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Late-onset recurrence of neonatal Group B Streptococcus disease presenting with acute p...
Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health; Al Abdali K, Lin D et. al.

May 11th, 2022 - Late-onset recurrence of neonatal Group B Streptococcus disease presenting with acute parotitis.|2022|Al Abdali K,Lin D,Isaacs D,|


Apr 11th, 2022 - Practice Essentials The parotid glands are small exocrine glands that rarely call attention to themselves. Perfect function throughout life is normal. Dry mouth, drooling, swelling, and pain are essentially the only symptoms caused by dysfunction ...

Parotid irrigation: A promising option for juvenile recurrent parotitis.
American Journal of Otolaryngology; Grande-Moreillo C, Margarit-Mallol J et. al.

Mar 9th, 2022 - To study whether irrigating the parotid gland with saline solution through the parotid duct reduces the number of inflammatory episodes in patients with juvenile recurrent parotitis (JRP) over a 1-year period. This was a retrospective cohort study...

Cost analysis of sialendoscopy for the treatment of salivary gland disorders in children.
International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology; Velasquez N, Gardiner L et. al.

Jan 2nd, 2022 - Recent advances in Otolaryngology have changed the diagnosis and therapy for salivary gland disorders. Sialendoscopy-assisted surgery is a minimally invasive, conservative procedure for functional preservation of the affected gland. The goals of t...

Purulent Discharge from Stensen Duct in Neonatal Suppurative Parotitis.
The Journal of Pediatrics; Ichinose M, Matsushima T et. al.

Dec 25th, 2021 - Purulent Discharge from Stensen Duct in Neonatal Suppurative Parotitis.|2021|Ichinose M,Matsushima T,Hataya H,|diagnosis,drug therapy,

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Treatment of Juvenile Recurrent Parotitis: the Yield of Minimally Invasive Intervention

Aug 30th, 2019 - Juvenile recurrent parotitis (JRP) is an inflammatory disease characterized by recurrent painful swelling of the Parotid gland in the pediatric age. A watchful waiting treatment strategy was acceptable for most children; however, recent studies cl...

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Early Experience; Immunotherapy + Chemotherapy for NSCLC

Apr 2nd, 2021 - Transcript:Vassiliki A. Papadimitrakopoulou, MD: The updated analysis of KEYNOTE-021, with 5 additional months of follow-up, confirmed the data that we saw at the 2016 ESMO Congress, published in The Lancet Oncology in 2016. With the additional fo...

Swollen Necks, Dry Mouths: Diagnosing Salivary Gland Diseases

Jun 6th, 2019 - Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis? Your Peers Chose: Sialolithiasis of the parotid gland 0% Parotid tumor 0% Mumps 0% Acute bacterial parotitis 0% Treating Parotitis This case is most likely acute parotitis, which is usually bact...

Influenza update 2018–2019: 100 years after the great pandemic
Sherif Beniameen Mossad, MD, FACP, FIDSA, FAST

Nov 1st, 2018 - This year marks the centennial of the 1918 influenza pandemic, which killed 50 million people worldwide. Three more influenza pandemics and annual epidemics have occurred since then, with other significant interim events ( Table 1).

Mumps on a New Hampshire University Campus

Oct 25th, 2016 - Key Points and Recommendations: Healthcare providers should be aware that in the last couple of months there have been three, apparently unlinked, cases of mumps on the University of New Hampshire Durham campus. Mumps is an acute viral infection t...

Third MMR Dose May Be Useful in Mumps Outbreaks

Aug 4th, 2016 - A third dose of measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine may be considered to help control mumps outbreaks, but proof of efficacy is needed, according to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report. Settings in which this control measure ...

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