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The Dilemma, Conversion Disorder or Stiff Person Syndrome, a Case Report.
CNS Spectrums; Jahan S

Jun 16th, 2021 - The main objectives of this case study are 1. Clinicians facing symptoms that are difficult to interpret should exercise caution in diagnosing conversion disorder. 2. Increasing awareness about rare neurological conditions may appear as psychogeni...

Incidence and prevalence of psychogenic nonepileptic seizures in a Norwegian county: A ...
Epilepsia Villagrán A, Eldøen G et. al.

Jun 3rd, 2021 - This study was undertaken to measure the incidence and prevalence of active psychogenic nonepileptic seizures (PNES) in a Norwegian county. Using the Norwegian patient registry, we identified patients in Møre and Romsdal County in Norway diagnosed...

How Positive Are Conversion Disorder Diagnoses?: Patterns of Referral to a Functional N...
The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease; Nikrad E, Kanaan RA

May 29th, 2021 - The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition (DSM-5) diagnostic criteria for conversion disorder have replaced the criterion of evidence of a "psychogenic" etiology with a criterion that patients must be "positively" diag...

Examination of ECG characteristics of patients admitted to emergency department with co...
The American Journal of Emergency Medicine; Ocak M, Tascanov MB et. al.

Apr 20th, 2021 - Conversion disorder is defined as a disorder with one or more neurological symptoms that accompany psychological conflict, suggesting a physical disorder. It has been shown that patients with conversion disorder have an imbalance in the autonomic ...

Functional neurological disorder in the emergency department.
Academic Emergency Medicine : Official Journal of the Soc... Finkelstein SA, Cortel-LeBlanc MA et. al.

Apr 19th, 2021 - We provide a narrative review of functional neurological disorder (FND, or conversion disorder) for the emergency department (ED). Diagnosis of FND has shifted from a "rule-out" disorder to one now based on the recognition of positive clinical sig...

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A 23-Year-Old With Blindness After a Fall She Can't Remember

Nov 27th, 2019 - The treatment of conversion disorder requires a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach. An initial neurologic consultation serves to corroborate this possible diagnosis by eliminating organic causes of the symptoms present. Psychiatric consultat...

Judicious EEG use identifies pseudosyncope during tilt-table testing
M. Alexander Otto

Sep 22nd, 2019 - NEW ORLEANS – Limiting EEG during tilt-table testing to suspected pseudosyncope cases – instead of the common approaches, no EEG or EEG in everyone – greatly increases the chance of detecting the condition, according to an investigation from Vande.

Seizure-like episodes, but is it really epilepsy?

Aug 1st, 2019 - Although NES is a common type of conversion disorder, it is often difficult to diagnose, manage, and treat. Patients often receive antiepileptic medications but continue to have worsening events that are refractory to treatment.

Evaluations for possible MS often turn up one of its many mimics
Jake Remaly

Mar 9th, 2019 - DALLAS – Of 95 patients referred to two multiple sclerosis (MS) centers for a possible diagnosis of MS, 74% did not have MS, according to a study presented at ACTRIMS Forum 2019. A majority had clinical syndromes or imaging findings that are atypi.

High Premature Death Rate for Psychogenic Seizures Troubling

Dec 13th, 2018 - NEW ORLEANS — Patients with psychogenic nonepileptic seizures (PNES) have a mortality rate that is more than two times higher than the general population and die at a rate comparable with that of patients who have drug-resistant epilepsy, new rese...

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