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A prospective study examining the expression of STAT 1, 3, 6 in prurigo nodularis lesio...
Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology; Agrawal D, Sardana K et. al.

Dec 30th, 2021 - Prurigo nodularis (PN) is a chronic dermatologic condition manifesting as multiple papulonodular lesions occurring on the background of intense pruritus. PN could be primary or secondary. The exact immune pathogenesis of PN is not yet clear, and m...

Worst Itch Numerical Rating Scale for Prurigo Nodularis: A Psychometric Evaluation.
Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venere... Ständer S, Zeidler C et. al.

Dec 16th, 2021 - Study TR03 evaluated the safety and efficacy of nalbuphine ER for prurigo nodularis (PN) (NCT02174419). We conducted supplementary analyses to assess the psychometric properties of the Worst Itch Numeric Rating Scale (WI-NRS), the TR03 primary end...

Transcriptomic characterization of prurigo nodularis and the therapeutic response to ne...
The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology; Tsoi LC, Hacini-Rachinel F et. al.

Dec 4th, 2021 - Prurigo nodularis (PN) is a debilitating, difficult-to-treat, intensely pruritic, chronic inflammatory skin disease characterized by hyperkeratotic skin nodules. The pathogenesis of PN is not well understood but is believed to involve cross talk b...

Efficacy and safety of oral nalbuphine extended release in prurigo nodularis: results o...
Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venere... Weisshaar E, Szepietowski JC et. al.

Nov 16th, 2021 - Treatment of prurigo nodularis (PN) is challenging and new treatment options are needed. To evaluate the efficacy and safety of two oral doses of the kappa opioid agonist and mu opioid antagonist nalbuphine extended release (NAL-ER) tablets in a p...

Cluster analysis of circulating plasma biomarkers in prurigo nodularis reveals a distin...
The Journal of Investigative Dermatology; Sutaria N, Alphonse MP et. al.

Nov 1st, 2021 - Patients with prurigo nodularis (PN) suffer from intractable itch and dramatic reduction in quality of life. While there is significant clinical heterogeneity in the presentation of PN, disease endotypes remain unknown. We assayed circulating plas...

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Evaluation of the Antipruritic Effect of Elidel (Pimecrolimus) in Non-atopic Pruritic Disease

Jul 7th, 2010 - Patients will be treated with pimecrolimus cream 1% and hydrocortisone cream 1% twice daily for 8 weeks on diseased skin in a double-blind, randomized within patient comparison (left arm pimecrolimus, right arm hydrocortisone or vice versa). Patie...

Effectiveness of the Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor,Citalopram (Cipralex), in Prurigo Nodularis

Sep 20th, 2007 - Prurigo nodularis (PN) is a common dermatological disorder, manifested as scaly nodules which appear mainly on the extensor surfaces of the limbs. PN may appear secondarily to skin scratching in chronic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, uremia, hypothyr...

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Common Outcome Measures for AD Lack Adequate Reporting of Race, Skin Tone

Jul 28th, 2021 - Many validation studies of clinician- and patient-reported outcome measures for atopic dermatitis (AD) lack adequate reporting of race, ethnicity, and skin tone, according to results from a systematic review. Trisha Kaundinya "AD is associated wit...

Study Enhances Understanding of 'Tremendously Understudied' Prurigo Nodularis

Apr 19th, 2021 - Patients with prurigo nodularis tend to make a greater number of visits to health care specialists and are burdened by a greater number of medical comorbidities, compared with age-matched controls, as well those with atopic dermatitis and psoriasi...

High-Potency Topical Steroid Treatment of Multiple Keratoacanthomas Associated With Prurigo Nodularis
Malia B. Downing, MD, Megan Prouty, MD et. al.

Apr 12th, 2021 - Practice Gap Multiple keratoacanthomas (KAs) of the legs often are a challenge to treat, especially when these lesions appear within a field of prurigo nodules. Multiple KAs associated with prurigo nodularis is a rarer finding; more often, the con.

Dupilumab for the Treatment of Lichen Planus
Bobak T. Pousti, MD, MBA, Annie Jin, MD et. al.

Apr 7th, 2021 - To the Editor: Lichen planus (LP) is an inflammatory mucocutaneous disorder that primarily affects adults aged 30 to 60 years. 1 It can present across various regions such as the skin, scalp, oral cavity, genitalia, nails, and hair.

Nemolizumab tames itching in prurigo nodularis patients in phase 2 study
Heidi Splete

Feb 26th, 2020 - Adults with moderate to severe prurigo nodularis who were treated with the investigational drug nemolizumab showed significant improvement in itching, compared with patients treated with placebo, according to data from a phase 2 trial of 70 patien.

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