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Granulomatous Facial Dermatoses.
Cutis Teran VA, Belote KG et. al.

Dec 1st, 2021 - Noninfectious facial papular granulomas can be the presentation of several conditions, including granulomatous periorificial dermatitis, granulomatous rosacea, lupus miliaris disseminatus faciei, and papular sarcoidosis. Although these entities ar...

Long-term Monitoring of Arrhythmias with Cardiovascular Implantable Electronic Devices ...
Heart Rhythm; Bakker A, Mathijssen H et. al.

Nov 30th, 2021 - Risk stratification for sudden cardiac death (SCD) in cardiac sarcoidosis (CS) is challenging in patients without overt cardiac symptoms. This study reports the incidence of ventricular arrhythmias (VA) and mortality after long-term monitoring wit...

Differences in disease presentation between men and women with sarcoidosis: A cohort st...
Respiratory Medicine; Lundkvist A, Kullberg S et. al.

Nov 29th, 2021 - Sarcoidosis is an elusive disease due to its heterogeneity. It is well recognized that the clinical picture is dependent on ethnicity, organ involvement and age. However, data on the role of sex is inconsistent. We aimed to study the gender-relate...

Interferon-induced sarcoidosis with uveitis as the initial symptom: a case report and r...
Journal of Medical Case Reports; Kato A, Ishihara M et. al.

Nov 28th, 2021 - In recent years, numerous studies have reported the development or exacerbation of sarcoidosis due to interferon therapy. However, ocular lesions rarely present as initial symptoms. Herein, we describe a rare case of interferon-α-induced sarcoidos...

Medication-induced Pulmonary Injury: A Scenario- and Pattern-based Approach to a Perple...
Radiographics : a Review Publication of the Radiological ... Sridhar S, Kanne JP et. al.

Nov 27th, 2021 - Medication-induced pulmonary injury (MIPI) is a complex medical condition that has become increasingly common yet remains stubbornly difficult to diagnose. Diagnosis can be aided by combining knowledge of the most common imaging patterns caused by...

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Diagnosis and Detection of Sarcoidosis. An Official American Thoracic Society Clinical ...
American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine; Crouser ED, Maier LA et. al.

Apr 16th, 2020 - Background: The diagnosis of sarcoidosis is not standardized but is based on three major criteria: a compatible clinical presentation, finding nonnecrotizing granulomatous inflammation in one or more tissue samples, and the exclusion of alternativ...

2019 HRS expert consensus statement on evaluation, risk stratification, and management ...
Heart Rhythm; Towbin JA, McKenna WJ et. al.

May 13th, 2019 - Arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy (ACM) is an arrhythmogenic disorder of the myocardium not secondary to ischemic, hypertensive, or valvular heart disease. ACM incorporates a broad spectrum of genetic, systemic, infectious, and inflammatory disorders....

Consensus statement on surgical pathology of the aorta from the Society for Cardiovascu...
Cardiovascular Pathology : the Official Journal of the So... Stone JR, Bruneval P et. al.

Jun 9th, 2015 - Inflammatory diseases of the aorta include routine atherosclerosis, aortitis, periaortitis, and atherosclerosis with excessive inflammatory responses, such as inflammatory atherosclerotic aneurysms. The nomenclature and histologic features of thes...

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Exploring the Immunology of Sarcoidosis

Nov 25th, 2021 - In sarcoidosis, over activity of parts of the immune system drives the accumulation of granulomas (collections of immune cells) in affected parts of the body. To facilitate development of effective and safe treatment options in the future it will ...

Efficacy of Remission-induction Regimen With Infliximab for Severe Extrathoracic Sarcoidosis (EFIRTES)

Nov 16th, 2021 - Sarcoidosis is a multisystemic granulomatous disease of unknown cause . Sarcoidosis is chronic and progressive in 25 % of the patients. Although mediastinal lymph nodes and lung are the most frequently sites affected, extrathoracic localizations m...

Study of Nicotine Patches in Patients With Sarcoidosis

Nov 8th, 2021 - Until recently, there was no good explanation for the fact that smoking cigarettes actually reduces the risk of sarcoidosis. Research studies have shown that the nicotine, a common component of cigarette smoke, strongly suppresses the immune syste...

Nicotine Treatment for Pulmonary Sarcoidosis: A Clinical Trial Pilot Study

Nov 3rd, 2021 - Participants will be randomly divided into two groups. One group will receive a nicotine patch to use for approximately 7 months; the other group will receive placebo for nicotine patches to use for the same time period. Both groups will be contac...

Worldwide Sarcoidosis Research Study

Oct 29th, 2021 - The aim of this study is to collect information about the clinical course and characteristics of sarcoidosis patients around the world through web-based surveys. Recruitment is directed at and driven by patients in the sarcoidosis community. This ...

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Electronic 'Nose' Sniffs Out Sarcoidosis

Nov 11th, 2021 - An electronic nose (eNose) that measures volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted from the lungs successfully distinguished sarcoidosis from interstitial lung disease (ILD) and healthy controls, according to a report in the journal CHEST. The app...

Granulomatous Facial Dermatoses
Victor A. Teran, MD, Katherine G. Belote, MD et. al.

Oct 25th, 2021 - Cutaneous granulomatous diseases encompass many entities that are skin-limited or systemic. The prototypical cutaneous granuloma is a painless, rounded, well-defined, red-pink or flesh-colored papule1 and is smooth, owing to minimal epidermal invo.

Adjuvant Pembrolizumab Induces RFS Benefit in Resected High-Risk Stage II Melanoma

Sep 19th, 2021 - Adjuvant pembrolizumab (Keytruda) led to a significant reduction in the risk of disease recurrence or death compared with placebo in patients with resected, high-risk stage II melanoma, according to results from the phase 3 KEYNOTE-716 trial (NCT0...

New Sarcoidosis Treatment Guideline Bringing Light to the Darkness

Sep 16th, 2021 - Nothing about sarcoidosis is easy. First identified in 1877, it is quite common. In the United States, lifetime risk is 2.4% and 0.85% for African American persons and White persons, respectively. Still, it remains an enigma. Despite study of its ...

Verruca Vulgaris Arising Within the Red Portion of a Multicolored Tattoo
Dev Sahni, MD, MHA, Laurel Wong Cummings, MD et. al.

Sep 1st, 2021 - To the Editor: The art of tattooing continues to gain popularity in the 21st century, albeit with accompanying hazards. 1 Reported adverse reactions to tattoos include infections, tumors, and hypersensitivity and granulomatous reactions.

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