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The future of hallucination research: Can hallucinogens and psychedelic drugs teach us ...
Psychiatry Research; Waters F

Dec 4th, 2022 - Hallucinations are one of the most interesting and least understood of all human experiences. This commentary addresses the ideas which most influenced my thinking in the past 20 years and what I believe to be the most currently promising area of ...

Assessing the Underestimation of HIV Risk Infection among Young Men Who Have Sex with M...
International Journal of Environmental Research and Publi... Feijoo-Cid M, Fernández-Cano MI et. al.

Nov 27th, 2022 - The aim of this study is to describe the discordance between the self-perceived risk and actual risk of HIV among young men who have sex with men (YMSM) and its associated factors. An online, cross-sectional study was conducted with 405 men recrui...

Characteristics of paraspinal muscle degeneration in degenerative diseases of the lumba...
Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery; Sun D, Wang Z et. al.

Nov 7th, 2022 - To analyze the relationship between gender, age, and the degree of lumbar degenerative disease. 290 patients with Lumbar spinal stenosis and sciatica were analyzed. Sixty patients without sciatica were collected in the control group. Patient demog...

Default Mode Network Modulation by Psychedelics: A Systematic Review.
The International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology; Gattuso JJ, Perkins D et. al.

Oct 23rd, 2022 - Psychedelics are a unique class of drug which commonly produce vivid hallucinations as well as profound psychological and mystical experiences. A grouping of interconnected brain regions characterised by increased temporal coherence at rest have b...

Patients' view on gene therapy development for lysosomal storage disorders: a qualitati...
Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases; Eskes ECB, Beishuizen CRL et. al.

Oct 23rd, 2022 - Several new treatment modalities are being developed for lysosomal storage disorders (LSDs), including gene therapy. As the currently available treatment options and their influence on disease progression differ greatly within the spectrum of LSDs...

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Effects of Dimethyltryptamine in Healthy Subjects

Oct 12th, 2022 - N,N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT) is a naturally-occurring psychedelic substance widely used in recreational and spiritual settings in the form of Ayahuasca. Similar to lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) or psilocybin, DMT is considered a tool to induce ...

Daily Living Activities and Exercise Capacity in Lipid Storage Diseases

Sep 7th, 2022 - Pulmonary functions are affected negatively in Lipid Storage Diseases (LSD). It was shown that respiratory muscle strength and peak cough flow decreased in these cases. Other respiratory system problems can be listed as; diaphragmatic dysfunction,...


Sep 2nd, 2022 - Gaucher disease is one of the most common lysosomal storage disorders (LSD) and is an autosomal recessive inherited disorder, primed by mutation in the GBA1 gene which leads to a deficiency in β-glucocerebrosidase (GCase) activity and accumulation...

Sodium Lactate and Brain Relaxation (LSD)

Sep 2nd, 2022 - It's a prospective, comparative, randomised, double blinded study. It will enroll 50 patients undergoing resection surgery of supratentorial brain tumor. They will be randomly divided in 2 groups of 25 patients each : Mannitol 20% and molar Sodium...

Acute Effects of 2C-B Compared With MDMA and Psilocybin in Healthy Subjects

Aug 31st, 2022 - 2C-B is a phenethylamine and belongs to the so-called 2C drugs, a group of novel psychoactive substances (NPS) with some structural similarity to the classic psychedelic mescaline. 2C-B is relatively widely used as recreational substance often rep...

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What's Medical About Marijuana?

Nov 10th, 2022 - CORRECTED November 14, 2022 // An earlier version of this article misspelled the name of Lev Spivak-Birndorf. It has since been corrected. I was in the exam room, saving my big question for last, as one does.  It was my first meeting with my new G...

Psychedelics and the Military: What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been
Cynthia Geppert, MD, MA, MPH, MSBE

Oct 12th, 2022 - In 2019 the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency invested $27 million in the Focused Pharma program to develop new, more efficacious, rapid-acting drugs, including hallucinogens. 1 While Focused Pharma does not include human studies, the Veter.

Psychedelics and Major Depressive Disorder: A Lot of Promise and a Lot of Questions

Sep 14th, 2022 - This transcript has been edited for clarity. Madhukar Trivedi, MD: Welcome to the podcast on psychedelics in major depressive disorder. We have a wonderful guest — Dr Greg Fonzo is at UT Dell in Austin, and he has been a colleague of ours and we'r...

How You React to Psychedelic Drugs Is All In Your Genes

Aug 24th, 2022 - How persons react to or are affected by psychedelic drugs is determined by genetics, according to members of the American Chemical Society Chemical Neuroscience. What to know: Some people may be predisposed to how they react to the use of or treat...

What Ketamine and Psilocybin Can and Cannot Do in Depression

Aug 16th, 2022 - Recent studies with hallucinogens have raised hopes for an effective drug-based therapy to treat chronic depression. At the German Congress of Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy, Torsten Passie, MD, PhD, professor of psychiatry and psychothe...

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