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Hypotony Without Globe Rupture During Orbital Fracture Repair.
The Laryngoscope; Schein YL, Bautista SA et. al.

Apr 22nd, 2021 - A 29-year-old male presented to the emergency department with an orbital fracture. He denied ocular symptoms and CT showed bilateral fracture of nasal bones, left medial orbital wall, and left orbital floor, with herniation of orbital fat and mini...

Prognostic factors and epidemiology of adult open globe injuries from Western Sydney: a...
BMC Ophthalmology; Ho H, Foo J et. al.

Apr 12th, 2021 - To identify prognostic factors determining final visual outcome following open globe injuries. Retrospective case series of patients presenting to Westmead Hospital, Sydney, Australia with open globe injuries from 1st January 2005 to 31st December...

Orbital Hemorrhagic Necrosis, Globe Rupture, and Death From Intraorbital Injection of 1...
Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery; Blessing NW, Chen Y et. al.

Oct 17th, 2020 - Deoxycholic acid (DCA) 1% is an injectable detergent indicated for submental fat reduction, although clinically it is being injected off-label for orbital fat prolapse. It is known to cause severe inflammation, local nerve dysfunction, and tissue ...

Ocular trauma associated with falls in older people: A 10-year review from a state trau...
Injury Lee WS, McNamara P et. al.

Jul 22nd, 2020 - Falls are the leading cause of injury-related emergency presentations, hospital admissions and deaths in Victorians over the age of 65. While there is extensive literature analysing traumatic injuries resulting from falls in older patients, there ...

Eye Globe Rupture Caused by Dental Implant-Related Maxillary Sinusitis.
Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery : Official Jour... Lee ST, Choi SY et. al.

Jul 4th, 2020 - Eye globe rupture with consequent enucleation is an extremely rare complication of orbital infection spreading from maxillary sinusitis related to dental implant surgery. We report a case of orbital abscess leading to rupture of the globe of the e...

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Eye Findings in Dermatologic Conditions

Jun 27th, 2016 - Practice Question Answers 1. Which type of EDS is most characteristically associated with blue sclerae and globe rupture? a.

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