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Surgical efficacy and prognosis of 54 cases of spinal metastases from breast cancer.
World Neurosurgery; Weitao Y, Zhihuang L et. al.

Jun 25th, 2022 - To analyze the efficacy and complications of spinal metastasis surgery for breast cancer; to understand the survival and the influencing factors; and to verify the predictive ability of the currently used spinal metastasis cancer survival predicti...

Development and externally validate MRI-based nomogram to assess EGFR and T790M mutatio...
European Radiology; Fan Y, Dong Y et. al.

Jun 22nd, 2022 - This study aims to explore values of multi-parametric MRI-based radiomics for detecting the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) mutation and resistance (T790M) mutation in lung adenocarcinoma (LA) patients with spinal metastasis. This study en...

Separation Surgery in the Treatment of Spinal Metastasis.
Technology in Cancer Research & Treatment; Li RF, Qiao RQ et. al.

Jun 16th, 2022 - The life expectancy of patients with advanced cancer has been prolonged with the development of systemic treatment technology. Spinal metastasis is one of the common ways of metastasis of advanced tumors, leading to spinal cord compression and com...

Prolonged durability of extensive contiguous spinal metastasis stabilization in non-sma...
The Journal of International Medical Research; Jaipanya P, Chanplakorn P

Jun 11th, 2022 - In this report, we present two cases of contiguous spinal metastatic disease in non-small cell lung cancer patients who achieved prolonged survival and stable spinal fixation after treatment with EGFR TKIs.

Application of Controlled Hypotension During Surgery for Spinal Metastasis.
Technology in Cancer Research & Treatment; Ma RX, Qiao RQ et. al.

Jun 8th, 2022 - With advances in tumor treatment, metastasis to bone is increasing, and surgery has become the only choice for most terminal patients. However, spinal surgery has a high risk and is prone to heavy bleeding. Controlled hypotension during surgery ha...

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Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy and Vertebroplasty in Treating Patients With Localized Spinal Metastasis

Mar 16th, 2022 - OBJECTIVES: Primary To determine the efficacy of stereotactic body radiotherapy in reducing pain at 3 months in patients with localized spinal metastasis. Secondary To determine the duration of pain response at the treated site(s) scored as the ti...

Evaluation of Effectiveness of CyberKnife Stereotactic Radiosurgery for Spinal Tumors

Jun 29th, 2021 - Spinal tumors may be metastases or primary tumors; the former are more common. About 40% of cancer patients will have spinal metastasis. Primary spinal tumor is relatively rare, accounting for only about 8% of spinal tumors. For both metastasis an...

Evaluation of Spinal Metastatic Tumour for Aggressive Spinal Sugery by Dual Energy CT

Feb 4th, 2021 - Spinal metastasis is the leading course of vertebral malignancy. It cause neoplastic spinal cord compression and neurological deficit. The treatment strategy depend on the pathological type, performance status, and life expectancy.(1, 2) The goal ...

Verification of Novel Survival Prediction Algorithm for Patients With NSCLC Spinal Metastasis

Oct 8th, 2020 - Investigators have performed a retrospective study on 176 patients with NSCLC spinal metastasis under the oversight of hospital's ethics committee, and investigators found that the use of EGFR-TKI, KPS, Age, SCC, CA125 and smoking history had sign...

Outcomes of Surgical Treatment of Patients With Spinal Metastasis in AUH

Feb 21st, 2020 - To analyze the outcomes of surgical treatment of patients with spinal metastases in spine unit in AUH regarding the pain control, neurological status and ambulatory status as well as survival rate .

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From Cancer to COVID: Is There a Fix for Willful Medical Ignorance?

Aug 23rd, 2021 - The patient saw me for a second opinion after developing metastatic disease, but he'd initially been diagnosed with locally advanced non–small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). His oncologist had appropriately proposed treatment with concurrent chemoradia...

My Strangest Case: A Man With Worsening Pain in Both Arms

Jul 22nd, 2020 - Surgical resection is generally favored because it usually results in the greatest improvement from presenting symptoms.[5,6] In particular, one case series of intradural spinal metastases from RCC found that patients presenting with motor or pain...

Case Report: Conus Medullaris Syndrome From Spinal Metastasis
Joshua Batt, DO, Benjamin Stone, DO

Jan 1st, 2015 - Case A 46-year-old white woman with sudden onset of numbness in her lower extremities and inability to ambulate was transported to the ED via emergency medical services. At the onset of symptoms, the patient reported a feeling of “heaviness” in he.

Newer management options in patients with spinal metastasis
Robert F. McLain, MD, Gordon R. Bell, MD

ABSTRACT For some patients with spinal metastasis and spinal cord compression, newer surgical techniques are better than laminectomy or radiotherapy alone in relieving pain and restoring function. While radiotherapy remains the standard for spinal.

Spine Metastasis in Elderly

Abstract and Introduction Abstract Study Design: Multicentric prospective study. Objective: Through this study, we aimed to clarify and update the prognostic assessment of elderly with spine metastasis (SpM). Summary of Background Data: The incide...

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