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Erythema Ab Igne.
JAMA Dermatology; Knöpfel N, Weibel L

Nov 19th, 2020 - Erythema Ab Igne.|2020|Knöpfel N,Weibel L,|diagnosis,etiology,diagnosis,etiology,

Erythema ab igne with features resembling keratosis lichenoides chronica.
Journal of Cutaneous Pathology REFERENCES; Wells A, Desai A et. al.

Sep 30th, 2020 - Erythema ab igne (EAI) is an asymptomatic dermatosis that develops in response to chronic exposure to low-grade heat. Characteristic findings on histopathology include epidermal atrophy, dermal elastosis, atypical histiocytes, and melanin and hemo...

Working from home during and after COVID-19: watch out for erythema ab igne when using ...
The British Journal of General Practice : the Journal of ... Lewis P, Wild U et. al.

Aug 1st, 2020 - Working from home during and after COVID-19: watch out for erythema ab igne when using laptops.|2020|Lewis P,Wild U,Erren TC,|etiology,adverse effects,etiology,

Basal cell carcinoma associated with erythema ab igne.
Dermatology Online Journal; Daneshvar E, Seraji S et. al.

Jul 6th, 2020 - Erythema ab igne is a skin condition mainly caused by heat exposure. Erythema ab igne usually follows a favorable prognosis. However, it may increase the risk of developing cutaneous malignancy in the involved skin. Being familiar with the type of...

Erythema Annulare Centrifugum 

Mar 6th, 2020 - Background Erythema annulare centrifugum (EAC) is classified as one of the figurate or gyrate erythemas. First described by Darier in 1916, it is characterized by a scaling or nonscaling, nonpruritic, annular or arcuate, erythematous eruption. It ...

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A Reticular Rash on the Leg

Aug 6th, 2019 - Our Diagnosis Erythema ab igne, also called hot water bottle rash, is a clinical diagnosis based on characteristic cutaneous findings and a clear history of chronic, moderate heat or infrared exposure. 1 Although exposure to space heaters, open fir.

Reticular Hyperpigmented Patches With Indurated Subcutaneous Plaques
Owen N. Kramer, MD, Eden Lake, MD et. al.

May 2nd, 2018 - The Diagnosis: Superficial Migratory Thrombophlebitis On initial presentation, the differential diagnosis included livedoid vasculopathy, cutaneous polyarteritis nodosa, erythema ab igne, cholesterol embolism, and livedo reticularis. Laboratory in.

Erythema ab igne
Thomas Smith III, MD, Vinod E. Nambudiri, MD, MBA

Feb 1st, 2018 - A 42-year-old man presented to his primary  care physician with chief complaints of fatigue and worsening of severe chronic thoracic and lumbar back pain that he attributed to routine daily activity at his job, not to any specific antecedent traum.

Space Heater–Induced Bullous Erythema Ab Igne
Katherine S. Redding, MD, Allison N. Watts, MD et. al.

Aug 9th, 2017 - To the Editor: Erythema ab igne (EAI) is a reticular erythematous hyperpigmentation of skin repeatedly exposed to moderate heat. 1 It usually is asymptomatic, though some patients report itching or burning at the site.

Reticular Hyperpigmentation on the Lower Legs

Sep 26th, 2016 - No specific therapy for erythema ab igne exists. Treatment is centered on eliminating exposure to the heat source.

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