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Vestibular paroxysmia caused by contralateral tortuous vertebral artery: A case report.
Medicine Choi JW, Kim CH

Nov 13th, 2021 - Vestibular paroxysmia (VP) is characterized by spontaneous, recurrent, short, paroxysmal attacks of vertigo with or without tinnitus. We report a case of paroxysmal recurrent vertigo accompanying clicking tinnitus on the left side in a 61-year-old...

Botulinum Toxin for Laryngeal Dystonia

Nov 2nd, 2021 - Background Laryngeal dystonia (LD) is a muscle-contraction disorder of the larynx and laryngeal musculature. It was once referred to as spasmodic dysphonia (SD), which refers to a group of dystonias, or muscle-contraction disorders, in which invol...

Botulinum Toxin for Laryngeal Dystonia

Nov 2nd, 2021 - Background Laryngeal dystonia (LD) is a muscle-contraction disorder of the larynx and laryngeal musculature. It was once referred to as spasmodic dysphonia (SD), which refers to a group of dystonias, or muscle-contraction disorders, in which invol...

Post-Irradiation Facial Neuromyotonia/Myokymia: A Hemifacial Spasm Mimic.
Tremor and Other Hyperkinetic Movements (New York, N.Y.); Swinnen BEKS, Koelman JHTM et. al.

Oct 26th, 2021 - Hemifacial spasm is diagnosed on a clinical base, with certain atypical features alerting the physician for mimics. Hemifacial neuromyotonia/myokymia characterized by tonic hemifacial contraction followed by multifocal undulating hemifacial twitch...

Infrafloccular approach effectively prevents hearing complication in microvascular deco...
British Journal of Neurosurgery; Amagasaki K, Nishimura S et. al.

Oct 9th, 2021 - The infrafloccular approach in microvascular decompression (MVD) surgery for hemifacial spasm (HFS) was investigated for the prevention of hearing complications. Retrospective analysis of 136 patients who underwent MVD for HFS in 2019. The infrafl...

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Clinical Study on the Efficacy of Microvascular Decompression in the Treatment of Neurogenic Hypertension

Mar 10th, 2021 - Research steps: If the patients with hemifacial spasm are complicated with hypertension and have the intention of surgical treatment, researchers would introduce the process, possible benefits and possible complications of the clinical trial in de...

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study on Patients With Hemifacial Spasm

Feb 10th, 2021 - Up to now, multiplanar reconstruction (MPR) has been widely used to detect the neurovascular compressions (NVC) on the patients with hemifacial spasm (HFS). However, due to lack of stereoscopic vision, this traditional method sometimes can not mee...

Microvascular Decompressive Surgery for Hemifacial Spasm

Jul 17th, 2020 - Hemi facial spasm (HFS), a term described in 1905 by Babinski but first reported by Schultz in 1875, is a highly morbid movement disorder characterized by intermittent involuntary movement of muscles innervated by the facial nerve. (HFS) affects r...

An RCT of a Patient-initiated Treatment Service for BEB and HFS

Mar 22nd, 2017 - Blepharospasm is a dystonia described by sustained, forced, involuntary closure of both eyelids, caused by muscle contraction. Hemifacial spasm occurs on one side of the face and can result in complete closure of one eye, and spasms across the che...

Autologous Adipose Mesenchymal Stem Cell Transplantation in the Treatment of Patients With Hemifacial Spasm

Aug 9th, 2016 - Main purpose:In the face of listening to nerve injury at early stage, utilizing autologous adipose stem cell transplantation in the treatment of makes the acceptance micro vascular decompression hemifacial spasm patients to nerve function to obta...

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Why Do Patients Discontinue Botulinum Toxin for Dystonia?

May 24th, 2017 - Cynthia L. Comella, MD [[{"attributes":{},"fields":{}}]] MIAMI—Botulinum toxin injection is the first-line treatment for most focal dystonias.

The Child With Abnormal Head Movements

Oct 27th, 2015 - Case Diagnosis This patient has oculomotor apraxia (OMA). In spasmus nutans, the head movement is a vertical nodding, and a fine asymmetric nystagmus is usually present. This patient does not have ptosis or eyelid movements that are consistent wit...

A Man With Unilateral Eyelid Twitching

Apr 3rd, 2013 - Case Diagnosis Given the patient's findings, the most likely diagnosis is hemifacial spasm.[1] Hemifacial spasm is differentiated from blepharospasm in that it is unilateral and the spasm will persist during sleep. Unlike in blepharospasm, oral se...

Bridging Veins and Veins of the Brainstem in Microvascular Decompression Surgery for Trigeminal Neuralgia and Hemifacial Spasm

Abstract and Introduction Abstract Objective: In microvascular decompression surgery for trigeminal neuralgia and hemifacial spasm, the bridging veins are dissected to provide the surgical corridors, and the veins of the brainstem may be mobilized...

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