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Left ventricular remodelling in mitral valve prolapse patients: implications of apical ...
European Heart Journal. Cardiovascular Imaging; Moura-Ferreira S, Vandenberk B et. al.

Jul 20th, 2021 - Mitral valve prolapse (MVP) causes left ventricular (LV) remodelling even in the absence of significant mitral regurgitation. To evaluate whether apical insertion of the papillary muscle (PM) influences the pattern and severity of MVP-related LV r...

Quantification of regurgitation in mitral valve prolapse with four-dimensional flow car...
Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance : Official J... Spampinato RA, Jahnke C et. al.

Jul 9th, 2021 - Four-dimensional cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) flow assessment (4D flow) allows to derive volumetric quantitative parameters in mitral regurgitation (MR) using retrospective valve tracking. However, prior studies have been conducted in f...

Mitral Valve Prolapse and Its Motley Crew-Syndromic Prevalence, Pathophysiology, and Pr...
Journal of the American Heart Association; Morningstar JE, Nieman A et. al.

Jun 23rd, 2021 - Mitral valve prolapse (MVP) is a commonly occurring heart condition defined by enlargement and superior displacement of the mitral valve leaflet(s) during systole. Although commonly seen as a standalone disorder, MVP has also been described in cas...

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Valvular and structural heart disease: American College of Chest Physicians Evidence-Ba...
Chest Salem DN, O'Gara PT et. al.

Jul 24th, 2008 - This chapter about antithrombotic therapy for valvular heart disease is part of the American College of Chest Physicians Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guidelines (8th Edition). Grade 1 recommendations are strong and indicate that the benefits d...

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Clinical and Fundamental Aspects of Prosthetics and Translocation of Mitral Valve Chordae

Mar 5th, 2020 - Summary: This study compares the efficacy and the safety of two surgical procedures for the treatment of mitral valve prolapse due to degeneration of the mitral valve: chordae replacement and the translocation of secondary mitral valve chordae. In...

The Canadian Mitral Research Alliance (CAMRA) Trial CardioLink-2

Dec 7th, 2018 - Mitral valve repair has emerged as the preferred surgical treatment for mitral valve prolapse (MVP), a condition wherein the mitral valve does not close properly. One common strategy for mitral valve repair is leaflet resection, which involves rem...

Evaluation of CARdiac Abnormalities by Echocardiography and MRI in Malnourished Patients Suffering From Anorexia Nervosa

Jul 25th, 2018 - Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder occurring most frequently in adolescent females, characterized by 1/ voluntary dietary restriction, leading to lower than normal body weight and, often, loss of considerable amount of weight and, thereby, mal...

Myocardial Characterization of Arrhythmogenic Mitral Valve Prolapse (STAMP: STretch and Myocardial Characterization in Arrhythmogenic Mitral Valve Prolapse)

Jul 19th, 2017 - Mitral valve prolapse (MVP) is a frequent affection of the mitral valve or its sub-valvular apparatus with a prevalence of 2-3% in the general population. This valvular disease is generally considered as benign, but may at term evolve toward mitra...

AIDS-Associated Heart Disease -- Incidence and Etiology

Mar 16th, 2016 - BACKGROUND: Cardiovascular abnormalities have been reported in Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) clinically, echocardiographically and at autopsy. Pericardial effusion, cardiac tamponade, echocardiographic abnormalities and clinical cardio...

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NICE Draft Guidance on Management of Heart Valve Disease

Mar 19th, 2021 - The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has published a draft guideline on the management of heart valve disease in adults. Here is a summary of the key recommendations: Referral Consider echocardiogram for adults with murmur ...

Down syndrome in adolescents
Pediatric News; Francine Pearce, MD

Mar 28th, 2017 - Teen years, no doubt, come with expected challenges. For teens with Down syndrome (DS), the challenges are exponentially greater.

Fast Five Quiz: Are You Familiar With Atrial Flutter?

Feb 2nd, 2017 - Atrial flutter may be a sequela of open heart surgery. After cardiac surgery, atrial flutter may be reentrant as a result of natural barriers, atrial incisions, and scar. Some patients develop atypical left atrial flutter after pulmonary vein isol...

Time to End Antibiotic Prophylaxis for Infective Endocarditis?

Dec 2nd, 2016 - Time to End Antibiotic Prophylaxis for Infective Endocarditis? Introduction During my emergency medicine training in the early 1990s, antibiotic prophylaxis for infective endocarditis (IE) was routine for many types of patients before undergoing a...

Model: Uneven MitraClip Not Behind Recurring MR

Oct 5th, 2016 - Uneven MitraClip placement did not increase leaflet stress, making it unlikely to be complicit in mitral regurgitation recurrence, according to a computer model. Having more posterior than anterior leaflet tissue clipped by the device still eased ...

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