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Microbiota and Thyroid Disease: An Updated Systematic Review.
Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology; Stramazzo I, Capriello S et. al.

Mar 28th, 2023 - Studies analyzing the relationship between microbiota composition and the thyroid have been increasing rapidly in recent years, and evidence has recently come to light about the involvement of the gut microbiota in various aspects of thyroid patho...

Sjogren Syndrome Differential Diagnoses

Mar 24th, 2023 - Diagnostic Considerations Sjögren syndrome is associated with a wide variety of other disorders, which may contribute to underdiagnosis or misdiagnosis. A careful review of systems is needed to detect problems such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA), sy...

Sjogren Syndrome Workup

Mar 24th, 2023 - Approach Considerations Some laboratory tests can be used to assess salivary and lacrimal involvement in Sjögren syndrome. However, no single test is sufficiently sensitive or specific in the diagnosis of Sjögren syndrome. The condition is properl...

Anti-vinculin antibodies in systemic sclerosis: associations with slow gastric transit ...
Arthritis Care & Research; Herrán M, Adler BL et. al.

Mar 24th, 2023 - The gastrointestinal (GI) tract is commonly affected in systemic sclerosis (SSc). A positive association between anti-vinculin antibody levels and GI symptom severity is reported in SSc. We sought to examine whether anti-vinculin antibodies associ...

Thyroid disease in pregnancy.
Clinical Medicine (London, England); Yap YW, Onyekwelu E et. al.

Mar 24th, 2023 - Pregnancy is accompanied by metabolic changes associated with the thyroid gland. It is therefore important to understand the underlying physiological alterations and the management of patients with thyroid disorders in pregnancy. This review focus...

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Evaluation and Treatment in Urology for Nocturia Caused by Nonurological Mechanisms: Gu...
European Urology Focus; Smith M, Dawson S et. al.

Feb 2nd, 2022 - Patients with nocturia are commonly referred to urology clinics, including many for whom a nonurological medical condition is responsible for their symptoms. The PLanning Appropriate Nocturia Evaluation and Treatment (PLANET) study was established...

AGA Clinical Practice Update on the Diagnosis and Management of Atrophic Gastritis: Exp...
Gastroenterology Shah SC, Piazuelo MB et. al.

Aug 30th, 2021 - The purpose of this Clinical Practice Update Expert Review is to provide clinicians with guidance on the diagnosis and management of atrophic gastritis, a common preneoplastic condition of the stomach, with a primary focus on atrophic gastritis du...

Medical Care of Adults With Down Syndrome: A Clinical Guideline.
JAMA Tsou AY, Bulova P et. al.

Oct 21st, 2020 - Down syndrome is the most common chromosomal condition, and average life expectancy has increased substantially, from 25 years in 1983 to 60 years in 2020. Despite the unique clinical comorbidities among adults with Down syndrome, there are no cli...

Committee Opinion No. 407: Thyroid Disease and Infertility.
Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Canada : JOGC = Jou... Donovan L, Cockwell H et. al.

Oct 17th, 2020 - Committee Opinion No. 407: Thyroid Disease and Infertility.|2020|Donovan L,Cockwell H,Tallon N,Yamamoto J,|etiology,immunology,etiology,immunology,complications,

Thyroid Disease in Pregnancy: ACOG Practice Bulletin, Number 223.
Obstetrics and Gynecology;

May 23rd, 2020 - Both thyrotoxicosis and hypothyroidism are associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes. There also is concern about the effect of overt maternal thyroid disease on fetal development. In addition, medications that affect the maternal thyroid gland c...

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Optimising Molecular Radionuclide Therapy

Mar 8th, 2023 - This cohort (retro- & prospective) study will be conducted at Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust (GSTTFT) among patients undergoing MRT. Pre and post-therapy blood tests, treatment administration, whole body and SPECT/PET imaging will be un...

Study on the Relationship Between Iodine Nutrition and Thyroid Diseases in the Elderly

Feb 8th, 2023 - Part 1:A cross-sectional survey of thyroid diseases in adults in different iodine nutrition background areas. Investigators will separately include adults ( middle-aged people and old people) in iodine-deficient, iodine-appropriate, and iodine-ex...

Thyroid Function Among Pediatric Patients With DM

Feb 8th, 2023 - Type-I diabetes mellitus is an auto immune disease. It is the most common type of diabetes in children and adolescents. It is also the most common chronic disease in children in the developed countries. The illness is characterized by the body's i...

Effects of Massage With Peppermint Oil on Labor Pain

Feb 2nd, 2023 - The study is a Prospective Cross-sectional Case Control study. Pregnant women whose mother tongue is Turkish, who are term pregnant and who are in active labor, who are hospitalized in the delivery room of our hospital for delivery, that is, who h...

Autofluorescence vs Clinical Assessment of Parathyroid Glands During Thyroid Surgery

Jan 12th, 2023 - Temporary and permanent hypoparathyroidism is probably the most important complication of total thyroidectomy. The rate of permanent hypoparathyroidism in quality registries are in the range of is 5-7 percent of patients undergoing surgery. Patien...

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Diabetes Subtypes and Kid Obesity; Wegovy Redefining 'Thin'? FDA's 'Healthy' Food

Feb 28th, 2023 - Children with obesity likely face a higher risk for four subtypes of adult-onset diabetes: latent autoimmune diabetes, severe insulin-deficient diabetes, severe insulin-resistant diabetes, and mild obesity-related diabetes. (Diabetologia) A meta-a...

Their Alzheimer's Disease Didn't Worsen. Why?

Feb 3rd, 2023 - Sustained vigorous exercise might have slowed disease progression in two patients with positive Alzheimer's biomarkers and mild cognitive impairment, two case reports suggested. At age 64, patient 1 was diagnosed with amnestic mild cognitive impai...

Expert gives tips on less-discussed dermatologic diseases
Thomas R. Collins

Feb 1st, 2023 - ORLANDO – While less frequently seen dermatologic diseases do not get a “ton of attention” in expert talks and discussions, even one to two patients presenting with these conditions a month warrants continuing education, according to Adam Friedman.

Study evaluates features of alopecia areata in Hispanic/Latinx patients
Doug Brunk

Dec 29th, 2022 - Among Hispanic/Latinx patients with alopecia areata, the mean age at diagnosis was 33 years, 24% had concomitant atopy, and 18% had one or more coexisting autoimmune conditions, most commonly rheumatoid arthritis. Those are among key findings from.

Celiac Disease Linked to Higher Risk for Rheumatoid Arthritis, Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis

Nov 17th, 2022 - Celiac disease is linked to juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) in children and rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in adults, according to an analysis of nationwide data in Sweden. Children with celiac disease are nearly three times as likely to develop JI...

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