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MuSK Myasthenia Gravis Presenting with Bilateral Vocal Cord Abduction Paresis: A Case R...
The Neurologist; Santilli A, Stitt D

Sep 8th, 2021 - Approximately 39% to 49% of patients with previously diagnosed acetylcholine receptor antibody-negative myasthenia gravis have been found to be muscle-specific tyrosine kinase (MuSK) antibody positive. These patients have a presentation that typic...

A rare case of nivolumab-related myasthenia gravis and myocarditis in a patient with me...
BMC Gastroenterology; Komatsu M, Hirai M et. al.

Aug 28th, 2021 - Although rare, several immune-related adverse effects can be life-threatening. Here, we describe a metastatic gastric cancer patient presenting with nivolumab-related myasthenia gravis and myocarditis, a previously unreported adverse effect of gas...

Transient acetylcholine receptor-related myasthenia gravis, post multisystem inflammato...
BMJ Case Reports; Essajee F, Lishman J et. al.

Aug 13th, 2021 - We report on a unique case of a 7-year-old girl with new onset ocular myasthenia gravis shortly after recovery from multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C) temporally associated with SARS-CoV-2 infection. The diagnosis of myasthenia ...

Rethinking the utility of acetylcholine receptor antibody titer as a pharmacodynamic bi...
Muscle & Nerve; Lee I, Sanders D

Jul 22nd, 2021 - Rethinking the utility of acetylcholine receptor antibody titer as a pharmacodynamic biomarker for myasthenia gravis.|2021|Lee I,Sanders D,|

The use of eculizumab in ventilator-dependent myasthenia gravis patients.
Muscle & Nerve; Usman U, Chrisman C et. al.

May 20th, 2021 - Eculizumab has been shown to be efficacious in acetylcholine receptor antibody-positive (AChR+ ) Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America (MGFA) class II, III, and IV generalized myasthenia gravis (gMG) patients. However, it has not been studied in...

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Potential First-in-Class, Targeted Therapy for Myasthenia Gravis

Jun 17th, 2021 - Efgartigimod (argenx) is an effective and well-tolerated therapy for patients with generalized myasthenia gravis (gMG), new research suggests. Results from the phase 3, randomized, placebo-controlled ADAPT trial showed that reduction in disease bu...

Placebo response in negative rituximab BeatMG trial provides important lessons

Oct 17th, 2019 - Suggestions from the data The post hoc subgroup analysis should be interpreted with caution, and the study does not provide firm conclusions, Dr. Nowak noted.

Muscle cramps/pain • weakness • muscle twitching • Dx?
The Journal of Family Practice;

Feb 1st, 2017 - The differential diagnosis for ALS includes myasthenia gravis, inclusion-body myositis, multifocal motor neuropathy, benign fasciculations, hereditary spastic paraplegia, primary lateral sclerosis, post-polio progressive muscle atrophy, cervical s.

Cognitive Impairment and Autonomic Ganglionopathy

Jun 5th, 2012 - Autoimmune Autonomic Ganglionopathy With Reversible Cognitive Impairment Gibbons CH, Centi J, Vernino S, Freeman R Arch Neurol. 2012;69:461-466 Study Summary Autoimmune autonomic ganglionopathy (AAG) is a rare form of severe autonomic failure link...

Myasthenia gravis therapy: Immunoadsorbent may eliminate need for plasma products

Abstract This in vitro study assessed the effectiveness of a new immunoadsorbent (Asahi IM-TR 350) in removing anti-acetylcholine receptor antibody from plasma with minimal loss of albumin. Plasma procured from a myasthenia gravis patient undergoi.

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