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STAMBP gene mutation causing microcephaly-capillary malformation syndrome: a recognizab...
Epileptic Disorders : International Epilepsy Journal With... Anand V, Aggarwal B et. al.

Jan 16th, 2022 - STAMBP gene mutation causing microcephaly-capillary malformation syndrome: a recognizable developmental and epileptic encephalopathy.|2022|Anand V,Aggarwal B,Jauhari P,Kumar M,Gupta N,|

17q12 Recurrent Duplication - GeneReviews® - NCBI Bookshelf

Jan 13th, 2022 - The 17q12 recurrent duplication is characterized by intellectual abilities ranging from normal to severe disability and other variable clinical manifestations. Speech delay is common, and most affected individuals have some degree of hypotonia and...

Gain-of-function genetic screening identifies the antiviral function of TMEM120A via ST...
Nature Communications; Li S, Qian N et. al.

Jan 12th, 2022 - Zika virus (ZIKV) infection can be associated with neurological pathologies, such as microcephaly in newborns and Guillain-Barre syndrome in adults. Effective therapeutics are currently not available. As such, a comprehensive understanding of viru...

Endosomal trafficking defects alter neural progenitor proliferation and cause microceph...
Nature Communications; Carpentieri JA, Di Cicco A et. al.

Jan 12th, 2022 - Primary microcephaly and megalencephaly are severe brain malformations defined by reduced and increased brain size, respectively. Whether these two pathologies arise from related alterations at the molecular level is unclear. Microcephaly has been...

Inherited human Apollo deficiency causes severe bone marrow failure and developmental d...
Blood Kermasson L, Churikov D et. al.

Jan 11th, 2022 - Inherited bone marrow failure syndromes (IBMFS) represent a group of disorders typified by impaired production of one or several blood cell types. The telomere biology disorders dyskeratosis congenita (DC) and its severe variant Høyeraal-Hreidarss...

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No. 240-Cytomegalovirus Infection in Pregnancy.
Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Canada : JOGC = Jou... Yinon Y, Farine D et. al.

Feb 16th, 2018 - To review the principles of prenatal diagnosis of congenital cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection and to describe the outcomes of the affected pregnancies. Effective management of fetal infection following primary and secondary maternal CMV infection d...

Congenital microcephaly: Case definition & guidelines for data collection, analysis, an...
Vaccine DeSilva M, Munoz FM et. al.

Nov 19th, 2017 - Congenital microcephaly: Case definition & guidelines for data collection, analysis, and presentation of safety data after maternal immunisation.|2017|DeSilva M,Munoz FM,Sell E,Marshall H,Tse Kawai A,|standards,standards,epidemiology,adverse effects,

Toxoplasmosis in pregnancy: prevention, screening, and treatment.
Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Canada : JOGC = Jou... Paquet C, Yudin MH et. al.

Jan 25th, 2013 - One of the major consequences of pregnant women becoming infected by Toxoplasma gondii is vertical transmission to the fetus. Although rare, congenital toxoplasmosis can cause severe neurological or ocular disease (leading to blindness), as well a...

Practice parameter: Evaluation of the child with microcephaly (an evidence-based review...
Neurology Ashwal S, Michelson D et. al.

Sep 16th, 2009 - To make evidence-based recommendations concerning the evaluation of the child with microcephaly. Relevant literature was reviewed, abstracted, and classified. RECOMMENDATIONS were based on a 4-tiered scheme of evidence classification. Microcephaly...

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Neuro-COVID-19: Neurological Complications of COVID-19

Nov 3rd, 2021 - This study is a prospective observational cohort study to document prevalence and severity of neurological symptoms among patients requiring critical care admission for confirmed novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19). COVID-19 is classified as seve...

Metabolic Study of Cockayne Syndrome

Sep 14th, 2021 - Cockayne syndrome (CS) is related to defective DNA transcription and/or repair and belongs to the family of Nucleotide Excision Repair. It is an autosomal recessive multisystemic disorder characterized by mental retardation, microcephaly, severe g...

Randomized Trial of Maternal Progesterone Therapy

Sep 9th, 2021 - In the United States, approximately 1 in every 100 newborns is diagnosed with congenital heart disease (CHD). Many of these newborns (25%-35%) will require either corrective or palliative open heart surgery. As recently as the 1960's, only 20% of ...

Neurologic Manifestations of COVID 19 in Children

Mar 4th, 2021 - Early reports of COVID-19 indicate that adults experience a variety of neurological symptoms and diagnoses in approximately 36% of patients, including headaches, seizures, coma, encephalitis, and cerebrovascular events including ischemic stroke, i...

Mobilization and Collection of Peripheral Blood Stem Cells in Patients With Fanconi Anemia Using G-CSF and AMD3100

Oct 30th, 2020 - Fanconi anemia is a rare autosomal recessive syndrome comprised of progressive bone marrow failure, congenital anomalies and a predisposition to malignancy. The heterozygote rate in the United States may be as high as 1 in 300. The mean age for th...

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India's Latest Zika Outbreak Sees Surge of Nearly 100 Cases

Nov 9th, 2021 - (Reuters) - At least 89 people, including 17 children, have tested positive for the Zika virus in a surge of cases in the Indian city of Kanpur, its health department said on Monday. First discovered in 1947, the mosquito-borne virus Zika virus re...

To Study Zika, They Offered Their Kids. Then They Were Forgotten.

Oct 6th, 2021 - Rochelle dos Santos embraces her daughter, who was born with microcephaly in 2016 after dos Santos contracted Zika during her pregnancy in midwest Brazil. Rochelle Dos Santos learned that her daughter would probably be born with microcephaly — a c...

As Zika-Affected Babies Grow, Developmental Outcomes Vary

Sep 16th, 2021 - NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - At age 2 years and beyond, babies born with microcephaly after exposure to Zika virus in the womb often have more severe neurodevelopmental delays and slower growth rates than their peers, although neurodevelopmental pr...

Assumptions Regarding Cancer Risk Require Constant Reevaluation

Dec 5th, 2020 - Maurie Markman, MD Oncologists are well aware that by the time a new antineoplastic drug or regimen first enters the pages of a traditional reference textbook, the data supporting its use, including doses, schedules, and clinical indications, may...

Congenital CMV Tied to Increased Prevalence of Microcephaly

Sep 17th, 2020 - NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Congenital cytomegalovirus (CMV) is associated with a markedly increased prevalence of microcephaly at birth, according to a database study. "Congenital cytomegalovirus is an important cause of microcephaly in the Unite...

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