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Amoxicillin Rash in Infectious Mononucleosis.
The New England Journal of Medicine; Mergoum AM

Sep 9th, 2021 - Amoxicillin Rash in Infectious Mononucleosis.|2021|Mergoum AM,|

Two cases of pregnancy after achieving complete remission of chronic active Epstein-Bar...
The Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Research; Sasagasako N, Kakigano A et. al.

Aug 20th, 2021 - Chronic active Epstein-Barr virus (CAEBV) infection characterized by persistent infectious mononucleosis-like symptoms can lead to cardiovascular diseases. We encountered two pregnant women with CAEBV histories complicated with cardiovascular dise...

Mononucleosis-like illnesses due to co-infection with severe fever with thrombocytopeni...
BMC Infectious Diseases; Zhao B, Hou H et. al.

Aug 20th, 2021 - We report a mononucleosis-like illnesses case due to co-infection with severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome virus (SFTSV) and spotted fever group rickettsia (SFGR), which to the best of our knowledge, has never been reported . A 64-year-old...

The clinical value of high fluorescent lymphocytes and smudge cells in the diagnosis of...
Journal of Clinical Laboratory Analysis; Huang T, Yang S et. al.

Aug 18th, 2021 - The diagnostic value of high fluorescent lymphocytes (HFLC) and smudge cells in diseases like sepsis has been confirmed. In this study, we explore the diagnostic value of HFLC and smudge cells for infectious mononucleosis (IM). Sixty-two IM patien...

Comparison of seven heterophile antibody assays for laboratory diagnosis of infectious ...
Journal of Medical Virology; Wei S, Huang W et. al.

Aug 5th, 2021 - Heterophile antibody assays have been used to aid the diagnosis of infectious mononucleosis caused by the Epstein-Barr virus. Seven commercially available assays currently widely utilized in clinical laboratories were compared in this study. Varia...

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Treating Kidney Donors With Valganciclovir to Reduce Viral Transmission to Recipients

Nov 1st, 2019 - The potency of new immunosuppressive agents has reduced the risk of the body's immune system rejecting a transplanted kidney. However, this has come with a price. Kidney transplant recipients now face a higher risk of serious infections and relate...

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Retesting Positive for SARS-CoV-2 Doesn't Mean Infectious, Study Suggests

May 27th, 2020 - Editor's note: Find the latest COVID-19 news and guidance in Medscape's Coronavirus Resource Center. Patients who are discharged from isolation after recovering from COVID-19 and who again test positive for SARS-CoV-2 are unlikely to be infectious...

Systemic Epstein-Barr Virus–Positive T-cell Lymphoma of Childhood

Nov 5th, 2019 - Comment Prevalence and Presentation Epstein-Barr virus is a ubiquitous γ-herpesvirus with tropism for B cells, affecting more than 90% of the adult population worldwide. In addition to infecting B cells, EBV is capable of infecting T and NK cells,.

Can Surgery Alleviate Persistent Symptoms in Hashimoto's Thyroiditis?

Jul 17th, 2019 - "I feel like I've tried everything—why don't you just take the [expletive] thing out?" This was my first encounter with a request to treat fatigue with a thyroidectomy. The Patient Who 'Tried Everything' A 34-year-old woman with Hashimoto's thyroi...

Mono May Boost MS Risk

Aug 30th, 2017 - Action Points Patients who have had mononucleosis due to infection with Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) may be at increased risk of multiple sclerosis (MS). Note that the data support the hygiene hypothesis: that being born/spending your early childhood ...

A 35-Year-Old Woman With Fatigue and Joint Pain

May 9th, 2017 - Typical age of onset of chronic fatigue syndrome is 29-35 years, and the usual trigger is a stressor; these can include infection, such as flulike illness or infectious mononucleosis; surgery; pregnancy; or psychological stress. However, the condi...

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