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Osseous Metaplasia of the Eyelid in a Child.
Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery; Charles NC, DeMaria LN et. al.

Jul 21st, 2021 - Osteoma cutis is a term applied to bone formation in the dermis or subcutaneous tissue. It is deemed primary when occurring de novo without prior disease or secondary when associated with pre-existing inflammation, neoplasia or trauma. The authors...

Plug-related canaliculitis: a rare or underdiagnosed disease?
Clinical & Experimental Optometry; Yeh TC, Hou TY et. al.

Jun 19th, 2021 - Conjunctivitis, chalazion and blepharitis are routinely managed by optometrists. However, it is especially important to consider the diagnosis of canaliculitis in patients with chronic or recurrent conditions. This study aimed to report the clinic...

Chalazion: racial risk factors for formation, recurrence, and surgical intervention.
Canadian Journal of Ophthalmology. Journal Canadien D'oph... Evans J, Vo KBH et. al.

Jun 2nd, 2021 - An association between race and formation of chalazion has yet to be objectively established. This study investigates race as a risk factor for chalazion and chalazion surgery. Understanding racial risk factors in formation of chalazion, recurrent...

The Effect of Oral Vitamin A Supplementation on Chalazion in Young Children with Vitami...
Journal of Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics : the Off... Gao X, Xiang Q et. al.

May 28th, 2021 - Purpose: Many researchers have reported that vitamin A (VA) deficiency is related to chalazion. The purpose of this article is to clarify the effects of VA supplementation on chalazion in young children with VA deficiency. Methods: Forty-eight you...

A Sub-Analysis of U.S. Africa Command Area of Operations Transportations for Ophthalmic...
Military Medicine; Altman AHH, Carius BM et. al.

Apr 8th, 2021 - American military personnel in U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) operate in a continent triple the size of the USA without mature medical facilities, requiring a substantial transportation network for medical evacuation. We describe medical transporta...

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Safety and Efficacy Study of SUN-131 Transdermal System (TDS) as Compared to Placebo TDS in Patients With a Chalazion

Aug 20th, 2018 - This protocol for SUN-131 1.5% TDS is developed for the treatment of chalazion. SUN-131 1.5% TDS is designed for local delivery of a corticosteroid, to the upper or lower eyelid. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the efficacy and safety of ...

Chalazion Conservative Treatment Trial

Jun 12th, 2018 - An eyelid stye, or chalazion, is the most common eyelid ailment, and is caused by the blockage of one of the oil secreting glands of the eyelid (meibomian glands). This leads to a typically painful, swollen, and red eyelid bump that lasts from day...

Safety and Efficacy Study of SUN 131 TDS as Compared to Placebo TDS in Adult Patients With a Chalazion

Aug 11th, 2017 - Subjects will be randomly assigned to receive one of the following treatments in the affected eyelid: SUN-131 1.5% TDS (n=30) Placebo TDS (n=30) At baseline prior to application of the TDS an assessment will be performed on both the subject's eyes...

Subconjunctival Injection of Local Anesthetic in Anterior Blepharoptosis Repair

Nov 9th, 2016 - Blepharoptosis (ptosis) repair is a common and generally well tolerated surgical procedure usually performed using local anesthetic. However, a subset of patients appears to experience intraoperative pain/discomfort during ptosis repair using an a...

Pediatric Zylet Safety and Efficacy Study

Oct 7th, 2011 - A multicenter study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of Zylet compared to vehicle in children aged 0-6 for the management of lid inflammation (chalazion/hordeolum)

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Rosacea: 5 Things to Know

Sep 19th, 2018 - Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory skin disease that centers on the pilosebaceous units and presents with at least one of the following features: Centrofacial erythema with telangiectatic mats and flushing; Inflammatory lesions (papules, pustules, ...

Pediatric Rosacea

Jul 5th, 2016 - The use of systemic treatments in pediatric patients is heavily based on case reports and case series. 2,14,16,40 Therapies have included tetracycline (500 mg twice daily tapered to 250 mg daily),29 minocycline (50–100 mg twice daily), doxycycline.

What Is This Eyelid Lesion?

May 10th, 2013 - Case Diagnosis This patient's presentation and diagnosis are consistent with molluscum contagiosum, a cutaneous poxvirus infection of the skin. A chalazion might present with erythema and swelling, and it would not have this pearly, mushroom-like ...

An Infant With Redness and Swelling Near the Eye

Mar 19th, 2013 - Case Diagnosis This patient's presentation is consistent with dacryocystitis, an infection of the lacrimal sac. Because the child has no proptosis, signs of motility deficit, or pain on eye movement, orbital cellulitis is not a consideration. A ch...

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