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Lingual Artery Pseudoaneurysm Following Blunt Neck Trauma.
Journal of Endovascular Therapy : an Official Journal of ... Singh SP, Khurana R et. al.

Nov 28th, 2021 - Lingual Artery Pseudoaneurysm Following Blunt Neck Trauma.|2021|Singh SP,Khurana R,Pandey NN,Singh Malhi A,Ramakrishnan P,|

Undiagnosed pharyngeal perforation following a penetrating neck trauma in a 5-year-old ...
BMJ Case Reports; Das S, Lakshmanan J et. al.

Sep 9th, 2021 - External penetrating wounds of the neck leading to pharyngeal perforations are relatively uncommon. The small area of the neck contains the vital vascular, aerodigestive and nervous structures, which are difficult to access surgically. Pharyngeal ...

A Rare Case of Traumatic Thyroid Gland Hypoperfusion/Devascularization After a Gunshot ...
The American Journal of Case Reports; Rodriguez-Ortiz LR, Perez-Torres AM et. al.

Aug 31st, 2021 - BACKGROUND The thyroid gland is rarely injured in cases of penetrating neck trauma. Computed tomography (CT) plays a central role in prompt evaluation of the extent of penetrating neck trauma and can demonstrate thyroid gland injury. The current l...

Optimizing imaging in the pediatric trauma patient, part 1: head and neck trauma.
Pediatric Emergency Medicine Practice; Scott J, Grewal T et. al.

Aug 24th, 2021 - Trauma is the leading cause of death in the pediatric population and is among the most common reasons for ED visits by children. Imaging is an important tool for the diagnosis and management of pediatric trauma, but there are risks associated with...

Civilian penetrating neck trauma at a level I trauma centre: A five-year retrospective ...
Clinical Otolaryngology : Official Journal of ENT-UK ; Of... Zakaria B, Muzaffar J et. al.

Jul 30th, 2021 - To report the experience of civilian penetrating neck trauma (PNT) at a UK level I trauma centre, propose an initial management algorithm and assess the degree of correlation between clinical signs of injury, operative findings and radiological re...

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The Effect of Intravenous Fluid Therapy in Acute Migraine Attacks

Dec 29th, 2020 - Introduction Headache is a common complaint that is seen in 70-80% of the population and is a common health problem in emergency services. When evaluating the patient with headache, the first step is to determine whether the headache is primary or...

Bougie Use in Emergency Airway Management

Jun 11th, 2019 - The primary analysis for all outcomes will be for those with a difficult airway characteristic (defined as any of: cervical immobility, obesity, large tongue, short neck, small mandible, facial or neck trauma, airway edema, blood in the airway, or...

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A 57-Year-Old Man With Hemiparesis After Coughing

Nov 27th, 2017 - Dissection normally occurs in the extracranial segment of the epiaortic vessels. The internal carotid artery is affected more often than the vertebral artery.[2] Dissections can be classified as traumatic or spontaneous. Traumatic dissections are ...

Stroke Can Occur at Any Age

Dec 17th, 2014 - Action Points Implementation of a TeleStroke Network appeared to provide sustained high-quality stroke care in rural areas. Minor infections appear to have a strong but short-lived effect on stroke risk in children. Stroke can occur in both the yo...

Yes, Lou Gehrig Had Lou Gehrig's Disease

Nov 19th, 2010 - Since Lou Gehrig's famous retirement from baseball in 1939, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis -- the deadly neurological disease that ended the Yankee slugger's 37-year life -- has borne his name. So when an August 2010 research study and the media co...

A 49-year-old Man With Neck Pain, Vertigo, Headache, and Ataxia

Mar 10th, 2010 - Case History One week before admission, a 49-year-old man awoke with neck and shoulder pain and felt that he had "slept wrong." He tried to alleviate the pain using an "inversion table," without success. The next day, while sitting at his desk, he...

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