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Hemoadsorption as part of a multimodal therapy concept to treat Capnocytophaga sepsis w...
The International Journal of Artificial Organs; Kreutz J, Choukeir M et. al.

Nov 20th, 2022 - Capnocytophaga, a bacteria native to the oral flora of canines, in rare cases can lead to severe infections resulting in septic shock, respiratory tract infection, and multiple organ failure. In case of trauma following animal bites with rapidly p...

Occupational health surveillance and detection of emerging occupational diseases among ...
American Journal of Industrial Medicine; Wang CC, Lin GL et. al.

Nov 19th, 2022 - The purpose of this study was to identify occupational injuries and diseases associated with agriculture in Asia, to provide a reference for prevention and hypotheses for future research. We matched data on agricultural workers (n = 963,124) enrol...

Clinical features and management of animal bites in an emergency department: a single-c...
Postgraduate Medicine; Aydin O, Aydin Goker ET et. al.

Sep 13th, 2022 - This study aimed to evaluate the clinical features, management, and outcomes of patients with animal bites presented to the pediatric emergency department of a tertiary center. Patients with ICD-10 code W54 (contact with dog) and W55 (contact with...

The Amazonian Tropical Bites Research Initiative, a hope for resolving zoonotic neglect...
International Health; Taylor E, Aguilar-Ancori EG et. al.

Jul 28th, 2022 - Neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) disproportionately affect populations living in resource-limited settings. In the Amazon basin, substantial numbers of NTDs are zoonotic, transmitted by vertebrate (dogs, bats, snakes) and invertebrate species (s...

Pasteurella Multocida Infection

Jul 26th, 2022 - Background Pasteurella multocida is a small, gram-negative, nonmotile, non–spore-forming coccobacillus with bipolar staining features. The bacteria typically appear as single bacilli on Gram stain; however, pairs and short chains also can be seen....

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Biting the hand that feeds you: Management of human and animal bites.
Injury Elcock KL, Reid J et. al.

Nov 29th, 2021 - Bites from animal and humans represent a very small proportion of all the patients presenting to emergency departments, However, they require prompt medical and surgical intervention in order to minimise the risk of infection, that may lead to lim...

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Routine Antibiotic vs. Directed Antibiotic Treatment in Snake Bite

Aug 12th, 2020 - Snake bite is a common clinical problem in India and elsewhere, affecting agricultural workers and rural population, resulting in thousands of deaths every year. Apart from causing systemic manifestations such as coagulopathy, acute renal failure,...

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Watch - Rabies in Haiti

Cases of rabies in dogs have been reported in Haiti, and dog vaccination against rabies is limited. Seek immediate medical attention for all animal bites or scratches.

Rabies Is Terrifying but Rare. Are We Overtreating It?

Feb 18th, 2021 - Rabies is a terrifying disease. Once the virus enters a human host — typically by way of a bite from an infected animal — it creeps along from nerve cell to nerve cell until it reaches the brain. It usually takes a month or more for symptoms to sh...

NICE Issues New Guideline on Antimicrobial Prescribing for Human and Animal Bites

Nov 6th, 2020 - The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has published new guidance setting out an antimicrobial prescribing strategy for human and animal bites in adults and children. Metronidazole 400 mg three times a day. First-choice intra...

Fast Five Quiz: Dog and Cat Bites

Jul 9th, 2020 - Pasteurella multocida infection is the most common infection contracted from cat bites. It may also be complicated by sepsis. Wound infections associated with animal bites usually have a polymicrobial etiology. Complications include rapidly progre...

New Rabies Test May Transform Animal-Bite Treatment

May 16th, 2018 - A molecular test for rabies infection in animals that's dramatically easier to perform than current assays showed high sensitivity and specificity in analyzing real-world samples, CDC researchers said. In a press release announcing the results, th...

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