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Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids for Impaired Sleep: A Systematic Review and Meta-Anal...
Sleep AminiLari M, Wang L et. al.

Sep 22nd, 2021 - We conducted a systematic review to explore the effectiveness of medical cannabis for impaired sleep. We searched MEDLINE, EMBASE, CENTRAL and PsychINFO to January 2021 for randomized trials of medical cannabis or cannabinoids for impaired sleep v...

Cannabis in Homes with Children: A Survey on Use, Storage, and Attitudes.
The Western Journal of Emergency Medicine; Gimelli A, Deshpande A et. al.

Sep 22nd, 2021 - The recent legalization of cannabis in California has the potential to affect cannabis prevalence in households with children. This eventuality, combined with suboptimal cannabis storage practices, could lead to adverse effects such as unintention...

Prospective Associations of Pain Intensity and Substance Use in the United States Popul...
Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs; Roberts W, Moore KE et. al.

Sep 22nd, 2021 - Pain is associated with increased risk for harmful substance use. Substance use also may increase levels of pain, suggesting that these two factors may reciprocally increase risk. The current study examined the reciprocal association between pain ...

Emergency Department Pediatric Visits in Alberta for Cannabis After Legalization.
Pediatrics Yeung MEM, Weaver CG et. al.

Sep 22nd, 2021 - Canada legalized nonmedical cannabis possession and sale in October 2018. In the United States, state legalization has been tied to an increase in cannabis-related emergency department (ED) visits; however, little research exists on provincial cha...

Unintended but Hardly Unexpected Consequences of Cannabis Legalization.
Pediatrics Ryan SA

Sep 22nd, 2021 - Unintended but Hardly Unexpected Consequences of Cannabis Legalization.|2021|Ryan SA,|

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Medical cannabis or cannabinoids for chronic pain: a clinical practice guideline.
BMJ (Clinical Research Ed.); Busse JW, Vankrunkelsven P et. al.

Sep 10th, 2021 - What is the role of medical cannabis or cannabinoids for people living with chronic pain due to cancer or non-cancer causes? Chronic pain is common and distressing and associated with considerable socioeconomic burden globally. Medical cannabis is...

Canadian Cardiovascular Society/Canadian Cardiac Transplant Network Position Statement ...
The Canadian Journal of Cardiology; Chih S, McDonald M et. al.

Mar 9th, 2020 - Significant practice-changing developments have occurred in the care of heart transplantation candidates and recipients over the past decade. This Canadian Cardiovascular Society/Canadian Cardiac Transplant Network Position Statement provides evid...

How can primary care practitioners address substance use by adolescents? A position pap...
European Journal of Pediatrics; Michaud PA, Bélanger R et. al.

Feb 23rd, 2020 - The objective of this article is to review how primary care providers - paediatricians, family practitioners, nurse practitioners - could address the use of substances by adolescents and respond to problematic behaviours and situations. Given the ...

Patient Counseling Guidelines for the Use of Cannabis for the Treatment of Chemotherapy...
Journal of Pain & Palliative Care Pharmacotherapy; Makary P, Parmar JR et. al.

May 10th, 2019 - The use of cannabis medications has grown in recent years for the symptomatic relief of chemotherapy-induced nausea/vomiting (CINV) and chronic pain (cancer-related and non-cancer-related). As states legalize the use of cannabis, it is important f...

Committee Opinion No. 637: Marijuana Use During Pregnancy and Lactation.
Obstetrics and Gynecology;

Aug 5th, 2015 - Cannabis sativa (marijuana) is the illicit drug most commonly used during pregnancy. The self-reported prevalence of marijuana use during pregnancy ranges from 2% to 5% in most studies. A growing number of states are legalizing marijuana for medic...

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Schumer Backs the Federal Decriminalization of Marijuana

Jul 15th, 2021 - U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer, the Senate majority leader, is co-sponsoring legislation that would decriminalize marijuana at the federal level. The Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act would allow the federal government to regulate and tax marij...

Legalization of Cannabis Tied to Drop in Opioid-Related ED Visits

Jul 13th, 2021 - State laws permitting recreational marijuana use have not led to an increase in opioid-related emergency department (ED) visits, as many had feared. On the contrary, states that legalize recreational marijuana may see a short-term decrease in opio...

Clarence Thomas Says US Marijuana Laws 'May No Longer Be Necessary'

Jun 29th, 2021 - Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas called the federal government's marijuana laws "contradictory" on Monday and said they "may no longer be necessary," according to NBC News. The court decided not to hear an appeal from a Colorado medical marij...

Cannabis Use Tied to Increased Risk for Suicidal Thoughts, Actions

Jun 24th, 2021 - Young adults who use cannabis ― either sporadically, daily, or those who have cannabis use disorder ― have a significantly increased risk for suicidal thoughts and actions, according to US national drug survey data. The risks appear greater for wo...

Joints for Jabs: States Offer Marijuana Giveaways for COVID Shots

Jun 8th, 2021 - Editor's note: Find the latest COVID-19 news and guidance in Medscape's Coronavirus Resource Center. In an effort to boost COVID-19 vaccination numbers, several locations across the country are allowing adults to claim a free marijuana joint when ...

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