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Associations of variability in body weight and glucose levels with the risk of hip frac...
Metabolism: Clinical and Experimental; Lee J, Han K et. al.

Jan 16th, 2022 - Diabetes is associated with a high risk of fragility fracture. However, there are controversies regarding the effect of fluctuations in metabolic parameters on the risk of fracture. We aimed to investigate the associations of body weight or glucos...

Early Detection of Pneumonia with the Help of Dementia in Geriatric Hip Fracture Patients.
Orthopaedic Surgery; Tang MT, Li S et. al.

Jan 14th, 2022 - To investigate the role of dementia in pneumonia among geriatric patients with hip fracture and further develop an algorithm for stratifying risk of developing postoperative pneumonia. The algorithm was developed after retrospectively analyzing 13...

Imaging Hip Fractures.
Radiologic Technology; Werderman DS

Jan 13th, 2022 - Hip fractures are a common, serious, and sometimes life-threatening injury that affects primarily older women. Multiple factors, such as age, sex, bone health, mobility, and balance, affect the risk of incurring a hip fracture. Hip fractures are c...

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Clinical practice guidelines for rehabilitation nutrition in cerebrovascular disease, h...
Clinical Nutrition ESPEN; Nishioka S, Aragane H et. al.

May 25th, 2021 - Individuals undergoing rehabilitation often experience nutritional problems such as malnutrition, but there are no clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) specifically tailored to the combination of rehabilitation and nutritional care for these patien...

Vitamin D, Calcium, or Combined Supplementation for the Primary Prevention of Fractures...
JAMA , Grossman DC et. al.

Apr 21st, 2018 - Because of the aging population, osteoporotic fractures are an increasingly important cause of morbidity and mortality in the United States. Approximately 2 million osteoporotic fractures occurred in the United States in 2005, and annual incidence...

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Goal Directed Hemodynamic Therapy Based on Noninvasive Monitoring in Patients With Hip Fracture

Dec 28th, 2021 - Crude incidence rate in Spain of hip fracture in people over 65 years was 511 cases per 100,000 in 2002. About 30% of patients die in the first year. Cardiocirculatory complications during and after surgery partly explain this high morbidity and m...

Zoledronate Early to Hip Fracture Patients - Safe and Effective?

Dec 16th, 2021 - Hip fracture patients have the highest risk for recurrent hip or other osteoporotic fractures. We have efficient fracture preventing medication easily available, but few patients receive them. We therefore need to create simple systems to ensure t...

Novel Combination Therapy for Osteoporosis in Men

Dec 13th, 2021 - NOVEL COMBINATION THERAPY FOR OSTEOPOROSIS IN MEN Background for the Study What Is the Risk of Osteoporotic Fractures in Men and Why Do Men Lose Bone Mass? Osteoporosis is a neglected condition in men. Yet, men sustain approximately 30% of the 1.5...

Efficacy of Pericapsular Nerve Group Block

Dec 13th, 2021 - Hip fracture is a common orthopaedic problem especially in elderly population. The number of hip fractures each year is expected to double from 2.2 million in 2017 to 4.5 million in 2050. It is the commonest reason for elderly to require hospitali...

Prospective Observational Study Based on a Cohort of Geriatric Patients With Hip Fracture Treated in the Centers Belonging to the GIOG Group

Dec 9th, 2021 - Multicenter prospective cohort observational study. The enrollment period will be 5 years. An additional 4 months will be required to allow the last enrolled patients to complete the 120-day follow-up. It is estimated to enroll a total of 7,000 pa...

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How Safe Is a Drug Holiday From Bisphosphonates for Osteoporosis?

Jan 13th, 2022 - Researchers found a small but greater risk of a hip fracture after 2 years of taking a "drug holiday" — stopping therapy — after long-term (≥ 3-year) use of one bisphosphonate, risedronate, versus another, alendronate.    The risk of a hip fractur...

Preoperative Code Status Discussion in Older Adults: Are We Doing Enough?
Fred Ko, MD, MS

Nov 24th, 2021 - Study Overview Objective. The objective of this study was to evaluate orders and documentation describing perioperative management of code status in adults.

Bisphosphonate Therapy and Fracture Prevention: How Long Does It Take?

Nov 22nd, 2021 - About a year was determined to be the minimal timing of bisphosphonate therapy for postmenopausal women with osteoporosis to reap a benefit, according to a meta-analysis. Looking at 10 randomized clinical trials including 23,384 women, 12.4 months...

Breast cancer history promotes vertebral fracture risk
Heidi Splete

Nov 19th, 2021 - Women with a history of stage III to stage IV breast cancer had significantly more pathologic vertebral fractures compared to those with stage I and stage II disease, based on data from approximately 5,000 adult women. Breast cancer remains associ.

Beta-Blockers May Reduce Mortality After Hip Fracture Surgery

Nov 4th, 2021 - Beta-blockers may be associated with reduced 1-year mortality rates after hip fracture surgery, according to a retrospective cohort study of 134,915 Swedish adults who underwent primary hip fracture surgery between January 1, 2008 and December 31,...

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