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Effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on incidence of long-term conditions in Welsh residents...
Lancet (London, England); Qi C, Osborne T et. al.

Nov 26th, 2022 - The COVID-19 pandemic had direct and indirect effects on health. Indirect effects on long term medical conditions (LTCs) are unclear. We examined trends in recorded incidences of LTCs and quantified differences between expected rates and observed ...

Self-regulation profiles reflecting distinct levels of eating disorder and comorbid psy...
The International Journal of Eating Disorders; Eichler J, Schmidt R et. al.

Nov 25th, 2022 - Previous research showed that individuals with eating disorders (EDs) can be subtyped by their levels of psychopathology and self-regulation abilities. However, nothing is known about whether self-regulation abilities are solely suited to depict t...

Comparing the effectiveness of existing anxiety treatment options among patients evalua...
Contemporary Clinical Trials; Connors JN, Kroenke K et. al.

Nov 25th, 2022 - Anxiety disorders are a common underlying cause of symptoms among low-risk chest pain patients evaluated in the emergency department setting. However, anxiety is often undiagnosed and undertreated in any setting, and causes considerable functional...

Possible association between the lrrk2 gene and anxiety behavior: a systematic literatu...
Journal of Neurogenetics; Moreira-Júnior RE, Souza RM et. al.

Nov 24th, 2022 - Alterations to the LRRK2 gene have been associated with Parkinson's disease and alcohol consumption in animals and humans. Furthermore, these disorders are strongly related to anxiety disorders (ADs). Thus, we investigated how the LRRK2 gene might...

Mental Disorders Among Mothers of Children Born Preterm: A Population-Based Cohort Stud...
Canadian Journal of Psychiatry. Revue Canadienne De Psych... Louis D, Akil H et. al.

Nov 23rd, 2022 - Our aim was to examine the association between preterm delivery and incident maternal mental disorders using a population-based cohort of mothers in Canada. Retrospective matched cohort study using Manitoba Centre for Health Policy (MCHP) administ...

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Screening for Anxiety in Children and Adolescents: US Preventive Services Task Force Re...
JAMA , Mangione CM et. al.

Oct 12th, 2022 - Anxiety disorder, a common mental health condition in the US, comprises a group of related conditions characterized by excessive fear or worry that present as emotional and physical symptoms. The 2018-2019 National Survey of Children's Health foun...

Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders.
Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, and Neonatal Nursing :...

May 10th, 2022 - Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders.|2022| ,|diagnosis,epidemiology,diagnosis,

Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders.
Nursing for Women's Health;

May 10th, 2022 - Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders.|2022| ,|

Major revision version 11.0 of the European AIDS Clinical Society Guidelines 2021.
HIV Medicine; Ryom L, De Miguel R et. al.

Mar 27th, 2022 - The European AIDS Clinical Society (EACS) Guidelines were revised in 2021 for the 17th time with updates on all aspects of HIV care. Version 11.0 of the Guidelines recommend six first-line treatment options for antiretroviral treatment (ART)-naïve...

Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders: Research and Implications for Nursing Care.
Nursing for Women's Health; Beck CT

Jun 9th, 2021 - Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders: Research and Implications for Nursing Care.|2021|Beck CT,|diagnosis,diagnosis,psychology,psychology,

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Bromocriptine for Patients With Schizophrenia and Impaired Glucose Tolerance

Oct 14th, 2022 - Background: APDs are among the most widely prescribed medications for psychotic, mood, and anxiety disorders including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and major depressive disorder. Many APDs, currently available in the United States, particularl...

Clinical Trial of Fluoxetine in Anxiety and Depression in Children, and Associated Brain Changes

Oct 14th, 2022 - Objective: This protocol uses functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to examine neuro-cognitive correlates of pediatric and adult mood and anxiety disorders. The primary goal of the project is to document, in pediatric anxiety disorders and ...

Long-term Observation of Participants With Mood Disorders

Oct 14th, 2022 - Study Description: The proposal will leverage existing data on former participants with mood disorders collected in the Experimental Therapeutics and Pathophysiology Branch in order to identify predictors of long-term depressive symptoms, suicide ...

Telepsychology for Benzodiazepines Withdrawal in Adults Suffering From Hypnotic-dependent Insomnia

Oct 14th, 2022 - Benzodiazepines and related drugs (BZDs) are effective for insomnia and anxiety in the short term. After few months (four weeks regarding insomnia), the benefit/risk ratio is considerably reduced. Nevertheless, between 2 and 5% of the general popu...

Evaluation of Patients With Mood and Anxiety Disorders and Healthy Volunteers

Oct 14th, 2022 - The purpose of this protocol is to allow for the careful screening of patients and healthy volunteers for participation in research protocols on mood and anxiety disorders at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) and for the collection of...

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'New Kid on the Block' May Help Relieve PTSD, Panic Disorder

Nov 23rd, 2022 - A digital intervention may offer a new and effective treatment option for panic disorder (PD) and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), new research suggests. The 28-day home-based treatment, known as the Capnometry Guided Respiratory Intervention...

Novel Approaches in the Treatment of Anxiety Disorders

Nov 21st, 2022 - While acknowledging the current pharmacologic options for patients with anxiety disorders, including selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and tricyclic antidepressants, Lorenzo Norris, MD, looks to the horizon at promising alternative therapies...

Reducing Health Disparities in the Treatment of Anxiety Disorders: A Patient-Centered Approach

Nov 14th, 2022 - Lorenzo Norris, MD, discusses treatment disparities in anxiety disorders, specifically in Hispanic and African American populations. He expresses concern over patients in these populations not receiving the full treatment they deserve and how issu...

How Stigma Prevents Patients From Getting Treated for Anxiety Disorders

Nov 14th, 2022 - Sirosh Masuood, MD, reflects on the ways that treatment for anxiety disorders can be delayed because of several factors that contribute to health disparities, including lack of insurance, awareness, cultural beliefs, and stigma. Despite anxiety di...

Recognizing Comorbid Anxiety Disorders in Patients With Clinical Depression

Nov 14th, 2022 - Lorenzo Norris, MD, reflects on his early days as a young clinician and realizing that he needed to be more aware of the presence of comorbid anxiety disorders when treating patients with depression. Norris stresses the importance of screening pat...

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