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Serum n-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and C-Reactive Protein Concentrations Are Inverse...
Pancreas Hebanowska A, Mika A et. al.

Jul 2nd, 2022 - Serum n-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and C-Reactive Protein Concentrations Are Inversely Associated in Patients With Alcoholic Chronic Pancreatitis.|2022|Hebanowska A,Mika A,Rojek L,Stojek M,Goyke E,|

Impact of inflammation on midazolam metabolism in severe COVID-19 patients.
Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics; Le Carpentier EC, Canet E et. al.

Jul 2nd, 2022 - Midazolam is a benzodiazepine frequently used for sedation in patients hospitalized in intensive care unit for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). This drug is primarily metabolised by cytochrome P450 3A (CYP3A) isoenzymes. Several studies have s...

Pharmacokinetic variability of vancomycin in patients with nosocomial meningitis.
Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics; Okamoto G, Furuya E et. al.

Jul 2nd, 2022 - High doses of vancomycin are required early in the treatment of nosocomial meningitis. However, the dosage is often reduced later during treatment, irrespective of renal function. This study was designed to investigate the pharmacokinetic variabil...

Expression and clinical significance of the m6A reader YTHDF2 in peripheral blood monon...
Journal of Immunotoxicology; Yao F, Xu C et. al.

Jul 2nd, 2022 - As an important m6A reader, the YT521-B homology domain family 2 (YTHDF2) has been shown to regulate mRNA degradation and translation, and to be involved in inflammation. However, little is known about the role of YTHDF2 in the autoimmune-based in...

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AGA Technical Review on the Evaluation of Functional Diarrhea and Diarrhea-Predominant ...
Gastroenterology Carrasco-Labra A, Lytvyn L et. al.

Jul 29th, 2019 - The evaluation of patients with chronic watery diarrhea represents a diagnostic challenge for clinicians because organic causes, including inflammatory bowel disease, microscopic colitis, and chronic infection, must be differentiated from function...

Validation of the International Study Group of Rectal Cancer definition and severity gr...
Surgery Kulu Y, Ulrich A et. al.

Apr 30th, 2013 - The International Study Group of Rectal Cancer (ISREC) has proposed a generally applicable definition and severity grading of (AL) after sphincter-preserving resection of the rectum. This work has been carried out to test for validity. A total of ...

Atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease screening in adults: American College Of Prevent...
American Journal of Preventive Medicine; Lim LS, Haq N et. al.

Feb 22nd, 2011 - Atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases, including coronary heart disease (CHD), carotid artery stenosis (CAS), peripheral artery disease (PAD), and abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA), affect millions of U.S. adults and are leading causes of morbidit...

Diagnosis of periprosthetic joint infections of the hip and knee.
The Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons; Della Valle C, Parvizi J et. al.

Dec 2nd, 2010 - No preferred test for diagnosis of periprosthetic joint infection exists, and the algorithm for the workup of patients suspected of infection remains unclear. The work group evaluated the available literature to determine the role of each diagnost...

Practical guidelines for acute pancreatitis.
Pancreatology : Official Journal of the International Ass... Pezzilli R, Zerbi A et. al.

Oct 27th, 2010 - The following is a summary of the official guidelines of the Italian Association for the Study of the Pancreas regarding the medical, endoscopic and surgical management of acute pancreatitis. Clinical features together with elevation of the plasma...

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Inflammatory Signal Inhibitors for COVID-19 (MATIS)

Jul 1st, 2022 - COVID-19 pneumonia is characterised by respiratory and multi-organ failure in the context of marked systemic inflammation. It is caused by Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARSCoV2) infection. The hallmark of severe disease is hypo...

History of the KSHV Inflammatory Cytokine Syndrome (KICS)

Jul 1st, 2022 - BACKGROUND: KSHV inflammatory cytokine syndrome (KICS) is a newly recognized syndrome caused by Kaposi sarcoma-associated herpesvirus (KSHV). It is characterized by severe inflammatory symptoms including fevers, wasting, cytopenias, hypoalbuminemi...

Comparing Expectorated and Induced Sputum and Pharyngeal Swabs for Cultures, AFB Smears, and Cytokines in Pulmonary Nontuberculous Mycobacterial Infection

Jul 1st, 2022 - In this protocol, a repeated measure design is used to examine microbial and molecular results in subjects with a diagnosis of pulmonary nontuberculous mycobacterial infection. Patients often experience difficulties in the spontaneous expectoratio...

Saccharin and Acesulfame Potassium Consumption and Glucose Homeostasis in Older Adults With Prediabetes

Jul 1st, 2022 - Observational research has linked intake of non-nutritive sweeteners (NNS), which are consumed daily by ~50% of middle-aged/older U.S. adults, with increased risk of type 2 diabetes (T2D). This risk may be exacerbated by advancing age, which is as...

Chronotherapy in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Jul 1st, 2022 - The objective of this study is to determine whether the timing of drug administration to treat inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) has an effect on patient outcomes. Primary objective: Determine whether there is a difference in outcomes seen when pat...

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New Biomarker Data Add to Concerns Over REDUCE-IT Trial

Jul 1st, 2022 - A new analysis of the REDUCE-IT study has reignited concerns that the benefit shown by the high-dose fish oil product in the study, icosapent ethyl (Vascepa, Amarin), may have been related to harms caused by the placebo mineral oil. Results show t...

Genetic liability to RA and cardiovascular risk: What is the link?

Jun 29th, 2022 - Key clinical point: Genetic liability to rheumatoid arthritis (RA) was positively associated with the risk for coronary artery disease (CAD) and intracerebral hemorrhage (IA), with the high levels of C-reactive protein (CRP) appearing to mediate t.

Upadacitinib Recommended for Nonradiographic AxSpA in Europe

Jun 28th, 2022 - Upadacitinib may soon be used for the treatment of nonradiographic axial spondyloarthritis (nr-axSpA) after the European Medicines Agency's Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use gave it its stamp of approval last week. AbbVie, the drug's ...

C reactive protein to albumin ratio predicts survival outcomes in lenvatinib-treated patients with unresectable HCC

Jun 23rd, 2022 - Key clinical point: C-reactive protein to albumin ratio (CAR) can predict overall survival (OS) and progression-free survival (PFS) in patients treated with lenvatinib for unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma (uHCC). Major finding: High CAR (≥0.

Diagnostic axSpA MRI features differ in men and women
Sara Freeman

Jun 14th, 2022 - MRI criteria used to diagnose axial spondyloarthritis (axSpA) may require gender-specific revision, according to research conducted at Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin. Although established MRI markers were detected in both sexes, their prevalen.

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