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Association between the Risk of Relapse and the Type of Surgical Procedure for Herpes Z...
Pain Physician; Luo G, Zhang Z et. al.

Nov 19th, 2021 - Pulsed radiofrequency (PRF) on the dorsal root ganglion (DRG) is a common minimally invasive surgery for herpes zoster (HZ)-related pain, including acute zoster pain and postherpetic neuralgia (PHN); however, some patients still have no obvious pa...

Modulation of signal transduction gene expression following pulsed radiofrequency in do...
Pain Management; Saxena AK, Singh A et. al.

Nov 18th, 2021 - Introduction: A randomized controlled study was conducted to assess modulation of signal transduction genes (PKA, PKC and ERK) following integrated multimodal approach encompassing pulsed radiofrequency treatment (PRF) of dorsal root ganglion and ...

Anticonvulsants, SNRIs, and Rubefacients Are Best Initial Choices for Chronic Pain Caus...
American Family Physician; Ebell MH

Nov 17th, 2021 - Anticonvulsants, SNRIs, and Rubefacients Are Best Initial Choices for Chronic Pain Caused by Diabetic Neuropathy or Postherpetic Neuralgia.|2021|Ebell MH,|

Low frequency sound stimulation greatly improved the outcome of a refractory postherpet...
Annals of Palliative Medicine; Wang X, Ye J et. al.

Nov 13th, 2021 - Postherpetic neuralgia (PHN) is a common and severe chronic complication of the herpes zoster (HZ) virus (shingles) involving prolonged pain which may last from weeks to years. Primary treatment involves oral therapies, although few patients exper...

The Effect of Erector Spinae Plane Blockade on Prevention of Postherpetic Neuralgia in ...
Pain Physician; Lin ZM, Wang HF et. al.

Oct 28th, 2021 - Postherpetic neuralgia (PHN) is the most common chronic complication following the onset of herpes zoster (HZ). Both the incidence of HZ and the proportion of patients with HZ who develop PHN rise with age. Ultrasound-guided erector spinae plane b...

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Interventional management of neuropathic pain: NeuPSIG recommendations.
Pain References; Dworkin RH, O'Connor AB et. al.

Jun 12th, 2013 - Neuropathic pain (NP) is often refractory to pharmacologic and noninterventional treatment. On behalf of the International Association for the Study of Pain Neuropathic Pain Special Interest Group, the authors evaluated systematic reviews, clinica...

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Vitamin D Level and Pain Type in Coccygodynia

Sep 27th, 2021 - There are different types of pain in coccygodynia. Patients may suffer from e somatic, neuropathic or mixed pain.Vitamin D plays an important role in the pathophysiology of pain. Vitamin D inhibits NO synthase (iNOS) in microglia and astrocytes. T...

The Immunogenicity and Safety of Zostavax® in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients Using Abatacept

Aug 11th, 2021 - Recently, a live-attenuated vaccine (Zostavax®, Merck) to prevent herpes zoster (HZ) has been developed and approved for use among individuals age 50 years or older, regardless of previous HZ or varicella history. In a pivotal study of 38,456 olde...

Vitamin C Level Effect in Orthognathic Surgery

Aug 4th, 2021 - Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is a water-soluble vitamin that has many functions include antioxidant, neuroprotective, neuromodulator and co-factor for various enzymes or chemical reactions. Primarily ascorbic acid is the most potent non-enzymatic ant...

Morphological and Metabolic Changes of Dorsal Root Ganglion and Sympathetic Ganglion in Patients With Postherpetic Neuralgia on MRI

May 10th, 2021 - Patients with the following conditions were excluded: psychiatric diseases or communication disorders; contraindications to MRI;DRG radiofrequency therapy, spinal cord electrical stimulation and other direct intervention treatments for DRG were pe...

The Analgesic Effect of Electroacupuncture on Postherpetic Neuralgia

Apr 21st, 2021 - Postherpetic neuralgia(PHN) is the most common complication of herpes zoster, is a severe and intractable pain with a high incidence. Nearly 50% of PHN patients have experienced persistent pain for more than one year. Although it is not directly l...

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Trigeminal Neuralgia: Intraorbital Cuts Help Some Patients 

Nov 12th, 2021 - NEW ORLEANS — Intraorbital frontal nerve resection appears effective for some patients with idiopathic trigeminal neuralgia where the ophthalmic division (V1) is involved, researchers say. The procedure offers long-term relief in a condition where...

Update on the Management of Pain in Patients With Advanced Cancer

Dec 5th, 2020 - In the United States in 2010, it was estimated that there were more than 1.5 million new cancer cases and 569,490 deaths from cancer.1 In patients with advanced cancer, pain is the most commonly reported symptom with a prevalence of 60% to 70%, an...

Belimumab Benefits Kids With SLE, Data Confirm

Jul 24th, 2020 - Intravenous belimumab (Benlysta) showed benefits as a treatment for children with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) in the first trial of this agent for patients ages 5 to 17, a team of international investigators reported. At week 52, more patie...

The Considerable Toll of Herpes Zoster Ophthalmicus Is Also Avoidable

Jun 17th, 2020 - Many clinicians acknowledge that herpes zoster (or shingles) is not something they would wish to have, but they also seem to believe it just comes and goes. This could explain the rather low rate of vaccination since the zoster vaccine live (Zosta...

Fast Five Quiz: Herpes Zoster Postherpetic Neuralgia

Jun 1st, 2020 - A study from Iceland revealed that there were no patients younger than 50 years who described severe pain from PHN. In patients with PHN older than 60 years, 6% described their pain as severe at 1 month after shingles onset and 4% noted severe pai...

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