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Weight-Bearing Computed Tomography of the Foot and Ankle in the Pediatric Population.
Journal of Pediatric Orthopedics; Holbrook HS, Bowers AF et. al.

Apr 28th, 2022 - Newer cone-beam computed tomography (CT) technology has grown in popularity for evaluation of foot and ankle pathology in the weight-bearing (WB) position. Many studies have demonstrated its benefits within the adult population, but there is a pau...

Evaluation and Management of Adolescents With a Stiff Flatfoot.
The Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons; Ford SE, Zide JR et. al.

Apr 28th, 2022 - While flatfeet are normal in children, persistence into adolescence with associated pain or asymmetry warrants additional evaluation. Rigidity of a flatfoot deformity, whether a clinical report or evident on examination, should raise suspicion for...

A retrospective magnetic resonance imaging analysis of bone and soft tissue changes ass...
Clinical Anatomy (New York, N.Y.); Cilengir AH, Bayraktar ES et. al.

Apr 7th, 2022 - We aimed to investigate the bone and soft tissue changes accompanying tarsal coalition (TC) and aimed to evaluate their association with the location and type of coalition. Ankle magnetic resonance imagings of 65 patients with TC were included. Th...

Radiographic Outcomes of Isolated Subtalar Joint Arthrodesis With Varying Fixation Tech...
The Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery : Official Publicat... Jones JM, Vacketta VG et. al.

Jan 9th, 2022 - Subtalar joint (STJ) arthrodesis is a well-established and accepted surgical procedure utilized for the treatment of various hindfoot conditions including primary or posttraumatic subtalar osteoarthritis, hindfoot valgus deformity, hindfoot varus ...

Resection of Tarsal Coalition in 27 Children with 2 Years Follow-Up - Patient-Reported ...
The Iowa Orthopaedic Journal; Abood AA, Møller-Madsen B et. al.

Dec 21st, 2021 - Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROM) after resection of tarsal coalitions are sparse. This cross-sectional study evaluates the outcome after resection of tarsal coalitions in children using the validated Oxford Foot and Ankle Questionnaire (Ox...

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Flat Feet

Feb 17th, 2004 - Discussion Tarsal coalition is also sometimes referred to as peroneal spastic flatfoot. It is almost always a congenital anomaly in which there is a lack of segmentation involving the bones of the foot. The form of tarsal coalition presented here,...

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