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Chronic anal fissure in adults.
BMJ (Clinical Research Ed.); Gilani A, Tierney G

Jan 14th, 2022 - Chronic anal fissure in adults.|2022|Gilani A,Tierney G,|

A systematic review and network meta-analysis comparing treatments for anal fissure.
Surgery Jin JZ, Bhat S et. al.

Jan 10th, 2022 - There are multiple treatments for anal fissures. These range from medical treatment to surgical procedures, such as sphincterotomy. The aim of this study was to compare the relative clinical outcomes and effectiveness of interventional treatments ...

Saddle block anesthetic technique for benign outpatient anorectal surgery.
Surgery Peterson KJ, Dyrud P et. al.

Dec 11th, 2021 - Current American Society of Colorectal Surgery Clinical Practice Guidelines for Ambulatory Anorectal Surgery endorse use of monitored anesthesia care, general anesthesia, or spinal anesthesia based on physician and patient preference. Although sev...

Perianal Application of Glyceryl Trinitrate Ointment Vs Tocopheral Acetate Ointment in ...
Diseases of the Colon and Rectum; Ruiz-Tovar J, Llavero C

Nov 23rd, 2021 - Medical treatment, including glyceryl trinitrate ointment represents the first step for the management of chronic anal fissure. However, glyceryl trinitrate ointment is associated with headache and consequently, a high withdrawal rate of the treat...

Botulinum Toxin Injection Plus Topical Diltiazem for Chronic Anal Fissure: A Randomized...
Diseases of the Colon and Rectum; Herreros B, Espi A et. al.

Nov 9th, 2021 - Chemical sphincterotomy avoids the risk of permanent incontinence in the treatment of chronic anal fissure, but it does not reach the efficacy of surgery and recurrence is high. Drug combination has been proposed to overcome these drawbacks. This ...

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Treatment of anal fissures: Results from a national survey on French practice.
Clinics and Research in Hepatology and Gastroenterology; Vitton V, Bouchard D et. al.

Oct 20th, 2021 - Treatment of an anal fissure (AF) is based on medical treatment (nonoperative therapies) and surgical procedures. However, the choice of treatment and its role in therapeutic strategy vary from one country to another, and to date, no standard Fren...

ACG clinical guideline: management of benign anorectal disorders.
The American Journal of Gastroenterology; Wald A, Bharucha AE et. al.

Jul 16th, 2014 - These guidelines summarize the definitions, diagnostic criteria, differential diagnoses, and treatments of a group of benign disorders of anorectal function and/or structure. Disorders of function include defecation disorders, fecal incontinence, ...

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HAL-RAR Technique for Treating Hemorrhoids

Mar 2nd, 2021 - This is a retrospective, single-institution, study conducted from January 2010 to November 2019. Grade of hemorrhoidal disease was assessed according to Goligher's classification. Patients with grade II, resistant to conservative treatment, grade ...

Application of Vitamin E on Anal Fissure

Apr 22nd, 2020 - Patients were randomly assigned to experimental and control groups: those patients receiving vitamin E ointment (Experimental Group - EG) and those receiving glyceryl trinitrate ointment (Control Group - CG). Treatments: Glyceryl trinitrate ointme...

Impact of Topical Antiadhesion Therapy on Wound Healing and Postoperative Pain After Anal Surgery

Feb 19th, 2020 - 2QR-complex is a patented molecule extracted from Aloe vera barbadensis leaves that blocks the adhesion of pathogenic microbes to human epithelial cells and tissues [9]. Anti-adhesion therapy such as 2QR-complex has been suggested as an alternativ...

Treatment Of Chronic Anal Fissure

Jan 14th, 2020 - Anal fissure is an ulcer-like, longitudinal tear in the anal canal, most commonly located in the dorsal or ventral midline, and distal to the dentate line. Anal fissures constitute a common medical problem that affects sexes equally. The initiatio...

Topical Minoxidil Versus Topical Glyceryl Trinitrate in Treatment of Chronic Anal Fissure

Oct 7th, 2019 - All participants who fulfill the inclusion criteria and give consent for participation in the trial and will be included and randomly assigned to either group I (5% Minoxidil gel) or group II (0.2% GTN cream) with a 1:1 allocation. Randomization w...

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Perianal Ulceration and Verrucous Papules
Bridget P. Kaufman, MD, Meera Sivendran, MD

Sep 25th, 2018 - The Diagnosis: Herpes Simplex Virus Infection Viral culture of the ulcer was positive for herpes simplex virus type 2 (HHV-2). Bacterial culture grew enteric flora.

Severe anal pain • perianal swelling • no history of injury to the area • Dx?
The Journal of Family Practice; Christos G. Galanakis, MD, PhD, Ilias Bouzakis, MD et. al.

Dec 29th, 2015 - THE CASE An 80-year-old man sought medical advice over the phone because he’d had sharp anal pain for 4 days. The pain increased during sitting and defecation.

Fast Five Quiz: Can You Answer These User-Requested Questions About Sexual Intercourse-Related Injuries?

Aug 5th, 2015 - Signs of a retained object in the vagina include the following: Discharge that may be colored or smell foul A foul smell with no discharge Temperature of 104° F or higher Vaginal itching Pain when urinating Abdominal or pelvic pain Redness around ...

Top 10 Clinical Trends for December 2014

Dec 18th, 2014 - #7 Clinical Trend: Anal Fissure Treatment Wetlands, a recent German movie that is gaining buzz for its vulgarity, begins with a character struggling through an anal fissure. Perhaps the publicity surrounding the film increased interest in anal fis...

Deep-Fried Chocolate Breakfast? That's Improbable!

Nov 15th, 2014 - While in Scotland, there's nothing like a deep-fried candy bar to get the morning going. But is it bad for the brain? A study from India concludes that consumption of red chilies after anal fissure surgery is just a really bad idea. The press rele...

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