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Antibiotic Resistant Infections among COVID-19 Inpatients in U.S. Hospitals.
Clinical Infectious Diseases : an Official Publication Of... Baggs J, Rose AN et. al.

Jul 3rd, 2022 - We described bacterial/fungal co-infections and antibiotic resistant infections among inpatients diagnosed with COVID-19 and compared findings with inpatients diagnosed with influenza-like-illness. Less than 10% of COVID-19 inpatients had bacteria...

Primary Care Professionals' Attitudes Towards Vaccination Recommendation for Patients W...
Inflammatory Bowel Diseases; Xu F, deJong N et. al.

Jul 3rd, 2022 - Immunization among patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is suboptimal. We sought to characterize attitudes of US primary care professionals (PCPs) towards immunization practices for patients with IBD. Using a web-based opt-in panel of PC...

Detection of respiratory viruses directly from clinical samples using next-generation s...
Reviews in Medical Virology; Wang X, Stelzer-Braid S et. al.

Jul 2nd, 2022 - Acute respiratory infection is the third most frequent cause of mortality worldwide, causing over 4.25 million deaths annually. Although most diagnosed acute respiratory infections are thought to be of viral origin, the aetiology often remains unc...

Influenza vaccination in coronavirus times: Primary Care professionals' intention to ge...
Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics; Muñoz-Miralles R, Bonet-Esteve A et. al.

Jul 2nd, 2022 - Influenza vaccination is the main measure of prevention against epidemic flu. Although recommended, vaccination coverage remains low. The lack of knowledge about the evolution of influenza in the context of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic led ...

Does knowing the influenza epidemic threshold has been reached influence the performanc...
PloS One; Soldevila N, Toledo D et. al.

Jul 2nd, 2022 - Disease surveillance using adequate case definitions is very important. The objective of the study was to compare the performance of influenza case definitions and influenza symptoms in the first two epidemic weeks with respect to other epidemic w...

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WHO issues updated influenza vaccines position paper
World Health Organization (WHO)

Jun 1st, 2022 - n 13 May 2022, WHO published an updated position paper on the use of seasonal influenza vaccines. In December 2017, following a request by WHO’s Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization (SAGE), an influenza working group was convened...

Flu vaccine could cut COVID risk
Nature Callaway E.

May 16th, 2022 - Influenza vaccines have a surprising health benefit: they might also prevent COVID-19, particularly in its most severe forms1. A study of more than 30,000 health-care workers in Qatar found that those who got a flu jab were nearly 90% less like...

Far-UVC (222 nm) efficiently inactivates an airborne pathogen in a room-sized chamber
Scientific Reports; Eadie, E. et. al.

Mar 23rd, 2022 - Many infectious diseases, including COVID-19, are transmitted by airborne pathogens. There is a need for effective environmental control measures which, ideally, are not reliant on human behaviour. One potential solution is Krypton Chloride (KrCl)...

Recommendations for Prevention and Control of Influenza in Children, 2021-2022.

Sep 9th, 2021 - This technical report accompanies the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics for the routine use of the influenza vaccine and antiviral medications in the prevention and treatment of influenza in children during the 2021-2022 season...

Recommendations for Prevention and Control of Influenza in Children, 2021-2022.

Sep 9th, 2021 - Recommendations for Prevention and Control of Influenza in Children, 2021-2022.|2021| ,|therapeutic use,drug therapy,prevention & control,

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The Natural History of Severe Viral Infections and Characterization of Immune Defects in Patients Without Known Immunocompromise

Jul 1st, 2022 - Viral infections in the normal host are usually self-limited as the innate and acquired immune systems mount successful antiviral responses. However, in some instances, apparently immunocompetent persons manifest infections with viruses that would...

Cellular and Molecular Characterization of the Immune Response in Healthy NIH Employees atBaseline, and After Immunization With the H1N1 or Seasonal Influenza Vaccines

Jul 1st, 2022 - Seasonal influenza is a major health problem whose impact is typically reduced by vaccination. The H1N1 (swine flu) influenza virus is an emerging pathogen which has the potential to cause devastating morbidity and mortality in the coming months. ...

Serological Surveillance for COVID-19 in Central North Carolina

Jul 1st, 2022 - It has been demonstrated that respiratory virus outbreaks and pandemics, such as influenza, SARS, MERS, and now the newly emerged SARS-CoV-2 virus, have a major impact on morbidity and mortality worldwide, as well as having devastating global econ...

A Dose-ranging Pediatric Study of an Adjuvanted Pandemic Influenza Vaccine

Jul 1st, 2022 - The purpose/aim of this study is to evaluate responses to vaccination with different MF59 adjuvanted pandemic influenza vaccine formulations of an H5N1 vaccine in pediatric subjects. The data from this study are intended to provide information for...

SARS-COV2 Pandemic Serosurvey in a Rare Disease Population

Jul 1st, 2022 - It has been demonstrated that respiratory virus outbreaks and pandemics, such as influenza, SARS, MERS, and now the newly emerged SARS-COV2 virus, have a major impact on morbidity and mortality worldwide, as well as having devastating global econo...

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More Evidence the Flu Vaccine May Guard Against Alzheimer's

Jun 29th, 2022 - A new study provides more evidence that influenza vaccination may help protect older adults against Alzheimer's disease (AD). In a large propensity-matched cohort of older adults, those who had received at least one influenza inoculation were 40% ...

Monkeypox and COVID: Public Health Has to Increase Trust

Jun 28th, 2022 - As a long-standing HIV doctor (where we use harm reduction messaging as a matter of course), I have watched with interest the excellent messaging by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on monkeypox and contrasted that with the "ab...

COVID-19 Tied to Increased Risk for Alzheimer's, Parkinson's Disease

Jun 27th, 2022 - Editor's note: Find the latest COVID-19 news and guidance in Medscape's Coronavirus Resource Center. COVID-19 has been associated with a threefold increased risk of Alzheimer's disease (AD) and a doubling of Parkinson's disease (PD) risk, a new st...

The Next COVID Booster Shots Will Likely Be Updated for Omicron

Jun 27th, 2022 - NEW YORK (Reuters) - COVID-19 vaccines this fall are likely to be based on the Omicron variant of the coronavirus rather than the original strain, although some experts suggest they may only offer significant benefits for older and immunocompromis...

Survival for elderly breast cancer patients 25% after 4 years
Walter Alexander

Jun 20th, 2022 - A study of elderly patients with HER2-positive/HR-negative metastatic breast cancer finds a significantly shorter median overall survival in actual clinical practice than younger counterparts. After 46 months of treatment, the survival rate was on.

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