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A Congenital Anemia Reveals Distinct Targeting Mechanisms for Master Transcription Fact...
Blood Ludwig L, Lareau CA et. al.

Jan 15th, 2022 - Master regulators, such as the hematopoietic transcription factor (TF) GATA1, play an essential role in orchestrating lineage commitment and differentiation. However, the precise mechanisms by which such TFs regulate transcription through interact...

Myelophthisic Anemia

Jan 10th, 2022 - Practice Essentials Myelophthisis is a form of bone marrow failure that results from the destruction of bone marrow precursor cells and their stroma, which nurture these cells to maturation and differentiation. Infiltrating lesions caused by nonhe...

Myelophthisic Anemia

Jan 10th, 2022 - Practice Essentials Myelophthisis is a form of bone marrow failure that results from the destruction of bone marrow precursor cells and their stroma, which nurture these cells to maturation and differentiation. Infiltrating lesions caused by nonhe...

TLR8/TLR7 dysregulation due to a novel TLR8 mutation causes severe autoimmune hemolytic...
American Journal of Hematology; Fejtkova M, Sukova M et. al.

Jan 5th, 2022 - Our study presents a novel germline c.1715G>T (p.G572V) mutation in the gene encoding Toll-like receptor 8 (TLR8) causing an autoimmune and autoinflammatory disorder in a family with monozygotic male twins, who suffer from severe autoimmune hemoly...

Spectrins and human diseases.
Translational Research : the Journal of Laboratory and Cl... Li S, Liu T et. al.

Jan 4th, 2022 - Spectrin, as one of the major components of a plasma membrane-associated cytoskeleton, is a cytoskeletal protein composed of the modular structure of α and β subunits. The spectrin-based skeleton is essential for preserving the integrity and mecha...

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Addressing the diagnostic gaps in pyruvate kinase deficiency: Consensus recommendations...
American Journal of Hematology; Bianchi P, Fermo E et. al.

Oct 26th, 2018 - Pyruvate kinase deficiency (PKD) is the most common enzyme defect of glycolysis and an important cause of hereditary, nonspherocytic hemolytic anemia. The disease has a worldwide geographical distribution but there are no verified data regarding i...

Clinical guides for atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome in Japan.
Clinical and Experimental Nephrology; Kato H, Nangaku M et. al.

Jul 17th, 2016 - Atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome (aHUS) is a rare disease characterized by the triad of microangiopathic hemolytic anemia, thrombocytopenia, and acute kidney injury. In 2013, we developed diagnostic criteria to enable early diagnosis and timely ...

Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC) guidelines for rasburicase t...
Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics; Relling MV, McDonagh EM et. al.

May 3rd, 2014 - Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency is associated with development of acute hemolytic anemia (AHA) induced by a number of drugs. We provide guidance as to which G6PD genotypes are associated with G6PD deficiency in males and female...

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A Study of INCB050465 in Participants With Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia

Dec 15th, 2021 - The purpose of this study is to evaluate the safety and efficacy of parsaclisib administered orally to participants with autoimmune hemolytic anemia (AIHA) who have decreased hemoglobin and evidence of ongoing hemolysis that requires treatment int...

Subcutaneous ALXN1830 in Adult Participants With Warm Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia

Dec 1st, 2021 - This is a Phase 2, multiple ascending, dose-finding, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study to evaluate the efficacy, safety, health-related quality of life, tolerability, pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic, and immunogenicity, of up to ...

Transcatheter Para-Valvular Leak Closures

Nov 11th, 2021 - Paravalvular leak (PVL) of cardiac valve prostheses is a frequent complication after surgical valve replacement. The incidence varies according to the type of prosthesis and location, ranging from 2-15% for aortic prostheses and 7-17% for mitral p...

Second-line Treatment of Primary Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia

Oct 22nd, 2021 - Auto-immune hemolytic anemia (AIHA) is a heterogeneous syndrome in adults. This disease is associated with significant morbidity-mortality. First-line treatment with prolonged corticosteroid is well identified but there is not enough data about cy...

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Fast Five Quiz: Cold Agglutinin Disease

Nov 18th, 2021 - Cold agglutinin disease (CAD) is a rare, complement-dependent, classical pathway–mediated immune hemolytic disease, accounting for up to 25% of autoimmune hemolytic anemia. Whereas the incidence of CAD is rare, the disease burden is frequently hig...

Infliximab Bests Second IVIG Infusion in Refractory Kawasaki Disease

Nov 9th, 2021 - NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - In children with intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG)-resistant Kawasaki disease (KD), infliximab was safe and more effective than a second IVIG infusion in resolving fever, decreasing hospital length of stay, and reducing...

When to Treat as Important as Which Drug to Use in WM

Oct 29th, 2021 - When to initiate treatment is as important as what to use for the treatment of patients newly diagnosed with Waldenstrom macroglobulinemia (WM), a leading expert in the disease emphasizes. "We have to be very careful not to tell patients they have...

Fast Five Quiz: Sickle Cell Disease Presentation and Diagnosis

Sep 24th, 2021 - Each year worldwide, as many as 300,000 patients are diagnosed with sickle cell disease (SCD). SCD is most common among patients whose ancestors came from sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia. SCD is a life-threatening hematologic disorder in whi...

Understanding the Pathophysiology of ITP

Apr 2nd, 2021 - Ivy Altomare, MD: Thank you for joining us for this OncLive® Peer Exchange® program on adult idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura (ITP). I’m Dr. Ivy Altomare, an associate professor of medicine at Duke University Medical Center. Joining me for this...

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