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Syphilitic balanitis of Follmann in a patient with a history of previous infection.
International Journal of STD & AIDS; Campoli M, Cozzi C et. al.

Mar 18th, 2023 - We report a case of syphilitic balanitis of Follmann arising in a man with a history of prior infection with syphilis. Few cases have been described in the literature. In our case, a man with history of multiple unprotected sexual contacts present...

Clinicopathological features of CD5-positive splenic marginal zone lymphoma.
Journal of Clinical Pathology; Li Y, Wang G et. al.

Mar 16th, 2023 - To investigate the clinicopathological features, immunophenotypes and differential diagnosis of CD5-positive splenic marginal zone lymphoma (SMZL). We retrospectively analysed 16 CD5-positive cases of SMZL. Assess their clinicopathological feature...

Prognostic significance of cervical radiologic carotid artery invasion by lymph node on...
Cancer Imaging : the Official Publication of the Internat... Qiu W, Zhong X et. al.

Mar 15th, 2023 - Carotid artery invasion (CAI) has been demonstrated to be an important prognosticator in some head and neck cancers. This study aimed to examine the prognostic value of radiologic CAI (rCAI) by cervical lymphadenopathy in nasopharyngeal carcinoma ...

IgG4-related disease with kidney and lymph nodes involvement: a case-based review.
Rheumatology International; Li P, Zhou Y et. al.

Mar 14th, 2023 - IgG4-related disease (IgG4-RD), a rare immune-mediated chronic fibro-inflammatory condition, has various initial symptoms, thus posing diagnostic and therapeutic challenges. Here, we report a case of IgG4-RD in a 35-year-old man with initial clini...

Myocardial tissue changes detected by cardiac MRI in a patient with suspected systemic ...
BMC Cardiovascular Disorders; Vanchin B, Ka MM et. al.

Mar 13th, 2023 - The role of cardiac magnetic resonance imaging in the early management of chronic cardiac inflammatory conditions is growing. Our case enlightens the benefit of quantitative mapping in the monitoring and treatment guidance in systemic sarcoidosis....

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ACR Appropriateness Criteria® Pretreatment Evaluation and Follow-Up of Endometrial Cancer.
Journal of the American College of Radiology : JACR; , Reinhold C et. al.

Nov 7th, 2020 - To date, there is little consensus on the role of pelvic imaging in assessing local disease extent during initial staging in patients with endometrial carcinoma, with practices differing widely across centers. However, when pretreatment assessment...

ACOG Committee Opinion No. 752 Summary: Prenatal and Perinatal Human Immunodeficiency V...
Obstetrics and Gynecology;

Aug 23rd, 2018 - Given the enormous advances in the prevention of perinatal transmission of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), it is clear that early identification and treatment of all pregnant women with HIV is the best way to prevent neonatal infection and als...

Revised diagnostic criteria and classification for the autoimmune lymphoproliferative s...
Blood Oliveira JB, Bleesing JJ et. al.

Jun 12th, 2010 - Lymphadenopathy in children for which no infectious or malignant cause can be ascertained constitutes a challenging diagnostic dilemma. Autoimmune lymphoproliferative syndrome (ALPS) is a human genetic disorder of lymphocyte apoptosis resulting in...

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Interest of Bilateral Basic Tongue Mucosectomy Assisted by Robot or Laser in Combination With Tonsillectomy in the Assessment of Prevalent Cervical Lymphadenopathy

Mar 10th, 2023 - We are proposing a randomized phase II study to assess the benefit of bilateral robot-assisted or laser basal tongue mucosectomy in combination with tonsillectomy in the assessment of prevalent cervical lymphadenopathy

Natural History, Genetics, and Pathophysiology of Systemic Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis, Adult-Onset Still's Disease, and Related Conditions

Mar 3rd, 2023 - The purpose of this protocol is to study the natural history, genetics and pathophysiology of systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis (sJIA), adult-onset Still s disease (AOSD) and related inflammatory conditions. One of seven subtypes of juvenile ...

Anti-COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects

Feb 22nd, 2023 - The COVID-19 pandemic has presented a real challenge to the public health system worldwide since the year 2019, spreading to more than 200 countries and regions worldwide.The emergence and rapid spread of COVID-19 were caused by the coronavirus SA...

Effect of Needle Size in Diagnostic Yield of EBUS-TBNA in Sarcoidosis and Lymphoma

Feb 17th, 2023 - The guided FNA by endobronchial ultrasound ( Endobronchial Ultrasound guided transbronchial Needle Aspiration or EBUS-TBNA) is a minimally invasive technique with an established role in the staging of lung cancer 1, and in the evaluation of intrat...

History of the KSHV Inflammatory Cytokine Syndrome (KICS)

Feb 13th, 2023 - BACKGROUND: KSHV inflammatory cytokine syndrome (KICS) is a newly recognized syndrome caused by Kaposi sarcoma-associated herpesvirus (KSHV). It is characterized by severe inflammatory symptoms including fevers, wasting, cytopenias, hypoalbuminemi...

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CDC Offers Tentative Guidance for Severe Mpox Treatment

Mar 2nd, 2023 - With no clinical trial data yet available for treating severe mpox, the CDC has published an interim report with guidance. There are many FDA-regulated drugs and biologics stockpiled for smallpox preparedness that can be used to treat severe mpox;...

Ticking Time: Spreading Awareness About African Tick-Bite Fever
Aditi Chandra, DO, Dustin Mullens, DO et. al.

Feb 22nd, 2023 - To the Editor: One of the more common tick-borne infections seen in travelers returning from sub-Saharan Africa is caused by Rickettsia africae, which is the etiologic agent of African tick-bite fever (ATBF), the most common tick-borne bacterial z.

Kikuchi-Fujimoto Disease: A Case Report of Fever and Lymphadenopathy in a Young White Man
David Kellner, MD, Tijana Temelkovsk et. al.

Jan 16th, 2023 - Kikuchi-Fujimoto disease (KFD) is a rare, usually self-limited cause of cervical lymphadenitis that is more prevalent among patients of Asian descent. 1 The pathogenesis of KFD remains unknown.

Diffuse Papular Eruption With Erosions and Ulcerations
Lauren N. Gresham, MD, Brooks David Kimmis, MD et. al.

Nov 21st, 2022 - The Diagnosis: Immunotherapy-Related Lichenoid Drug Eruption Direct immunofluorescence was negative, and histopathology revealed a lichenoid interface dermatitis, minimal parakeratosis, and saw-toothed rete ridges (Figure 1). He was diagnosed with.

Treatments for MCL Continue to Progress

Nov 18th, 2022 - As research and treatment options for patients with mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) continue to expand, the development of risk-adapted therapies for the 3 primary subtypes—blastoid, smoldering, and classic broad-spectrum—represents a crucial next step...

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