Omphalitis Hospitalizations at a US Children's Hospital.
Hospital Pediatrics; Hester G, King E et. al.

Nov 11th, 2022 - To describe demographics, presentation, resource use, and outcomes of patients diagnosed with omphalitis. This was a retrospective descriptive study of infants with omphalitis at a children's hospital system between January 2006 and December 2020....

Transmetatarsal amputations in patients with diabetes mellitus: A contemporary analysis...
PloS One; Aljarrah Q, Allouh MZ et. al.

Nov 4th, 2022 - Transmetatarsal amputation (TMA) involves the surgical removal of the distal portion of metatarsals in the foot. It aims to maintain weight-bearing and independent ambulation while eliminating the risk of spreading soft tissue infection or gangren...

Delayed diagnosis and management of necrotizing fasciitis of the left lower leg: A case...
Medicine Zhang LX, Liang ZJ et. al.

Nov 2nd, 2022 - Necrotizing fasciitis (NF) is a rare, severe soft tissue infection, characterized by rapid and extensive necrosis of the skin, subcutaneous tissue, and superficial and deep fascia. It is frequently misdiagnosed as other infectious diseases, leadin...

Gas-Producing Infections in the Foot at a Large Academic Medical Center: A 10-Year Retr...
The Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery : Official Publicat... Martucci JA, Riemer K

Oct 22nd, 2022 - Gas-producing infections, such as clostridial and nonclostridial gas gangrene, crepitant cellulitis, and necrotizing fasciitis, are characterized in the literature by a variety of initial presentations, microbial burdens and surgical outcomes-rang...

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Umbilical Cord Care in the Newborn Infant.
Pediatrics Stewart D, Benitz W et. al.

Aug 31st, 2016 - Postpartum infections remain a leading cause of neonatal morbidity and mortality worldwide. A high percentage of these infections may stem from bacterial colonization of the umbilicus, because cord care practices vary in reflection of cultural tra...

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The Immunological Differences Between Fournier Gangrene and Perianal Abscess

Sep 7th, 2022 - Although it is rarely observed, necrotizing fasciitis progresses with high mortality and serious complications. Fournier's gangrene is a specific form of necrotizing fasciitis and is located in the external genital organs and perianal region, caus...

Detection and Delineation of Necrotizing Fasciitis Via a Vascular Perfusion Fluorophore

Jun 21st, 2022 - Necrotizing fasciitis (NF)-commonly known as 'flesh-eating bacteria'-is an aggressive soft-tissue infection that has a high mortality rate (30-50%). NF is generally associated with traumatic inoculation of extremely aggressive bacteria into the so...

Efficacy and Safety of Polidocanol Foam 3% in the Treatment of II Degree Hemorrhoidal Disease

Sep 17th, 2021 - As reported by the guidelines of the Italian Society of Colorectal Surgery, in case of failure of conservative therapies the most common outpatient treatments for first- and second-degree Hemorrhoidal Disease (HD) are rubber band ligation and scle...

Incidence of Sepsis After Craniocerebral Operation

Aug 5th, 2021 - This is a prospective cohort study aiming to describe the incidence and outcome of sepsis in critical patients undergoing craniotomy. This study has been approved by the institutional review board of Beijing Tiantan hospital, and the need for info...

Compare Effects of Dressing With Honey and EUSOL

Apr 5th, 2021 - This prospective randomized trial will be conducted in all patients undergoing dressing after debridement of necrotizing fasciitis wounds. Study will be conducted for 6 months after approval IRB. Patient will be inducted through emergency departme...

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A guide to the Tx of cellulitis and other soft-tissue infections
MDedge Family Medicine; Karl T. Clebak, MD, MHA, FAAFP, Alexis Reedy-Cooper, MD, MPH et. al.

Jun 16th, 2021 - Skin and soft-tissue infections, frequently encountered in primary care, range from the uncomplicated erysipelas to the life-threatening necrotizing fasciitis. This review draws from the latest evidence and guidelines to help guide the care you pr.

Pyoderma gangrenosum: Understanding the difficult diagnosis
Randy Dotinga

Jun 15th, 2021 - Pyoderma gangrenosum (PG), a rare and painful ulcerative skin disorder, requires special care because “it’s a challenging diagnosis to make” and is frequently linked to serious comorbid conditions, a dermatologist told colleagues. PG is also chall.

How to Save a Limb: Identification of Pyoderma Gangrenosum
Emily K. Haque, BSA, Raghavendra Girijala, MD et. al.

Jun 8th, 2021 - Case Report A 67-year-old woman presented with a painful expanding ulcer on the left leg and a new nearby ulcer of 2 months’ duration. She initially was seen 2 months prior for a wound on the left knee due to a fall as well as cellulitis, which wa.

Fast Five Quiz: Streptococcal Infection Clinical Keys

Feb 18th, 2021 - Infection with Streptococcus pyogenes, also known as the group A streptococci (GAS), causes various diseases in humans. Millions of GAS infections occur worldwide every year, leading to an estimated 500,000 deaths each year. Invasive GAS illnesses...

Popular Therapy Fails to Reduce C-Section Infection Risk

Sep 22nd, 2020 - Negative pressure wound therapy did not reduce surgical site infections among obese patients who had cesarean section deliveries, a large randomized trial indicated. Infection rates were 3.6% among 816 participants receiving the prophylactic treat...

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