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Myiasis absent Wohlfahrtiimonas chitiniclastica bacteremia in a lung cancer patient: a ...
European Journal of Medical Research; Dovjak P, Kroißenbrunner M et. al.

Sep 10th, 2021 - A gruesome infection was found in a woman with advanced lung tumor and associated malnutrition. Worldwide, bacteremia with Wohlfahrtiimonas chitiniclastica was only found in 13 cases yet. This is the first case in Austria and the first case withou...

First record of traumatic myiasis obtained from forest musk deer (Moschus berezovskii).
International Journal for Parasitology. Parasites and Wil... Gao Y, Fu Y et. al.

Aug 31st, 2021 - Myiasis is an infestation of maggots on living tissue in humans and animals all over the world. It is known to occur in wild animals, while no information is reported in forest musk deer (Moschus berezovskii). During our research on the conservati...

Effectiveness of sarolaner in the clinical management of furuncular myiasis in dogs nat...
Parasites & Vectors; Andriotti PA, Souza CP et. al.

Aug 15th, 2021 - The human botfly, Dermatobia hominis, is a common cause of furuncular myiasis in dogs in Latin America. Lesions can be single or multiple, each harboring an individual larva, presented as an erythematous nodule that causes pruritus and pain. Typic...

Myiasis in humans: Case reports in Northeastern Brazil including multispecies co-infest...
Parasitology International; Martins LGV, Barbosa TM et. al.

Aug 15th, 2021 - Myiasis is a parasitosis characterized by an infestation of living vertebrates (humans and other animals) by Diptera larvae, whose occurrence and etiological identification are still neglected by health professionals. Here we analyzed the human my...

Myiasis from Larvae of Human Botfly.
The New England Journal of Medicine; Kaunitz G, Keltz Pomeranz M

Aug 12th, 2021 - Myiasis from Larvae of Human Botfly.|2021|Kaunitz G,Keltz Pomeranz M,|diagnosis,pathology,

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Make the Diagnosis - November 2016
Dr. Donna Bilu Martin

Nov 14th, 2016 - Cutaneous larva migrans Cutaneous larva migrans (CLM) presents as a self-limited cutaneous eruption. It is also known as creeping eruption.

Furuncular Myiasis in 2 American Travelers Returning From Senegal

Dec 9th, 2014 - Conclusion We present 2 cases of travelers returning to North America from Senegal with C anthropophaga furuncular myiasis. Careful review of travel history, physical examination, and identification of fly larvae are important for diagnosis.


History: A 66-year-old Caucasian male presented with a chief complaint of a nonhealing bump on his left forearm for the past several weeks. He returned to the United States recently after traveling in Central America for 2 months. He recalls being...

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