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Gender-Sexuality Alliance meeting experiences predict weekly variation in hope among LG...
Child Development; Poteat VP, Calzo JP et. al.

Mar 28th, 2023 - Hope is considered a marker of resilience among youth facing oppression, including LGBTQ+ youth. This 8-week weekly diary study among 94 LGBTQ+ youth (ages 14-19; Mage  = 15.91, 46% youth of color, 44% transgender or nonbinary) in 2021 considered ...

Factors associated with health inequities in access to kidney transplantation in the US...
Transplantation Reviews (Orlando, Fla.); Ernst Z, Wilson A et. al.

Mar 24th, 2023 - The kidney is the most needed organ for transplantation in the United States. However, demand and scarcity of this organ has caused significant inequities for historically marginalized groups. In this review, we report on the frequency of inequiti...

Twinks, Fairies, and Queens: A Historical Inquiry into Effeminate Gay Bottom Identity.
Journal of Homosexuality; Vytniorgu R

Mar 21st, 2023 - Effeminate gay bottoms, or gender nonconforming men who are anally receptive and/or give oral sex to other men who are also "gender nonconforming," are persistently marginalized in gay and LGBTQ+ communities in Britain and the US. For some LGBTQ+ ...

High School FLASH Sexual Health Education Curriculum: LGBTQ Inclusivity Strategies Redu...
Prevention Science : the Official Journal of the Society ... Kesler K, Gerber A et. al.

Mar 18th, 2023 - Homophobic and transphobic beliefs that lead to bias-based harassment remain a critical concern for young people in the USA. The aim of the present study was to examine the impact of an inclusive comprehensive sex education program (High School FL...

Use of intersectionality theories in interventional health research in high-income coun...
Lancet (London, England); Rojas-García A, Holman D et. al.

Mar 18th, 2023 - Intersectionality theory suggests that multiple forms of inequality need to be considered simultaneously. The extent to which intersectionality has been used within interventional health research has not been systematically examined. This scoping ...

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Empowering LGBTQ+ Tobacco Cessation Pilot

Mar 6th, 2023 - Aim 1: Assess the feasibility and acceptability of empowerment-enhanced tobacco cessation assistance for sexual and/or gender minority (SGM) adults. Use baseline and exit surveys and in-depth interviews to assess retention, empowerment activity pa...

Affirmative Psychotherapy for Sexual Minority Women's Mental and Behavioral Health

Mar 2nd, 2023 - The purpose of this study is to assess the efficacy of a 10-session LGBTQ-affirmative cognitive behavioral psychotherapy (CBT) delivered via telehealth in a large sample of sexual minority women (SMW) in New York State. The treatment, EQuIP (Empow...

Minnesota Inclusive LTSS for LGBTQ Seniors

Feb 27th, 2023 - This study is designed to help improve the care of sexual and gender minority (SGM) with Alzheimer's Disease and Alzheimer's Disease Related Dementia (AD/ADRD) in long-term services and supports (LTSS) by training the state's LTSS workforce in SGM...

Quitting Schedule Mobile Smartphone Application in Helping Participants to Quit Smoking

Feb 27th, 2023 - PRIMARY OBJECTIVES: I. To adapt the internal algorithms of the scheduled reduced smoking approach in Computer Assisted Stop Smoking Intervention for the World Wide Web (WebCASSI) into a smartphone application (app): Quitting Schedule. II. Once the...

Enhancing Wellness Through Affirming Services and Education

Feb 15th, 2023 - Enhancing Wellness through Affirming Services and Education (EASE) is a comprehensive behavioral health program aimed at improving health outcomes for individuals living with HIV and individuals in the LGBT community in Charlotte NC. Over the cour...

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Uganda passes bill banning identifying as LGBTQ

Mar 21st, 2023 - KAMPALA, March 21 (Reuters) - Uganda’s parliament on Tuesday passed a law that criminalises identifying as LGBTQ, handing authorities broad powers to target Ugandans who already face legal discrimination and mob violence. More than 30 African coun...

LGBTQ+ teens in homophobic high schools
Duy Nguyen, MD

Mar 15th, 2023 - I am a psychiatrist now but had another life teaching English in public high school for 17 years. My teaching life, in which I was an openly gay teacher, spanned 2001-2018 and was divided between two urban California schools – in Berkeley and San.

Gender-Affirming Surgery Gets a Boost After California Law Kicked In

Mar 14th, 2023 - Gender-affirming surgeries in California increased sharply compared with nearby states following California's passage of the Insurance Gender Nondiscrimination Act, which was implemented in July 2013, according to a population epidemiology study. ...

Inclusive reminder: LGBTQ community may donate stem cells
Randy Dotinga

Mar 8th, 2023 - LGBTQ advocates across North America aim to boost stem cell donation by reminding community members they are welcome to give – and that gay men don’t face the same restrictions as they’ve faced, at least thus far, in donating blood. In fact, gay m.

Insomnia and MIs; LGBTQ Heart Health; Trifecta SAVR Valves Not So Durable

Feb 28th, 2023 - Meta-analysis makes the case for insomnia as a risk factor for myocardial infarction. (Clinical Cardiology) Outpatient procedures associated with postoperative heart attacks included gastrointestinal endoscopy, as well as vascular, urological/gyne...

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