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Forgotten disease: an atypical case of Lemierre syndrome presenting as a soft tissue ab...
BMJ Case Reports; Kumar D, Shamsi WE et. al.

Jun 30th, 2021 - Lemierre syndrome (LS) is an acute oropharyngeal infection with secondary septic thrombophlebitis and distant septic embolisation. A 29-year-old woman with sore throat, dyspnoea and left shoulder pain, who was on levofloxacin for 3 days, presented...

Successful perioperative management of a case of infective endocarditis secondary to a ...
Journal of Cardiac Surgery; Morishige S, Oe M et. al.

Jun 11th, 2021 - Lemierre's syndrome (LS) is characterized by septic thrombophlebitis of the internal jugular vein with septicemia and metastatic infection following an oropharyngeal infection. LS is rare but can cause infective endocarditis (IE), complicating IE ...

Lemierre's syndrome.
Practical Neurology; Foo EC, Tanti M et. al.

May 8th, 2021 - Lemierre's syndrome is a rare and potentially life-threatening condition that follows an oropharyngeal infection, typically from Fusobacterium necrophorum, and usually affects healthy adolescents or young adults. The characteristic features are se...

Lemierre's syndrome: a forgotten life-threatening entity.
BMJ Case Reports; Gama R, Sousa M et. al.

Oct 31st, 2020 - Lemierre's syndrome is a very rare but potentially fatal condition. It mainly affects adolescents and young adult males, and usually arises as a serious complication of pharyngitis or peritonsillar abscess. It is characterised by the triad of inte...

Lemierre syndrome: Current evidence and rationale of the Bacteria-Associated Thrombosis...
Thrombosis Research; Valerio L, Corsi G et. al.

Oct 22nd, 2020 - Lemierre syndrome is a rare but potentially fatal condition characterized by septic thrombophlebitis of the head and neck district, preferentially affecting adolescents and young adults and manifesting as a complication of a local bacterial infect...

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COMPLI-PICC: Study on Picclines' Complications

All eligible patients fulfilling the inclusion criteria, after PICC Line placement, will receive oral and written patient information describing the study deployment and follow-up. Patients will be followed up until PICC Line removal if it occurs ...

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Alcohol Abuse and Unusual Abdominal Pain in a 49-Year-Old

Oct 1st, 2020 - Treatment for MVT is mainly conservative, involving systemic anticoagulation, bowel rest, fluid resuscitation, and serial abdominal exams. The ultimate goal is to prevent extension of the thrombus, avoid intestinal infarction, and prevent recurren...

A 34-Year-Old Woman With Knots on Her Leg and Reddening Skin

Sep 9th, 2019 - Discussion Thrombophlebitis is a diagnostic finding that can be a harbinger of systemic disorders that result in hypercoagulable states, especially when taken into consideration within the appropriate clinical context and not simply disregarded as...

Adjunctive azithromycin cuts postcesarean infection
Mary Ann Moon

Sep 28th, 2016 - Adding a single intravenous dose of azithromycin to standard antibiotic prophylaxis further reduces maternal infections without increasing neonatal adverse outcomes after nonelective cesarean delivery, according to a report published in the New En.

Lemierre's Syndrome

Abstract and Introduction We describe a 32-year-old woman who had temperatures increasing over 7 days from 100.7°F to 104.0°F. She had an upper respiratory infection and swelling of the left side of the neck. She was diagnosed with Lemierre's synd...

Lemierre's Syndrome

Key Points A pharyngeal infection grew Fusobacterium necrophorum. Extension of the pharyngeal infection to the internal jugular vein resulted in septic thrombophlebitis. Contrast computed tomography confirmed the diagnosis. Specific antibiotic the...

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