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Salicylate toxicity from chronic bismuth subsalicylate use.
BMJ Case Reports; Halani S, Wu PE

Dec 2nd, 2020 - A 79-year-old man presented to the emergency department with a 1-week history of worsening confusion, falls and hearing impairment. An initial workup for infectious, metabolic and structural causes was unrevealing. However, further history discove...

Risk of toxicity from pediatric topical salicylate ingestions.
Clinical Toxicology (Philadelphia, Pa.); Arriola K, Cantrell L

Nov 28th, 2020 - Suspected pediatric ingestions of greater than or equal to one teaspoon topical salicylate analgesic are recommended by poison control centers to be managed at healthcare facilities. This cutoff is applied for both liquid and non-liquid (cream, oi...

Salicylate Toxicity.
The New England Journal of Medicine; Palmer BF, Clegg DJ

Jun 25th, 2020 - Salicylate Toxicity.|2020|Palmer BF,Clegg DJ,|chemically induced,physiopathology,therapeutic use,diagnosis,therapy,history,poisoning,therapeutic use,

A Case of Salicylate Toxicity Presenting with Acute Focal Neurologic Deficit in a 61-Ye...
The American Journal of Case Reports; Delaney TM, Helvey JT et. al.

Feb 16th, 2020 - BACKGROUND Over-the-counter medications that contain aspirin are widely used, and patients generally regard them as safe. However, the side effects of salicylate toxicity can be severe, and delay in the diagnosis may increase the risk of mortality...

Reply to "In response to "Coagulopathy and bleeding associated with salicylate toxicity...
Clinical Toxicology (Philadelphia, Pa.); Hatten BW, Hendrickson RG

Aug 15th, 2019 - Reply to "In response to "Coagulopathy and bleeding associated with salicylate toxicity" ".|2019|Hatten BW,Hendrickson RG,|

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Fast Five Quiz: Aspirin Use

Jan 3rd, 2020 - If aspirin use is suspected, direct questioning is useful. Many patients do not list aspirin or other over-the-counter aspirin-containing products because they may not consider such products to be medications.  Tinnitus is commonly encountered whe...

Over-the-counter Topical Musculoskeletal Pain Relievers Used With a Heat Source: A Dangerous Combination

Nov 30th, 2017 - In considering the limits of age, the pediatric population also has been studied regarding salicylate toxicity. Most commonly, oral ingestion has caused fatalities, as oil of wintergreen has been cited as extremely dangerous for children if swallo.

Solution to "A Disoriented, Nauseated Car Wreck Victim"

Feb 23rd, 2006 - This is the solution to a case we presented recently. You may review the case at http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/520693. Solution and Discussion The patient has an increased anion gap acidosis. Calculations: 1. Anion gap = 33 2. Delta gap calc...

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