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Relation of abnormal cardiac stress testing with outcomes in patients undergoing renal ...
PloS One; Anderson K, Bavishi C et. al.

Dec 3rd, 2021 - Cardiovascular risk stratification is often performed in patients considered for renal transplantation. In a single center, we sought to examine the association between abnormal stress testing with imaging and post-renal transplant major adverse c...

Undetectable SARS-CoV-2 active adaptive immunity-post-vaccination or post-COVID-19 seve...
BMJ Case Reports; Adedoyin O, Brijmohan S et. al.

Dec 1st, 2021 - Since the beginning of COVID-19 vaccination in New Jersey in December 2020, we have observed multiple cases of undetectable adaptive immunity, post-vaccination or post-COVID-19 infection, in patients using immunosuppressants. Here, we present thre...

Whipple's disease in renal transplant recipients: Management experience of 7 cases from...
Transplant Infectious Disease : an Official Journal of Th... Nasim A, Dodani SK et. al.

Nov 28th, 2021 - Whipple's disease (WD) is a rare multi-systemic disorder caused by actinomycetes, Tropheryma Whipplei (T. Whipplei). It presents with weight loss, arthralgia and diarrhea and may involve the heart, lung or central nervous system. The use of immuno...

EBV, CMV, and BK viral infections in pediatric kidney transplantation: Frequency, risk ...
Pediatric Transplantation; Levi S, Davidovits M et. al.

Nov 25th, 2021 - Improved short- and long-term outcomes of kidney transplantation have been achieved over the past decades due to improved immunosuppression. This may have increased the risk for infections and, particularly, for the viral infections: cytomegalovir...

Use of ofatumumab and eplerenone in post-transplant recurrence of FSGS.
Pediatric Transplantation; Jain NG, Chen JK et. al.

Nov 23rd, 2021 - Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) predisposes patients for risk of recurrent disease in allografts. We report a case of a recipient of an unrelated living donor renal transplant and discuss considerations for utilization of ofatumumab and ...

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Children and Adult Hemophagocytic Syndrome (HLHa)

Nov 22nd, 2021 - Formation of a prospective and retrospective infant, adolescent and adult HLH patients cohort. Collection of clinical and biological, therapeutics, informations, in a register, The collection of information is: To identify clinical and biological ...

Quality of Life in Pre and Post Renal Transplant in Hispanic and Non-Hispanic Recipients

Nov 4th, 2021 - AIM 1: To evaluate the Quality of life in Hispanic and Non-Hispanic Kidney transplant recipients in a prospective longitudinal study using QOL questionnaires before and after the transplant. We propose to perform a prospective evaluation of QOL us...

Biomarkers NGAL, IL 18 as Predictors of Acute Kidney Injury in Renal Transplant Recipients

Oct 25th, 2021 - Creatinine is widely used as a marker of kidney function. The use of Creatinine has many confounding factors, and it rises only after loss of 50% of renal function. This time lost in rise of serum creatinine gives rise to the risk of missing time ...

Omeprazole and Famotidine in Chronic Dysfunction of the Transplanted Kidney

Oct 14th, 2021 - Scientific aim of the project Tacrolimus is an immunosuppressive calcineurin inhibitor used to prevent rejection in allogeneic organ transplant recipients such as kidney, liver, heart or lungs. It is metabolized in the liver with the participation...

Relevance of the Urine Bacterial Culture Performed Before Double J Ablation for Post-operative Urinary Tract Infection Prevention

Oct 6th, 2021 - Double J stents are ureteral catheters that allow urine to flow from the kidney without difficulty. These catheters protect the ureterovesical anastomosis of a renal transplant or reduce the postoperative oedema, for example after stone removal by...

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Diuretic Use After Kidney Transplant Increases Diabetes Risk

Jun 21st, 2021 - Diuretic use following kidney transplant significantly increases the risk of patients developing diabetes, potentially leading to serious complications including graft loss, one of the first studies to evaluate the use of diuretics in renal transp...

COVID-19 in Renal Transplant Recipients and Waiting List Patients

Jan 11th, 2021 - A study published in the journal  Transplantation  indicates that patients in the UK awaiting renal transplant have a significantly higher incidence of COVID-19, but transplant recipients are likely to have more severe disease and higher mortality.

Daratumumab Quadruplet Improves Hematologic CR Rate in AL Amyloidosis

Dec 20th, 2020 - The addition of daratumumab (Darzalex) to bortezomib (Velcade), cyclophosphamide, and dexamethasone (VCd) led to an improved hematologic complete response (CR) rate compared with VCd alone in patients with newly diagnosed amyloid light-chain (AL) ...

Doctors: Our Culture Is Ours and We Need to Own It

Nov 24th, 2020 - Rana L. Awdish, MD, MS Healthcare as an industry depends on the altruism of its doctors and nurses — and we willingly give of ourselves each day, prioritizing patient needs above our own. To honor this, organizations should aspire to be as generou...

Survival After Kidney Transplantation Lags in Diabetes Patients

Sep 23rd, 2020 - Survival of U.S. patients who received a kidney transplant improved during 2000-2018, but the extent of improvement among patients whose end-stage kidney disease linked with diabetes lagged behind patients with renal disease unrelated to diabetes,...

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