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Novel Findings of Early Cardiac Dysfunction in Patients With Childhood-Onset Inflammato...
Inflammatory Bowel Diseases; Akiya A, Takahashi K et. al.

Mar 28th, 2023 - Patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) are at a higher risk of developing cardiovascular diseases than healthy individuals, owing to persistent chronic inflammation and treatment effects. This study aimed to assess left ventricular functio...

Lactobacillus plantarum ZJ316 alleviates ulcerative colitis by inhibiting inflammation ...
Food & Function; Gu Q, Xia C et. al.

Mar 28th, 2023 - Ulcerative colitis is an inflammatory bowel disease that is mainly related to gut microbiota dysbiosis. Lactobacillus plantarum ZJ316 (ZJ316) has been proved to regulate the gut microbiota in vitro. However, more evidence is needed for the intesti...

Evaluation and management of ileal pouch-anal anastamosis (IPAA) complications in pregn...
European Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology; Prentice RE, Wright EK et. al.

Mar 27th, 2023 - Restorative proctocolectomy with ileal pouch-anal anastomosis (IPAA) remains the preferred surgical option for medically refractory ulcerative colitis. Management of individuals with an IPAA prior to and during pregnancy presents challenges that c...

Biopsies from ulcer edge yield higher histological activity scores than biopsies from n...
European Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology; Novak G, Sever N et. al.

Mar 27th, 2023 - The appropriate location for biopsy collection in ulcerative colitis is unknown. We aimed to determine the location for biopsy collection in the presence of ulcers which yields the highest histopathological score. This prospective cross-sectional ...

Longitudinal DNA methylation profiling of the rectal mucosa identifies cell-specific si...
Clinical Epigenetics; Venkateswaran S, Somineni HK et. al.

Mar 26th, 2023 - In peripheral blood, DNA methylation (DNAm) patterns in inflammatory bowel disease patients reflect inflammatory status rather than disease status. Here, we examined DNAm in diseased rectal mucosa from ulcerative colitis (UC) patients, focusing on...

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AGA Clinical Practice Guideline on the Role of Biomarkers for the Management of Ulcerat...
Gastroenterology Singh S, Ananthakrishnan AN et. al.

Feb 24th, 2023 - Biomarkers are used frequently for noninvasive monitoring and treatment decision making in the management of patients with ulcerative colitis (UC). This American Gastroenterological Association (AGA) guideline is intended to support practitioners ...

Potential Salivary Markers for Differential Diagnosis of Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis
Life (Basel); Nijakowski K, Rutkowski R et. al.

Sep 9th, 2021 - The properties of the saliva of patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) are poorly recognized. Likewise, the diagnostic potential of saliva for differentiating various forms of IBD is largely unexplored. Therefore, we compared the concentra...

COVID-19 Pandemic: Which IBD Patients Need to Be Scoped-Who Gets Scoped Now, Who Can Wa...
Journal of Crohn's & Colitis; Ng SC, Mak JWY et. al.

Oct 22nd, 2020 - Endoscopy is an essential component in the management of inflammatory bowel disease [IBD]. There is a risk of SARS-CoV-2 transmission during endoscopic procedures. The International Organization for the study of IBD [IOIBD] has developed 11 positi...

Pharmacological Management of Adult Outpatients With Moderate to Severely Active Ulcera...

Mar 29th, 2020 - Pharmacological Management of Adult Outpatients With Moderate to Severely Active Ulcerative Colitis: Clinical Decision Support Tool.|2020| ,|

Spotlight: Management of Moderate-to-Severe Ulcerative Colitis.
Gastroenterology Feuerstein JD, Isaacs KL et. al.

Mar 15th, 2020 - Spotlight: Management of Moderate-to-Severe Ulcerative Colitis.|2020|Feuerstein JD,Isaacs KL,Schneider Y,Siddique SM,Falck-Ytter Y,|

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A Study to Evaluate the Long-Term Efficacy and Safety of Mirikizumab in Participants With Moderately to Severely Active Ulcerative Colitis (LUCENT 3)

Mar 24th, 2023 - This study is designed to evaluate the long-term efficacy and safety of mirikizumab in participants with moderately to severely active ulcerative colitis (UC).

Tofacitinib in Adult Patients With Moderate to Severe Ulcerative Colitis

Mar 17th, 2023 - This is an observational prospective study with two years of follow-up, designed to evaluate the effectiveness of tofacitinib in patients with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis in French clinical practice

A Study to Test the Effect of TEV-48574 in Moderate to Severe Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn's Disease

Mar 16th, 2023 - The primary objective is to evaluate the efficacy and dose response of 3 different dose regimens of TEV-48574 in adult participants with IBD (moderate to severe Ulcerative Colitis (UC) or Crohn's Disease (CD)) as assessed by induction of clinical ...

A Study of Guselkumab Therapy in Participants With Moderately to Severely Active Ulcerative Colitis

Mar 15th, 2023 - UC is a chronic disease of the large intestine, in which the lining of the colon becomes inflamed and develops ulcers. Guselkumab is a fully human immunoglobulin G1 lambda monoclonal antibody (mAb) that binds to human interleukin (IL)-23 with high...

A Study to Assess the Safety and Pharmacokinetics of Subcutaneously Administered Golimumab, a Human Anti-TNFα Antibody, in Pediatric Patients With Moderate to Severe Active Ulcerative Colitis

Mar 15th, 2023 - This is an open-label (both [participants and investigator] know what treatment participants will receive) and multicenter study. The study is divided into 2 parts: Part 1: pharmacokinetics portion (Week 0 to Week 14); Part 2: study extension (Wee...

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New AGA guideline recommends blood and stool tests for monitoring ulcerative colitis

Mar 13th, 2023 - In new evidence-based guidelines, the American Gastroenterological Association recommends noninvasive biomarkers as a first-line strategy for monitoring many patients with ulcerative colitis (UC). These guidelines were published in Gastroenterolog.

IL-6 Inhibitor for UC Shows Some Promise in Mid-Stage Trial

Mar 7th, 2023 - Induction therapy with a novel interleukin 6 (IL-6) inhibitor for active ulcerative colitis yielded significantly higher rates of clinical response, remission, and mucosal healing than placebo, findings from a phase II study conducted in Asia show...

IBD: More patients on vedolizumab vs. anti-TNFs at 2 years
Becky McCall

Mar 3rd, 2023 - COPENHAGEN – Vedolizumab (ENTYVIO) a monoclonal antibody drug, shows a higher overall 1- and 2-year persistence of use – the overall time that a patient stays on a medication – compared with two anti–tumor necrosis factor inhibitors (anti-TNFi) in.

Integrating intestinal ultrasound into inflammatory bowel disease training and practice in the United States
Noa Krugliak Cleveland, MD, David T. Rubin, MD

Mar 3rd, 2023 - Evolving endpoints and treat-to-target strategies in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) incorporate a need for more frequent assessments of the disease, including objective measures of inflammation. 1,2 Intestinal ultrasound (IUS) is a noninvasive, w.

AGA guideline defines role of biomarkers in ulcerative colitis
Will Pass

Feb 23rd, 2023 - The American Gastroenterological Association (AGA) has released a new clinical practice guideline defining the role of biomarkers in monitoring and managing ulcerative colitis (UC). There is growing data on how to incorporate biomarkers in the car.

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