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Esophageal lichen planus: Current knowledge, challenges and future perspectives.
World Journal of Gastroenterology; Decker A, Schauer F et. al.

Nov 22nd, 2022 - Lichen planus (LP) is a frequent, chronic inflammatory disease involving the skin, mucous membranes and/or skin appendages. Esophageal involvement in lichen planus (ELP) is a clinically important albeit underdiagnosed inflammatory condition. This ...

Mechanic Hands/Hiker Feet in a Patient With Amyopathic Dermatomyositis and Interstitial...
The American Journal of Dermatopathology; Regmi A, Saab-Chalhoub MW et. al.

Nov 18th, 2022 - A 30-year-old African American woman with a history of interstitial lung disease presented with bilaterally symmetrical, nonpruritic, scaling and fissuring, hyperpigmented, lichenified plaques on her hands and feet. She reported occasional erythem...

Cantharidin-Podophyllin-Salicylic Acid Formulation as a First-Line Treatment for Planta...
The American Journal of Case Reports; Navarro-Pérez D, García-Oreja S et. al.

Nov 10th, 2022 - BACKGROUND Plantar warts are benign skin tumors caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). There are multiple treatments, but none ensure absolute success. Successful treatment depends on several factors, such as the location, number of lesions, HP...

Cellular infiltration, cytokines, and histopathology of skin lesions associated with di...
Comparative Immunology, Microbiology and Infectious Disea... Badr Y, Noreldin AE et. al.

Oct 22nd, 2022 - Lumpy skin disease (LSD) caused by the Capripoxvirus LSD virus which infects cattle, leading to a serious disease characterized by fever and the eruption of skin nodules all over the surface of the body. Our understanding of the pathogenesis of th...

Focal hypohidrosis in lesional skin in a probable case of confluent and reticulated pap...
The Journal of Dermatology; Shimoda-Komatsu Y, Mizukawa Y et. al.

Oct 20th, 2022 - Confluent and reticulated papillomatosis (CRP) is a rare skin disorder that develops in young adults and presents as persistent brown papules and plaques predominantly affecting the intertriginous areas, however, its etiopathogenesis remains elusi...

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Regulation of Inflammatory Genes in Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Sep 2nd, 2022 - Hidradeniti s suppurati va (HS) is a chronic infl ammatory cutaneous disease which involves the pilosebaceous-apocrwhich typically presents aft er puberty with painful nodules and abscesses which can form sinus tracts and scars in theapocrine glan...

Laser vs Clobetasol for Lichen Sclerosus

Aug 22nd, 2022 - Lichen sclerosus (LS) is a common autoimmune disorder of the genital skin. It affects 1/900 women with an age peak in the sixth decade of life. LS is a chronic inflammatory condition affecting the genital, perineal, and perianal areas and causes i...

Normaderm Phytosolution Global Observational Study

Aug 2nd, 2022 - Acne is a chronic inflammatory condition, impacted by exposome factors. A dermocosmetic, Normaderm Phytosolution (NP), was developed to target hyperkeratosis, inflammation, and sebum, while protecting the skin barrier, and to be used either alone ...

Vitamin A Status in Patients With Vocal Fold Leukoplakia

Jul 19th, 2022 - The investigator's overarching goal is to determine if there is a pathophysiologic rationale for vitamin A supplementation in the treatment of vocal fold hyperkeratosis. Vocal fold hyperkeratosis is an accumulation of epithelial surface keratin re...

An Investigator Initiated Open Label Study Evaluating the Efficacy and Tolerability of Oral Apremilast for the Treatment of Nail Psoriasis

Jul 14th, 2022 - Psoriasis vulgaris is a common inflammatory condition of the skin that results in scaly red itchy plaques. In addition to affecting the skin, psoriasis can also cause disease in the finger and toe nails. Nail psoriasis is a chronic disease and can...

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An asymptomatic rash
MDedge Family Medicine;

Sep 14th, 2022 - This patient was given a diagnosis of confluent and reticulated papillomatosis (CRP) based on the clinical presentation. CRP is characterized by centrally confluent and peripherally reticulated scaly brown plaques and papules that are cosmetically.

Botanical Briefs: Tulipalin A
Kevin P. Lee, MD, Dirk M. Elston, MD

Sep 6th, 2022 - Cutaneous Manifestations Contact dermatitis is a common problem for individuals who work in the floral industry. Hand dermatitis has been reported in as many as 26% of floral employees.

Pink Nodule Behind the Ear
Ryan Jay, DO, Sean Kirk, OMS-III et. al.

Aug 24th, 2022 - The Diagnosis: Acanthoma Fissuratum Acanthoma fissuratum is a skin lesion that results from consistent pressure, typically from ill-fitting eyeglass frames. 1 The chronic irritation leads to collagen deposition and inflammation that gradually creat.

Multiple Fingerlike Projections on the Leg
Debra K. Lee, BSA, Dylan Maldonado, MD et. al.

Jul 26th, 2022 - The Diagnosis: Elephantiasis Nostras Verrucosa Histopathology revealed a benign fibroepithelial polyp demonstrating areas of hyperkeratosis, acanthosis, and focal papillomatosis (Figure, A). Increased superficial vessels with dilated lymphatics, s.

Focal Palmoplantar Keratoderma and Gingival Keratosis Caused by a KRT16 Mutation
Theodore D. Zaki, MD, Lynn M. Boyden, PhD et. al.

Jul 20th, 2022 - To the Editor: Focal palmoplantar keratoderma and gingival keratosis (FPGK)(Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man [OMIM] 148730) is a rare autosomal-dominant syndrome featuring focal, pressure-related, painful palmoplantar keratoderma and gingival h.

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