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Application of vibration to the soles reduces minimum toe clearance variability during ...
PloS One; Pathak P, Moon J et. al.

Jan 5th, 2022 - Minimum toe clearance (MTC) is an important indicator of the risk of tripping. Aging and neuromuscular diseases often decrease MTC height and increase its variability, leading to a higher risk of tripping. Previous studies have developed visual fe...

Diaphragmatic dysfunction in neuromuscular disease, an MRI study.
Neuromuscular Disorders : NMD; Harlaar L, Ciet P et. al.

Jan 3rd, 2022 - The aim of this exploratory study was to evaluate diaphragmatic function across various neuromuscular diseases using spirometry-controlled MRI. We measured motion of the diaphragm relative to that of the thoracic wall (cranial-caudal ratio vs. ant...

Opinions on Pneumocystis jirovecii prophylaxis in autoimmune neuromuscular disorders.
Muscle & Nerve; Claytor B, Li Y

Dec 26th, 2021 - Pneumocystis jirovecii (PJ) is ubiquitously present in the environment and capable of causing an interstitial pneumonia in immunocompromised subjects. It has been advocated that routine prophylaxis against PJ be given to patients with autoimmune n...

Clinical impact of COVID-19 on Turkish children with neurological and neuromuscular dis...
Medicine Okur DS

Dec 24th, 2021 - This study aims to explore the effects of new type of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in children with neurological and/or neuromuscular diseasesA retrospective study was conducted at State Hospital of Denizli. Pediatric patients diagnosed with COV...

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Management of Cardiac Involvement Associated With Neuromuscular Diseases: A Scientific ...
Circulation Feingold B, Mahle WT et. al.

Aug 26th, 2017 - For many neuromuscular diseases (NMDs), cardiac disease represents a major cause of morbidity and mortality. The management of cardiac disease in NMDs is made challenging by the broad clinical heterogeneity that exists among many NMDs and by limit...

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Study of the Correlation Between Muscle Oxygenation and Motor Function in Children With Neuromuscular Disease.

Dec 9th, 2021 - Preliminary data underline the fact that muscular deoxygenation during training happens earlier in adult patients suffering from neuromuscular disorders in comparison to controls, as it was demonstrated in Becker muscular dystrophy patients and fa...

Effect of Positive End Expiratory Pressure on Diaphragmatic Fraction Assessed Through Ultrasound in Intubated Patient Undergoing Assisted Ventilation

Nov 18th, 2021 - All adult critically ill patients admitted to intensive care unit (ICU) and undergoing invasive mechanical ventilation (IMV) for more than 24 hours with diagnosis of acute respiratory failure (ARF) will be screened. The exclusion criteria will be ...

Assessment of the Effectiveness of Muscle Activating Training With the Use of EMG Biofeedback in Patients With Neuromuscular Diseases

Nov 16th, 2021 - The aim of this study is to assess the impact of individually planned therapeutic procedures, using, among others, the concept of EMG biofeedback, to improve the general functional state, selected motor activities, stimulation and strength of spec...

Respiratory Rehabilitation in Obstructive Sleep Apneas

Oct 12th, 2021 - Patients: Eligible patients aged between 40 and 80 years old, with BMI < 30 and with a recent diagnosis of mild Obstructive Sleep Apnea evaluated with home night cardio-respiratory monitoring. The investigators will exclude patients with one or mo...

The Effect of Triheptanoin on Fatty Acid Oxidation and Exercise Tolerance in Patients With Glycogenoses

Aug 11th, 2021 - BACKGROUND: Neuromuscular diseases affect more than 5% of the population in Western countries. Some of the more rare neuromuscular disorders are patients with metabolic myopathies, which are hereditary disorders caused by enzymatic defects of inte...

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Vertex Pharmaceuticals expands into Duchenne gene therapy with new deals

Jun 6th, 2019 - (Reuters) - Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc said here on Thursday it would acquire privately held Exonics Therapeutics for an upfront payment of $245 million and potential milestone payments of up to $750 million. Exonics Therapeutics develops gene edi...

New EAN Guideline on Palliative Care in MS

Jun 26th, 2018 - LISBON, Portugal — The European Academy of Neurology has developed a new guideline on the palliative care of patients with multiple sclerosis (MS). Increasingly, palliative care is becoming a topic of interest and concern to neurologists all over ...

Conditional EU Approval of Muscular Dystrophy Drug Applauded

Aug 6th, 2014 - The Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA), a nonprofit health agency dedicated to finding treatments and cures for neuromuscular diseases, has applauded the decision by the European Union (EU) to conditionally approve ataluren (Translarna, PTC Ther...

Focusing on pediatrics: New initiatives from CHEST
Dr. Mary Cataletto, FCCP, FAAP

Jul 14th, 2014 - This year, the American College of Chest Physicians (CHEST) is proud to announce some new initiatives focusing on important issues in respiratory health and disease in infants, children, and adolescents. As treatment advances allow longer and bett.

New Gene Mutations Discovered in ALS

Apr 3rd, 2014 - Researchers have made more headway in zeroing in on the genetic drivers behind amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). A team led by investigators at the National Institutes of Health's National Institute on Aging have identified mutations in the Mat...

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