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Recurrent and persistent lymphomatoid papulosis in an elderly male with Hodgkin's lymph...
The American Journal of Medicine; Pathania YS, Budania A et. al.

Jul 1st, 2021 - Recurrent and persistent lymphomatoid papulosis in an elderly male with Hodgkin's lymphoma.|2021|Pathania YS,Budania A,Lahoria U,Vishwajeet V,|

Primary cutaneous anaplastic large-cell lymphoma with 6p25.3 rearrangement exhibits a b...
Journal of Cutaneous Pathology; Xue YN, Wang Z et. al.

Jun 24th, 2021 - Primary cutaneous CD30+ lymphoproliferative diseases are the second most common group of cutaneous T-cell lymphomas, including lymphomatoid papulosis (LyP), primary cutaneous anaplastic large-cell lymphoma (pcALCL), and borderline cases. These dis...

Primary cutaneous anaplastic large-cell lymphoma: a review of the SEER database from 20...
Clinical and Experimental Dermatology; Sarfraz H, Gentille C et. al.

Jun 3rd, 2021 - Primary cutaneous anaplastic large-cell lymphoma (PC-ALCL) is a rare T-cell lymphoma. A prior analysis of the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) database reported only 157 cases of localized primary cutaneous CD30+ T-cell lymphopro...

Lymphomatoid papulosis types D and E: a multicenter series of the French Cutaneous Lymp...
Clinical and Experimental Dermatology; Bergqvist C, Beylot-Barry M et. al.

May 14th, 2021 - Lymphomatoid papulosis (LyP) type D (LyP D) and type E (LyP E) have recently been described in small series of cases or isolated case reports. To further describe the clinical and histologic features of LyP D and E based on a retrospective multice...

A case of lymphomatoid papulosis type E in a young adult: An uncommon entity.
Journal of Cutaneous Pathology; Rajashekara Swamy M, Pollock S et. al.

Feb 3rd, 2021 - Lymphomatoid papulosis (LyP) type E is a rare variant of the primary cutaneous CD30+ lymphoproliferative disorders, characterized clinically by large necrotic eschar-like lesions and histopathologically by angiodestructive and angioinvasive infilt...

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SGN-35 in CD30-positive Lymphoproliferative Disorders (ALCL), Mycosis Fungoides (MF), and Extensive Lymphomatoid Papulosis (LyP)

Jul 25th, 2019 - The Study Drug: Brentuximab vedotin is an antibody that is designed to find a certain protein (called CD30) on cancer cells and bind to it. It is designed to then enter the cell and release a molecule that may kill the cancer cells. Study Drug Adm...

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Asymptomatic, erythematous papules on the neck
Donna Bilu Martin, MD

Feb 13th, 2020 - The patient’s biopsy showed sparse and grouped and slightly enlarged atypical stained mononuclear cells in mostly perifollicular areas with focal epidermotropism. CD30 staining was positive.

Pruritic, pink to violaceous, scaly papules
Catalina Matiz, MD

Oct 15th, 2019 - A skin biopsy of one of the lesions was consistent with pityriasis lichenoides et varioliformis acuta (PLEVA). Dr.

Lamotrigine-Induced Cutaneous Pseudolymphoma

Aug 16th, 2019 - The clinical appearance of cutaneous pseudolymphoma is variable, ranging from discrete nodules or papules to even confluent erythroderma in certain cases. 2 The high clinical variability further complicates diagnosis.

Growing Nodule on the Arm
Elizabeth Kream, BA, Abida Kadi, MD et. al.

Feb 5th, 2018 - The Diagnosis: Primary Cutaneous Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma Primary cutaneous CD30 + lymphoproliferative disorders encompass lymphomatoid papulosis and primary cutaneous anaplastic large cell lymphoma (PCALCL) as well as borderline cases. Prim.

Higher Risk of Secondary Cancers for Patients With Mycosis Fungoides
Jan Dyer

Dec 14th, 2017 - Adult patients with mycosis fungoides (MF) have a higher risk of secondary malignancies, according to a 20-year population-based cohort study. The researchers, from Bezmialem Vakif University in Istanbul, Turkey, say their findings support earlier.

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