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Tanshinone IIA alleviates NLRP3 inflammasome-mediated pyroptosis in Mycobacterium tuber...
Journal of Ethnopharmacology; Li Y, Fu Y et. al.

Sep 14th, 2021 - Tanshinone IIA (Tan), extracted from Salvia miltiorrhiza Bunge, is a perennial herbal plant widely used as a folk remedy in Asian countries. Several studies have proved that Tanshinone IIA possesses many biological activities, such as anti-inflamm...

Sedative-hypnotic, anxiolytic and possible side effects of Salvia limbata C. A. Mey. Ex...
Journal of Ethnopharmacology; Jahani R, Behzad S et. al.

Sep 14th, 2021 - Salvia limbata C. A. Mey. (Persian name: Maryam Goli-e-labeh dar) has been used for treating central nervous disorders such as insomnia, anxiety and depression in Persian traditional medicine. S. limbata is known for its pharmacological activities...

Network pharmacology-based approach to understand the effect and mechanism of Danshen a...
Journal of Ethnopharmacology; He S, Wang T et. al.

Sep 13th, 2021 - Danshen, the dried rhizome of Salvia miltiorrhiza Bge., is widely used to treat cardio-cerebrovascular diseases in China. However, its role in nourishing blood, which has been detailed in historical literature for thousands of years, is perpetuall...

Estrogenic activity of Sage (Salvia officinalis L.) aerial parts and its isolated ferul...
Journal of Ethnopharmacology; Sabry MM, Abdel-Rahman RF et. al.

Sep 10th, 2021 - Common sage (Salvia officinalis L., Lamiaceae), a medicinal plant of Mediterranean origin, has been traditionally applied in cases of excessive sweating, and in menopausal complaints, including hot flushes. This study aims to study the possible es...

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Pre-Op Chemo Boosts Resection, Survival in Advanced Pancreatic Ca

Jul 24th, 2019 - Completing a full course of neoadjuvant chemotherapy increased the likelihood of resection for pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC), and increased survival for those that went on to surgery, according to Italian researchers. In an observational...

Use of 'Legal Highs' Rising in European Youth

May 15th, 2014 - NEW YORK ― Use of new psychoactive substances (NPSs), including "spice" and "bath salts," is a growing trend among European youth, new research suggests. In addition, the survey study of more than 3000 young people showed that 73% reported habitua...

Designer Drug ODs Call for Supportive Care and Education
Hospitalist News (Archived);

Dec 2nd, 2011 - Courtesy Polish Wikipedia/Kon/Creative Commons License Salvia divinorum has hallucinogenic and psychotomimetic properties. Symptoms include agitation and neurologic, cardiovascular, and gastrointestinal effects.

Asymptomatic Pancreatic Cysts: Science Challenges Surgical Management

Sep 10th, 2007 - Nonsurgical Management of Asymptomatic Incidental Pancreatic Cysts Lahav M, Maor Y, Avidan B, Novis B, Bar-Meir S Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2007;5:813-817 Abstract Branch-Duct Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasms: Observations in 145 Patient...

"How High Do They Look?"

Abstract and Introduction Abstract Adolescents have access to a variety of legal or illicit substances that they use to alter their mood or "get high." The purpose of this review is to provide an overview of common substances adolescents use to ge...

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