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The association of substance use with attaining employment among unemployed job seeking...
Preventive Medicine; El Haddad R, Lemogne C et. al.

Aug 13th, 2022 - This study aimed to examine the prospective association between tobacco, alcohol and cannabis use with attaining employment among unemployed job seekers. Data from the French population-based CONSTANCES cohort on 5114 unemployed job seeking adults...

Violence Perpetration in Early Adolescence: A Study of Four Urban Communities Worldwide.
The Journal of Adolescent Health : Official Publication O... Beckwith S, Lou C et. al.

Aug 13th, 2022 - Violence perpetration is common among adolescents worldwide but existing research largely focuses on boys, older adolescents, and partner violence. Our study sought to identify individual, family, and neighborhood/peer factors associated with viol...

Outcomes in Subsequent Pregnancies of Individuals With Opioid Use Disorder Treated in M...
Journal of Addiction Medicine; Mason I, Mashburn S et. al.

Aug 13th, 2022 - Untreated opioid misuse in pregnancy is associated with adverse outcomes. Limited information is available on maternal and perinatal outcomes in subsequent pregnancies for individuals initiated on medication for opioid use disorder (MOUD) in a pri...

Anabasine and Anatabine Exposure Attributable to Cigarette Smoking: National Health and...
International Journal of Environmental Research and Publi... Bendik PB, Rutt SM et. al.

Aug 13th, 2022 - Anabasine and anatabine are minor alkaloids in tobacco products and are precursors for tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNAs). The levels of these two compounds have been used to differentiate tobacco product sources, monitor compliance with smokin...

Tobacco Screening Practices and Perceived Barriers to Offering Tobacco Cessation Servic...
International Journal of Environmental Research and Publi... Siddiqi AD, Britton M et. al.

Aug 13th, 2022 - Tobacco use, and thus tobacco-related morbidity, is elevated amongst patients with behavioral health treatment needs. Consequently, it is important that centers providing health care to this group mandate providers' use of tobacco screenings to in...

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Approximately 2.55 Million Students Reported Currently Using a Tobacco Product in 2021
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Mar 10th, 2022 - The 2021 National Youth Tobacco Survey (NYTS) was conducted among U.S. middle and high school students during the COVID-19 pandemic and revealed that youth tobacco use remains a serious public health concern. About 2.55 million U.S. middle and hig...

Interventions for Tobacco Smoking Cessation in Adults, Including Pregnant Persons: US P...
JAMA , Krist AH et. al.

Jan 20th, 2021 - Tobacco use is the leading preventable cause of disease, disability, and death in the US. In 2014, it was estimated that 480 000 deaths annually are attributed to cigarette smoking, including second hand smoke exposure. Smoking during pregnancy ca...

Primary Care Interventions for Prevention and Cessation of Tobacco Use in Children and ...
JAMA , Owens DK et. al.

Apr 29th, 2020 - Tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable death in the US. An estimated annual 480 000 deaths are attributable to tobacco use in adults, including from secondhand smoke. It is estimated that every day about 1600 youth aged 12 to 17 years smo...

2017 AUA Renal Mass and Localized Renal Cancer Guidelines: Imaging Implications.
Radiographics : a Review Publication of the Radiological ... Ward RD, Tanaka H et. al.

Oct 20th, 2018 - Renal cell carcinoma (RCC) is a common cancer that is increasing in incidence because of the increased prevalence of risk factors, including tobacco use, hypertension, and obesity, and the improved detection of these tumors due to increased use of...

No. 349-Substance Use in Pregnancy.
Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Canada : JOGC = Jou... Ordean A, Wong S et. al.

Sep 25th, 2017 - To improve awareness and knowledge of problematic substance use in pregnancy and to provide evidence-based recommendations for the management of this challenging clinical issue for all health care providers. This guideline reviews the use of scree...

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The Abuse Liability of a Novel Heated Tobacco Product (IQOS) and Its Feasibility as a Menthol Cigarette Substitute

Aug 12th, 2022 - The public health success of FDA's proposed ban on menthol cigarettes hinges upon whether menthol smokers who are unable to quit smoking switch to non-menthol cigarettes (no public health gain) or to potentially lower harm alternatives like heated...

Consequences of Marijuana Use in HIV-infected Youth

Aug 11th, 2022 - The long-term goal for the proposed research is to apply a systems biology approach to discover evidence that provides the basis for understanding the complex and at times conflicting roles for marijuana in chronic inflammation in HIV-infected you...

A Phase II/III Trial of Nivolumab, Ipilimumab, and GM-CSF in Patients With Advanced Melanoma

Aug 11th, 2022 - PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: I. To compare the overall survival (OS) of nivolumab/ipilimumab/sargramostim (GM-CSF) versus nivolumab/ipilimumab. SECONDARY OBJECTIVES: I. To evaluate progression free survival (PFS) of patients treated with nivolumab/ipilimuma...

Potential Impact of Menthol Ban in Cigarettes and E-cigarettes

Aug 10th, 2022 - Menthol cigarette use remains a major public health problem and the FDA has proposed to ban menthol in cigarettes. However, additional evidence is needed to understand whether menthol flavor in e-cigarettes is important for harm reduction among me...

Interactive Mobile Doctor (iMD) to Promote Tobacco Cessation Among Cancer Patients

Aug 10th, 2022 - The interactive Mobile Doctor (iMD) is an interactive video educational program that delivers tailored messages in response to participants' input, generates a summary report providing tobacco use status and cessation resources and solicits partic...

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A Man With Hypokalemia, Sleep Apnea, and Resistant Hypertension

Jul 20th, 2022 - Editor's Note: The Case Challenge series includes difficult-to-diagnose conditions, some of which are not frequently encountered by most clinicians but are nonetheless important to accurately recognize. Test your diagnostic and treatment skills us...

Shocking News for Juul, Healthier News for Juveniles

Jul 6th, 2022 - It has taken 2 years, but the vaping industry has taken a direct hit as the FDA has halted sales of e-cigarettes by the company Juul (the ban has since been halted by a stay). The surprising FDA ban occurred in response to a marketing campaign tha...

Pharmacist-Assisted Varenicline Tobacco Cessation Treatment for Veterans
Ariane R. Guthrie, PharmD, Mahendra A. Patel, PharmD, BCPS et. al.

Jul 1st, 2022 - Tobacco smoking remains the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the United States, accounting for more than 480,000 deaths annually. 1 An estimated 50.

Smoking cessation: Varenicline and the risk of neuropsychiatric adverse events
Danielle Murray, PharmD, Emily Montgomery, PharmD et. al.

Jul 1st, 2022 - Mr. T, age 34, is a veteran who recently returned to civilian life.

Clinical Practice Guidelines Miss Shot to Address Race, Ethnicity

Jun 13th, 2022 - (Reuters Health) - The vast majority of pediatric clinical practice guidelines fail to mention race or ethnicity, and most that include the terms do so in a way that could harm vulnerable and underrepresented groups, a new study finds. "It's reall...

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