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Vasculitic peripheral neuropathy in deficiency of adenosine deaminase 2.
Neuromuscular Disorders : NMD; Carneiro DR, Rebelo O et. al.

Jul 3rd, 2021 - Deficiency of adenosine deaminase 2 (DADA2) is an autosomal recessive inflammatory vasculopathy characterized by systemic vasculitis, early-onset stroke and livedo racemosa. We report a family cohort of 3 patients with ADA2 compound heterozygous m...

Combination rituximab and intravenous immunoglobulin for treatment of refractory vascul...
Rheumatology (Oxford, England); Lima K, Tavee J et. al.

Jan 28th, 2021 - Limited evidence exists to guide treatment of refractory vasculitic neuropathy. While rituximab (RTX) and IVIG have both been proposed as individual treatment options for these patients, combination therapy has never been reported. Written informe...

Peripheral Neuropathies Associated With Vasculitis and Autoimmune Connective Tissue Dis...
https://doi.org/10.1212/CON.0000000000000917 10.1002/art.37715 10.1111/j.1529-8027.2010.00281.x 10.1002/mus.880130203 10.1111/j.1468-1331.2010.03041.x 10.1212/wnl.53.9.2113 10.1212/NXI.0000000000000615 10.1053/j.ajkd.2019.04.031 10.1212/wnl.43.9.1826 10.1038/nrrheum.2014.78 10.1038/nrrheum.2017.140 10.1136/annrheumdis-2016-209507 10.1056/NEJMoa0909905 10.1136/annrheumdis-2015-208073 10.7326/0003-4819-98-1-76 10.1681/ASN.2016111179 10.1002/art.1780330805 10.7326/0003-4819-129-5-199809010-00001 10.1093/rheumatology/kex075 10.1002/art.23470 10.1093/rheumatology/35.10.958 10.1002/art.27240 10.1212/WNL.54.4.883 10.1016/0002-9343(74)90852-3 10.1097/00005792-200001000-00005 10.3899/jrheum.161465 10.1016/j.autrev.2017.11.035 10.1182/blood-2011-12-396028 10.1097/MD.0b013e318288925c 10.1016/j.jns.2019.01.041 10.1002/ajh.24745 10.1212/NXI.0000000000000180 10.1182/blood-2016-09-719773 10.1097/WCO.0000000000000727 10.1016/j.vaccine.2015.11.047 10.1007/s00415-015-7813-5 10.1007/s00415-010-5530-7 10.1002/1097-4598(200103)24:3<438::aid-mus1020>3.0.co;2-y 10.1093/brain/aws244 10.1093/brain/awq252 10.1016/0266-7681(93)90239-c 10.1053/jhsu.2003.50007 10.1136/jnnp.2008.163386 10.1093/brain/124.6.1197 10.1002/ana.22334 10.1002/mus.10080 10.1007/s10067-007-0804-x 10.1111/j.1085-9489.2006.00084.x 10.3109/03009742.2015.1114141 10.1016/j.semarthrit.2018.09.006 10.1016/j.semarthrit.2013.10.007 10.1016/j.semarthrit.2011.04.001 10.1002/art.39859 10.1212/wnl.48.4.855 10.1007/s10067-010-1458-7 10.1093/brain/awh605 10.1002/art.40093 10.7326/M13-1085 10.1002/acr.20495 10.1136/annrheumdis-2011-200086 10.1007/s10067-013-2206-6 10.3899/jrheum.121380
Continuum (Minneapolis, Minn.); Karam C

Oct 2nd, 2020 - This article discusses peripheral neuropathies associated with vasculitis (isolated or in the setting of systemic vasculitis) and autoimmune connective tissue disease and provides a brief overview of their diagnostic evaluation and management. The...

Mononeuritis multiplex secondary to Lyme neuroborreliosis.
Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases; Osman C, Carroll LS et. al.

Oct 1st, 2020 - Lyme neuroborreliosis (LNB) typically presents as a painful radiculitis or a cranial mononeuropathy with lymphocytic meningitis (Bannwarth's syndrome). Isolated peripheral mononeuropathy or multiple mononeuropathy is less frequently recognised. A ...

Vasculitis and the peripheral nervous system.
Rheumatology (Oxford, England); Ginsberg L

Apr 30th, 2020 - Peripheral neuropathy is a common feature of systemic vasculitis and can also occur when vessel wall inflammation is confined to the vasa nervorum, as a tissue-specific condition-non-systemic vasculitic neuropathy (NSVN). Typically, the clinical p...

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Neurocognitive Functioning in Patients With Hepatitis C Pre- and Post-Treatment With Antiviral Medication

Nov 29th, 2005 - The current proposal addresses the hypothesis that neurocognitive and neurochemical abnormalities may occur in individuals with HCV-infection who do not have liver cirrhosis or vasculitic neuropathy, and that this phenomenon may result from a dire...

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Pembrolizumab, nivolumab linked to 3% rate of neurologic events
Amy Karon

Sep 5th, 2017 - Three percent of patients developed immune-related adverse neurologic events within 12 months of receiving nivolumab or pembrolizumab, according to the results of a single-center retrospective study. These syndromes included myopathy, axonal thora.

Fast Five Quiz: Do You Know the Zika Virus Guidelines?

Jan 27th, 2016 - Answer 1/5 Which of the following has been associated with Zika virus infection? Your peers chose: Guillain-Barré syndrome 0% Vasculitic neuropathy 0% Myasthenia gravis 0% Cauda equina syndrome 0% Guillain-Barré syndrome has been associated with Z...

IVIg for Sjogren's Neuropathy: Worth the Price?

Jan 17th, 2013 - Experience of Intravenous Immunoglobulin Therapy in Neuropathy Associated With Primary Sjögren's Syndrome: A National, Multicentric Retrospective Study Rist S, Sellam J, Hachulla E, et al Arthritis Care Res (Hoboken). 2011;63:1339-1344 Study Summa...

IVIg for Sjogren's Neuropathy: Worth the Price?

Jan 17th, 2013 - Experience of Intravenous Immunoglobulin Therapy in Neuropathy Associated With Primary Sjögren's Syndrome: A National, Multicentric Retrospective Study Rist S, Sellam J, Hachulla E, et al Arthritis Care Res (Hoboken). 2011;63:1339-1344 Study Summa...

Update on Immune-Mediated Neuropathies

Kieseier and colleagues present a review of the literature on immune-mediated neuropathies, emphasizing the immunopathologic mechanisms underlying these neuropathies. Immune-mediated neuropathies have received increasing attention in recent years ...

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