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Intraoperative indocyanine green fluorescence navigation in a robot-assisted partial ne...
BMJ Case Reports; Holmes A, Tissot S et. al.

Jun 21st, 2022 - A man in his 60s was referred to the urology department with an incidental finding of large 75 mm mass within a horseshoe kidney. CT imaging highlighted the well-known aberrant arterial anatomy seen in horseshoe kidney which often causes significa...

Polycystic horseshoe kidney.
Kidney International; Hill MS, Phelan MW

Mar 23rd, 2022 - Polycystic horseshoe kidney.|2022|Hill MS,Phelan MW,|complications,diagnostic imaging,

Recurrent deep venous thrombosis of lower extremities as a result of compression of lar...
Vascular Mutavdzic P, Dragas M et. al.

Mar 1st, 2022 - Horseshoe kidney is a well-known congenital anomaly and the most common anomaly of the upper urinary tract. This condition is rarely associated with anomalous inferior vena cava (IVC). Polycystic horseshoe kidney is a very rare occurrence and howe...

Bilaterally ectopic pelvic kidneys masquerading as horseshoe kidney in Fanconi anemia.
Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology; Tanigassalam S, Krishnaraju VS et. al.

Feb 25th, 2022 - Fanconi anemia (FA) is a genetic disease associated with the risk of different congenital malformations, bone marrow failure, and predisposition to cancer. Congenital abnormalities of the kidney and urinary tract are not infrequent in FA with rena...

P053 Interstitial Nephritis from IBD: Complicated Conclusions.
The American Journal of Gastroenterology; Kepley A, Marino D et. al.

Jan 11th, 2022 - BACKGROUND: Kidney injury in IBD is challenging. Tubulointerstitial nephritis (TIN) is linked to aminosalicylates, but also described in drug-naïve patients, suggesting that TIN may be a direct manifestation of IBD. We describe three cases of TIN ...

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Impact of Low Dose Fluoroscopy in Ureteroscopy

Sep 29th, 2021 - Several studies support an association between increasing cancer risk with increasing exposure to radiation. Typical radiation exposure for a patient submitted to ureteroscopy ranges from 2.5 to 100 mSv. The International Commission on Radiologica...

The Impact of Renalof® Dietary Supplement on Upper Urinary Tract Stone Volume

Apr 28th, 2021 - A total of 82 patients with renal stone or ureteral stones measured on a CT scan performed no later than 1 month prior to randomization, will be recruited in the study. Full medical history as well as demographic data and relevant medical treatmen...

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Vaginal anomalies and their surgical correction

Apr 23rd, 2019 - Obstructed hemivagina An obstructed hemivagina, an uncommon Müllerian duct anomaly, occurs most often with ipsilateral renal agenesis and is commonly referred to as OHVIRA. Because the formation of the reproductive system is closely associated wit.

Childhood Kidney Disease Predicts Adult ESRD

Jan 31st, 2018 - Action Points Note that this large, Israeli population-based study found that childhood kidney disease was strongly associated with the risk of adult end-stage kidney disease. Be aware that the individuals studied had "resolved" childhood diseases...

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