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Factors Associated with Antiretroviral Therapy Adherence Among a Community-Based Sample...
AIDS and Behavior; Weinstein ER, Lozano A et. al.

Mar 28th, 2023 - Older sexual minorities (e.g., gay, bisexual) living with HIV are at risk for poor HIV outcomes due to their frequent experience with both psychosocial challenges and structural barriers to care. This study utilized a stochastic search variable se...

Psychosocial health of school-going adolescents during the COVID-19 pandemic: Findings ...
PloS One; Koly KN, Islam MS et. al.

Mar 28th, 2023 - Common psychosocial health problems (PHPs) have become more prevalent among adolescents globally during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the psychosocial health of school-going adolescents has remained unexplored in Bangladesh due to limited resear...

Retraction Note: Gut Microbiome Dysbiosis and Depression: A Comprehensive Review.
Current Pain and Headache Reports; Capuco A, Urits I et. al.

Mar 28th, 2023 - Retraction Note: Gut Microbiome Dysbiosis and Depression: A Comprehensive Review.|2023|Capuco A,Urits I,Hasoon J,Chun R,Gerald B,|

Prevalence, severity, and predictors of symptom burden among adolescents and young adul...
Cancer Medicine; Gupta S, Li Q et. al.

Mar 28th, 2023 - Symptom burden in adolescents and young adults (AYA) with cancer is poorly characterized but impacts quality of life. All Ontario, Canada AYA aged 15-29 years at diagnosis between 2010 and 2018 were linked to population-based healthcare databases,...

Comparative effectiveness of evidence-based psychotherapies for PTSD delivered in VA re...
Psychological Medicine; Sippel LM, Gross GM et. al.

Mar 28th, 2023 - Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) and Prolonged Exposure (PE) are first-line treatments for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). There have been few direct comparisons of CPT and PE intended to determine their comparative effectiveness, none of ...

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The association of pet ownership and sleep quality and sleep disorders in United States adults
Human-Animal Interactions; Medlin K, Wisnieski L.

Mar 17th, 2023 - Prior studies on the association between pet ownership and sleep quality and sleep disorders have varied results. Pet ownership may be beneficial for an owner’s quality of sleep due to the social support that pets provide. Pets offer a sense of se...

Antidepressants or running therapy: Comparing effects on mental and physical health in patients with depression and anxiety disorders
Journal of Affective Disorders; Verhoeven JE, .

Feb 23rd, 2023 - Depressive and anxiety disorders cause immense suffering by compromising both mental and physical health (Cosci et al., 2015; Penninx et al., 2013), and the need for effective treatment strategies continues to be pressing. Antidepressant medicatio...

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Patients Suffer High Rates of Anxiety and Depression
MU School of Medicine.;

Feb 22nd, 2023 - New research from the University of Missouri School of Medicine has established a link between irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and mental health challenges, such as anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation. The research highlights the need for he...

Prevalence of Major Depressive Episode Among Adults.
National Institute of Mental Health

Jan 22nd, 2023 - Major depression is one of the most common mental disorders in the United States. For some individuals, major depression can result in severe impairments that interfere with or limit one’s ability to carry out major life activities.

Burden of anxiety and depression among hospitalized patients with irritable bowel syndrome: a nationwide analysis
Irish Journal of Medical Science; Tarar, Z.I. et. al.

Jan 3rd, 2023 - Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is the most common functional gastrointestinal disorder that affects patients both physically and mentally. Our study aimed to investigate the burden of psychiatric disorders in IBS patients.

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Validation of the Italian Version of the PRO-CTCAE

Mar 24th, 2023 - This is a prospective observational study, conducted in Italian cancer centers located Nationwide. The investigators plan to consider for validation 21tumor sites, which correspond to the conditions for which a specific EORTC module has been produ...

Precision Opioid Care After Cesarean Delivery (PRECISE-CD)

Mar 24th, 2023 - The overall objective is to determine the impact of risk factors on oxycodone and other opioid's adverse postoperative outcomes and to personalize dosing in women having a Cesarean Delivery. For the purpose of this study, immediate adverse postope...

Music Therapy For The Treatment Of Cisplatin Induced Tinnitus In Patients With rGCC: A Pilot Study

Mar 24th, 2023 - This is a prospective, interventional pilot study that plans to enroll 15 patients who are receiving salvage high dose chemo and bone marrow transplant for relapsed Germ cell Cancer (rGCC). Patients will be asked to go through a series of surveys ...

Pilot Study Assessing Computerized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depression

Mar 24th, 2023 - Currently, outpatient psychiatric settings are plagued by long wait times and are often unable to accommodate all individuals seeking services. Furthermore, a lack of trained therapists in these settings means that many treatment seekers do not ha...

Medication Optimization Using Pharmacogenetic Testing and the G-DIG to Reduce Polypharmacy in a Mental Health Population

Mar 23rd, 2023 - Use of polypharmacy has significantly increased over the past two decades, which has unproven clinical benefit and increased the risk of drug-drug interactions and adverse side effects. Pharmacogenetic assays have the purported benefit of being ab...

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Long COVID Neurologic Symptoms Vary Based on Severity of Initial Infection

Mar 28th, 2023 - Two groups of long COVID patients -- those hospitalized for acute COVID, and those with mild SARS-CoV-2 infection who weren't hospitalized -- had different neurologic manifestations, prospective data showed. Long COVID patients who were hospitaliz...

I Am CDC - Jessica Streit

I joined CDC in 2005 as a Psychology Technician with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, or NIOSH. I wasn’t someone who always knew public health was for me. I really even didn’t know about NIOSH until my graduate school adv...

Headache before the revolution: A clinician looks back
Jennie Smith

Mar 24th, 2023 - Headache treatment before the early 1990s was marked by decades of improvisation with mostly unapproved agents, followed by an explosion of scientific interest and new treatments developed specifically for migraine. For practicing neurologists tod.

Study: Follow-Up Articles Helpful in Depression Care Research

Information on external validity enables public health practitioners to generalize conclusions about an intervention, which is critical to moving research into practice. Prior reviews examining external validity focused on efficacy publications on...

Pregnant, Black? Here's Your Drug Test

Mar 22nd, 2023 - Perinatal care differs by race and ethnicity, with greater disparities in care for more stigmatizing conditions such as depression and substance use, according to a retrospective study. For example, compared with white women, Black women were less...

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