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Long term outcomes of patients with tuberculous meningitis: The impact of drug resistance.
PloS One; Evans EE, Avaliani T et. al.

Jun 25th, 2022 - Little is known about the impact of drug-resistance on clinical outcomes among patients with tuberculosis meningitis (TBM). A retrospective cohort study among patients treated for TBM in Tbilisi, Georgia. We performed medical chart abstraction to ...

The Staunton case revisited.
The Medico-legal Journal; Nicholson DG

Jun 14th, 2022 - In 1877 Harriet Staunton died in Penge, Kent, and four members of her family were convicted of her murder by malicious starvation. The defence attempted to show that she had died from tuberculous meningitis, but reappraisal of the evidence leads t...

Utility of cell-free transrenal DNA for the diagnosis of Tuberculous Meningitis: A proo...
Tuberculosis (Edinburgh, Scotland); Dass M, Aittan S et. al.

Jun 14th, 2022 - Tuberculous Meningitis (TBM) diagnosis remains a grave challenge. We evaluated the utility of extracellular vesicles (EVs) as a source of cell-free transrenal-mycobacterial DNA (cf-Tr-MTB DNA) for TBM diagnosis from urine samples. We developed a q...

Cerebrospinal fluid cystatin C levels in patients with anti-NMDAR encephalitis and othe...
Journal of Neuroimmunology; Cao B, Luo M et. al.

Jun 7th, 2022 - Cystatin C has neuroprotective and immunomodulatory effects on the central nervous system. However, the role of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) cystatin C in anti-N-methyl-d-aspartate receptor encephalitis (anti-NMDARE) remains unknown. In this study, C...

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British Infection Society guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis of...
The Journal of Infection; Thwaites G, Fisher M et. al.

Aug 1st, 2009 - SUMMARY AND KEY RECOMMENDATIONS: The aim of these guidelines is to describe a practical but evidence-based approach to the diagnosis and treatment of central nervous system tuberculosis in children and adults. We have presented guidance on tubercu...

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Evaluation of New Biomarker-based Approaches for Improving the Diagnosis of Childhood Tuberculous Meningitis

May 23rd, 2022 - IMPORTANCE AND RELEVANCE TO EDCTP2 Despite considerable ongoing efforts in the development of tools to combat tuberculosis (TB), the disease was responsible for approximately 1.6 million deaths, with 10 million people developing the disease worldw...

Trial of a Six-Month Regimen of High-Dose Rifampicin, High-Dose Isoniazid, Linezolid, and Pyrazinamide Versus a Standard Nine-Month Regimen for the Treatment of Adults and Adolescents With Tubercul...

May 20th, 2022 - Rationale: TBM is a devastating illness with high risk of mortality and severe neurologic morbidity. Although recent data suggest that significant dose increases in RIF may improve outcomes in TBM, mortality remains high, and enhanced treatment st...

Driving Reduced AIDS-associated Meningo-encephalitis Mortality

May 4th, 2022 - HIV-associated central nervous system (CNS) infection causes significant mortality and places a high burden on limited health care resources in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Cohort and autopsy studies estimate that CNS infections cause up to a third o...

Leukotriene A4 Hydrolase Stratified Trial of Adjunctive Corticosteroids for HIV-uninfected Adults With Tuberculous Meningitis

Apr 21st, 2022 - There is a longstanding hypothesis that death from TBM results from an excessive intracerebral inflammatory response. The corollary of this hypothesis has been that adjunctive anti-inflammatory treatment with corticosteroids (e.g. dexamethasone) i...

Linezolid, Aspirin and Enhanced Dose Rifampicin in HIV-TBM

Sep 28th, 2021 - HIV-1 infected adults with newly-diagnosed TBM (n = 100) will be recruited from four public-sector hospitals in Cape Town and Port Elizebeth, South Africa. Participants will be randomised across two experimental (n = 30 each) and one standard of c...

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Cellulitis pearls
Douglas S. Paauw, MD

Mar 28th, 2019 - A 38-year-old man is admitted to the hospital with a painful, swollen left leg. This was not the first instance of this kind for him.

Severe headache • neck pain • intermittent cough • Dx?
The Journal of Family Practice; Claudia Lyon, DO, MBA, FAAFM, Swapna Sayeneni, MD et. al.

May 1st, 2017 - THE CASE A 32-year-old Chinese woman sought care from our family medicine clinic because she had a headache, neck pain, and an intermittent cough that had produced white sputum for 7 days. She described the headache as severe and pressure-like, an.

Standard vs Intensified Therapy in Tuberculous Meningitis

Apr 6th, 2016 - Intensified Antituberculosis Therapy in Adults With Tuberculous Meningitis Heemskerk AD, Bang ND, Mai NTH, et al N Engl J Med. 2016;374:124-134 Study Summary Although early antituberculosis therapy and use of glucocorticoids improve survival among...

Dexamethasone Fails Against HIV-Related Fungal Meningitis

Feb 11th, 2016 - NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Treating HIV patients with six weeks of dexamethasone added to standard antifungal therapy for cryptococcal meningitis increased the seriousness of their infection and may increase the mortality rate, according to a new...

Tuberculous meningitis: Intensified anti-TB therapy not useful
Mary Ann Moon, Clinical Neurology News

Jan 13th, 2016 - Intensified antituberculosis therapy doesn’t appear to improve survival in adults with tuberculous meningitis, compared with standard treatment, according to a report published online Jan. 14 in the New England Journal of Medicine.

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