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Transfusion guidelines in adult spine surgery: a systematic review and critical summary...
The Spine Journal : Official Journal of the North America... Barrie U, Youssef CA et. al.

Aug 3rd, 2021 - Red blood cell transfusion can be associated with complications in medical and surgical patients. Acute anemia in ambulatory patients undergoing surgery can also impede wound healing and independent self-care. Current transfusion threshold guideli...

A coronavirus disease-2019 induced pancytopenia.
The American Journal of Emergency Medicine; Bridwell RE, Inman BL et. al.

Mar 4th, 2021 - As the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV2) pandemic progresses, various hematologic complications have emerged, often centered around the hypercoagulable state. However, pancytopenia represents a rare but serious complicati...

The role of Sfrp and DKK proteins in cardiomyocyte development.
Physiological Reports; Hsueh YC, Hodgkinson CP et. al.

Feb 16th, 2021 - Hematopoietic disorders, particularly hemolytic anemias, commonly lead to bone loss. We have previously reported that actively proliferating cancer cells stimulate osteoclastogenesis from late precursors in a RANKL-independent manner. We theorized...

GATA factor-regulated solute carrier ensemble reveals a nucleoside transporter-dependen...
PLoS Genetics; Zwifelhofer NM, Cai X et. al.

Dec 29th, 2020 - Developmental-regulatory networks often include large gene families encoding mechanistically-related proteins like G-protein-coupled receptors, zinc finger transcription factors and solute carrier (SLC) transporters. In principle, a common mechani...

Bleeding "sarcomatosis" as a rare presentation of vascular graft-related angiosarcoma: ...
BMC Surgery; Presacco S, Agnes AL et. al.

Nov 22nd, 2020 - Angiosarcoma is a rare malignant tumor, originating from vascular endothelial cells, accounting for approximatively 1-2% of soft tissue sarcomas. It is characterized by a rapid proliferation and high metastatic potential. Some cases of angiosarcom...

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Fast Five Quiz: Anemia

Feb 20th, 2019 - In anemia, a decrease in the number of red blood cells (RBCs) transporting oxygen and carbon dioxide impairs the body's ability for gas exchange. The decrease may result from blood loss, increased destruction of RBCs (hemolysis), or decreased prod...

Treated RBCs prove comparable to controls
HT Staff

Jan 7th, 2015 - Blood for transfusion Credit: UAB Hospital The process of pathogen inactivation does not compromise the quality of red blood cells (RBCs), results of a phase 3 study suggest. Researchers compared untreated RBCs and RBCs treated with the INTERCEPT.

Acute Anemia Is Associated With Silent Strokes in Children

Apr 1st, 2011 - The group assigned to robotic therapy used a Reo Therapy System by Motorika Ltd. in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Excess Mortality Seen with Hemoglobin-Based Blood Substitutes

Apr 28th, 2008 - Action Points Explain to interested patients that a meta-analysis found that hemoglobin-based blood substitutes increase serious risks without increasing clinical benefit. Point out that none of these products is FDA-approved. BETHESDA, Md., April...

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