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Less severe clinical symptoms of Norwalk virus 8fIIb inoculum compared to its precursor...
Journal of Medical Virology; Liu P, Rahman M et. al.

Oct 6th, 2020 - Noroviruses (NoV) are a leading cause of epidemic gastroenteritis. Human challenge studies have been used to examine the infectivity, pathogenicity, and host immune response to NoV as well as vaccine efficacy. The goal of this study was to conduct...

Production and Clinical Evaluation of Norwalk GI.1 Virus Lot 001-09NV in Norovirus Vacc...
The Journal of Infectious Diseases; Mateo R, Lindesmith LC et. al.

Oct 20th, 2019 - Human noroviruses (HuNoV) are the leading cause of gastroenteritis. No vaccine is currently available to prevent norovirus illness or infection. Safe, infectious challenge strains are needed to assess vaccine efficacy in the controlled human infec...

Bile Salts Alter the Mouse Norovirus Capsid Conformation: Possible Implications for Cel...
Journal of Virology; Sherman MB, Williams AN et. al.

Jul 26th, 2019 - Caliciviruses are single-stranded RNA viruses with 180 copies of capsid protein comprising the T=3 icosahedral capsids. The main capsid feature is a pronounced protruding (P) domain dimer formed by adjacent subunits on the icosahedral surface whil...

Bacterial Gastroenteritis Clinical Presentation

Jul 17th, 2018 - History Stool characteristics Diarrhea is defined as daily stools with a mass greater than 15g/kg for children younger than 2 years and greater than 200 g for children 2 years or older. Adult stool patterns vary from 1 stool every 3 days to 3 stoo...

Expression, Purification and Characterization of a GII.4 Norovirus Protease from Minerv...
Infectious Disorders Drug Targets; Kuiper BD, Muzzarelli KM et. al.

May 22nd, 2018 - Noroviruses are the leading cause of acute gastroenteritis worldwide. Norovirus proteases, which are responsible for cleavage of the viral polyprotein, have become an attractive drug target to treat norovirus infections. Genogroup II (GII) norovir...

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Norwalk Vaccine Study

Aug 8th, 2017 - The drug being tested in this study is called intranasal Norwalk virus-like particle (VLP) vaccine. Norwalk VLP vaccine is being tested to prevent viral acute gastroenteritis (AGE). This study will look at the illness rate of AGE in people who are...

New Challenge Pool of Norwalk Virus Inoculum

May 9th, 2014 - Noroviruses are the cause of most acute, epidemic, non-bacterial gastroenteritis (24-hour intestinal flu) and Norwalk virus (NV) is the prototype strain of this group of viruses. Although NV was identified some 30 years ago, progress in understand...

Susceptibility of Human Volunteers With Different Histo-Blood With Different Histo-Blood Group Antigens to Norovirus

Feb 10th, 2012 - Noroviruses are single-stranded, positive-sense RNA viruses that cause acute gastroenteritis in humans. The prototype Norwalk virus (NV) was identified in a large outbreak of acute gastroenteritis in an elementary school in Norwalk, Ohio, in 1968....

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Investigational Norovirus Vaccine Trims Norwalk Infection Risk
Internal Medicine News; Mary Ann Moon

Dec 7th, 2011 - An investigational norovirus vaccine was protective against Norwalk virus infection and its associated gastroenteritis in a proof-of-concept study reported in the Dec. 8 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine.

Norwalk Virus Vaccine Promises Smoother Sailing

Dec 7th, 2011 - Action Points Explain that it might be possible to use a vaccine to prevent norovirus illness. Point out that the duration of protection from vaccination is unclear, and the vaccine evaluated in the study protected against the Norwalk strain (geno...

MDCT of the Small Bowel

Infection Infectious enteritis is a common cause of acute diarrheal illness in the United States and can be caused by viruses, bacteria, or, less commonly, protozoa. The most common viral causes include norovirus (formerly Norwalk virus) and rotav...

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